Best Accredited Online Law Schools 2023

Lawyers are responsible for some of the most critical work in our society. They help us navigate the

complex legal system and protect our rights. You’ll need to earn a law degree if you’re interested in becoming a lawyer. We’re here to help you find the best accredited online law schools.

In the United States, there are three types of law degrees: the Juris Doctorate (JD), the Master of Laws (LLM), and the Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD). The first two are the most common. To be eligible to take the Bar Exam and become a practicing lawyer, you must earn a JD. Earning a Juris Doctorate typically takes three years of full-time study. You’ll learn about legal history, theory, and practice during your studies.

For those with busier schedules and commitments outside of their education, earning a more convenient hybrid Juris Doctorate may be the best route to take. The Covid pandemic pushed the American Bar Association to adjust its accrediting policies to include some online law schools, which it had never done before. Now it is accrediting law degree programs that include some online classes.

California is the only state allowing full-online law school graduates to take the Bar Exam. In all other states, the exam may only be taken by students who have graduated from an ABA-accredited in-person or hybrid program. Edsmart has compiled a list of ABA-accredited online law schools and a list of cheapest online colleges offering law degrees to help you navigate the world of choices you have before you.

Leading up to that Juris Doctorate, however, you can still complete the undergraduate prerequisites online, and plenty of options are available. EDsmart has gathered a list of the best pre-law majors for you to peruse and choose from here.

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Ranking Methodology

The Best Affordable Online Law Schools ranking is based on four main data points in four categories:

Affordability (Tuition+ Fees)Student Satisfaction (retention rate)Academic Quality (4-year graduation rate)Student Outcome (20-year Return on Investment according to

Each data point is ranked with equal weight. Schools received a weighted overall ranking score for each individual point mentioned above–100 being the highest score possible.

In the case of a tie in scoring, the average net price was the determining factor for which school received the higher rank–the lower the net price, the higher the ranking.

All data was gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics, College Scorecard, Payscale, and individual school websites.

Best Accredited Online Law Schools 2023

1. Villanova University

Score: 100

Tuition + Fees: $21,199Retention Rate: 96%Graduation Rate: 89%ROI: $719,000

Founded in 1842 as the only Augustinian Catholic university in the country, Philadelphia’s Villanova University is comprised of six schools of study that offer over 100 different bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The school also awards doctoral degrees and has one of the highest-rated law schools in the country. The Charles Widger School of Law maintains a total enrollment of just 565 students, with a tuition averaging around $46,535 annually. Through its convenient […]