BYU Marriot School of Management Tops Business School Rankings

BYU_Marriott_School_of_Business_Management_RankingsThe Marriott School of Management at BYU in Provo, Utah is world-renowned for its solid business programs. The school continues to rank highly in national and world rankings for its outstanding programs and graduate outcomes.

The Marriott School of Business consistently produces solid businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs. There are more than 40,000 Marriott graduates working around the world. Some of the most well-known alumni include:

  • Kevin Rollins, former president and CEO of Dell, Inc.
  • Dave Checketts, former president and CEO of Madison Square Garden, former owner of soccer club Salt Lake Real
  • Fraser Bullock, former chief financial officer and chief operating officer of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, a founder of Bain Capital

The Marriott School of Management stands out among its peers in many facets including a very low tuition, high ROI, and 92 percent employment rate within three months of graduation.

A recent report by financial firm M7 Financial, places the school as the best value MBA program in the nation, above Harvard. M7 calculated their business school rankings based on students’ ability to pay back degree-related student loans upon graduation. The Marriott School of Business was the only school to receive an A+ rating.

The Marriott School of Management has an amazingly low tuition. Harvard Business School tuition is $60,050 per academic year while Marriott’s full-time tuition, as reported by U.S. News & World Report, is priced at $11,970 per year for LDS members and only $23,940 per year for Non-LDS members. The low tuition and low student loan amounts allow students to pay back loans in roughly 3.7 years.

Marriott School of Management Salary Outcomes reports a $625,000 net ROI over 20-years for Marriott alumni. Graduates enjoy a 120 percent salary percentage increase, one of the highest post-MBA salaries in the nation.

Marriott graduates command an average annual starting salary in excess of $100,000, more than twice the annual cost of tuition. Some graduates report as much as $153,000 starting salary right out of school.

It’s no wonder that the Marriott School of Management has been selected as one of the top business schools in the U.S. by multiple college ranking reports.

The rankings below showcase current rankings for the Marriott School of Business.

BYU Marriott School of Management Rankings