As a Registered Nurse or RN, you already help people on a daily basis with healthcare, emotional needs and provide education on diseases, as well as other important tasks. Earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN will afford you these same job opportunities; However, you will also be better equipped to handle emergencies, apply for management positions and move up the ladder.

EDsmart has done the research and below you will find the best fast-track RN to BSN programs online.

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Which Subjects Will You Learn?

As an RN you know the ropes and basics of nursing. You understand how to run basic medical equipment, chart patient symptoms, how to educate patients on their illness and more. RNs have a great knowledge of clinical experience. Earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing will provide you with more educational experience, which is great when applying for other positions. Additionally, you will earn more money.  So what other subjects will you need to receive your BSN? Let’s take a look.

  • How to provide emotional support to patients and families.
  • Collecting and recording vital signs of patients.
  • How to collect blood and other specimens that may be needed for testing.
  • Recording detailed medical history of patients.
  • How to perform care in emergency situations.
  • Current issues that nurses face on a daily basis.

What Jobs Are Available for a BSN?

When researching whether or not to get your BSN, you may be wondering what career opportunities are available to you. Having this information will make your decision easier. Here is a short list of job possibilities that may be open to you.

Director of Nursing (DON)
Average Annual Salary:$141,686
Career Outlook: Expected to continue to grow, quicker than average.
Career Details: This is a higher level nursing position where you will manage a team of nurses and handle more of the admin duties, such as communication between the doctors and the nursing team.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Average Annual Salary: $133,000
Career Outlook: Expected to continue to grow, quicker than average.
Career Details: As a CRNA your job is to administer pain medications as well as anesthesia to patients during medical procedures. You may work in an operating room, doctors office, dental office or other medical facilities.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Average Annual Salary: $101,276
Career Outlook: Expected to continue to grow, quicker than average.
Career Details: In this position, you will use your advanced training to care for patients in one specific area, such as pediatrics or oncology.

Psychiatric Nurse
Average Annual Salary: $96,460
Career Outlook: Expected to continue to grow, quicker than average.
Career Details: As a Psychiatric Nurse, you will be responsible for diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. You will also work with family and doctors to create a plan of care for patients. Moreover, you may provide psychotherapy and prescribe medications.

Home Health Nurse
Average Annual Salary: $77,771
Career Outlook: Expected to continue to grow, quicker than average.
Career Details: As a Home Health Nurse, you will go to patient’s homes to provide care such as taking and recording vital signs, showing patients and family how to care for various health concerns, provide cleaning and caring for open wounds and more.

9 Month RN to BSN Online Programs

If you are like many students, you are looking to get in and get your coursework completed as soon as possible, so you can graduate and move on to the next exciting phase of your career. If you have the time to devote to studying and are willing to work hard, you can complete your RN to BSN online in as little as nine months, in a fast track RN to BSN program.

Recommended Online RN to BSN Program



We only chose online schools with RN to BSN programs that are completely accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Capella University
Tuition Cost: $3200 per 12-week billing cycle

Capella University offers you a fast track program that allows you to earn your bachelor degree in nursing science, all online, in just 9 months. The program costs may vary depending on courses that you may be able to transfer. Capella University also offers a program which allows you to earn credits for your master’s degree alongside earning your BSN. Some of the courses you will be taking in this fast track program include patient safety and quality of care. You will also have a chance to learn about your community and how to improve health for everyone.

University of Southern Florida
Tuition Florida Residents: $347.91 per credit hour
Tuition Non-Florida Resident: $431.43 per credit hour

By attending classes from the University of Southern Florida, you can earn your BSN in either 3 full-time semesters or 5 part-time semesters. This fast track RN to BSN online program allows you to use your skills in an actual practice by joining the Service Learning Practicum Projects. This program allows you to focus on certain aspects of nursing. You have a choice of one of three main concentrations: clinical superiority, providing staff and patient education or nursing in a leadership role.

Clarkson University
Tuition Cost New York Residents: $1556 per credit hour
Tuition Cost Non-New York Residents: $75 per quarter

Clarkson University offers several different types of online RN to BSN programs. These include an accelerated program as well as programs that you can customize to fit your plan. However, in all programs, you will have a set of core studies that include leadership practices, the health of the general population and evidence-based practice. All of the RN to BSN online programs offered at Clarkson University is set up to follow the Institute of Medicine’s core competencies. This online RN to BSN program can be completed in 3 semesters for part-time students and 6 semesters for full-time students.

University of Southern Mississippi
Tuition Cost Mississippi Residents: $359.59 per credit hour
Tuition Cost Non-Mississippi Residents: $443.59 per credit hour

At the University of Southern Mississippi, you can earn your BSN online, in as little as 3 semesters. Keep in mind that you will also have to complete labs that are not available online. You also have the option to choose between an 8, 10 or 16-week program, depending on your time constraints. You can also choose to start the courses in Summer, Fall or Spring. Your courses will include a mix of biology, physics and human anatomy, as well as values and humanities. This online RN to BSN program provides you with all of the necessary tools to graduate and get a start a career in the nursing world. Courses are based on both research and science in order to provide a top-level education.


1 Year RN to BSN Programs Online

If you’re looking to complete your BSN quickly, the list below offers more affordable online RN to BSN programs, with both California State University Stanislaus and Appalachian State University offering very low in-state per credit hour costs.

Ohio University
Tuition Cost Ohio Residents: $240 per credit hour
Tuition Cost Non-Ohio Residents: $243 per credit hour

By attending Ohio University you can earn your RN to BSN in its fast track program. While courses are taught on campus, most of them are available to complete online as well. Many courses that you have previously completed may also transfer to Ohio to lessen your class load. You will take courses that will teach you about nursing in the community, helping families, leadership roles and more. While earning your RN to BSN at Ohio University, you also have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree. By taking this option, some of your courses will be used for both degrees.

California State University Stanislaus
Tuition Cost California Residents: $270 per credit hour
Tuition Cost Non-California Residents: $396 per credit hour

The fast-track RN to BSN online program at California State University Stanislaus helps you to become a creative problem solver. You will complete nine core courses in this program, which offers a series of complex community issues. The training you will receive provides building blocks to help you provide excellent communication to families and organizations. Each online course is offered in a 10-week session, which allows you to complete the entire program in approximately one year. While all of the study work is completed online in this RN to BSN program, you will need to meet in person for orientation, health clinicals and the checkoff for your final health assessment.

Appalachian State University
Tuition North Carolina Resident: $163.05 per credit hour
Tuition Non-North Carolina Resident: $663.55 per credit hour

As an RN you can earn your BSN at Appalachian State University in as little as one year. The coursework at this university is completely online. The application deadlines are as follows: November 30 for First Notification Period, February 1 for Second Notification Period and April 1 for Third Notification Period. During the last semester of this accelerated RN to BSN online program, you are required to do a research project, which needs to be based on evidence, which is called the Professional Nursing Synthesis. Most students choose to complete this project at their current place of employment. This process allows you to get the real world experience you need to finish the program. Additionally, you will need to have a complete physical exam as well as proof of several vaccinations which include Rubella, Mumps, Hepatitis B, Flu and more.

University of St. Francis
Tuition for all Students: $420 per credit hour

Choosing the University of St. Francis to earn your RN to BSN allows you to work in 8-week sessions. Two sessions are offered during Fall, Spring and Summer terms. In this accelerated RN to BSN degree program, you have the ability to transfer previous school credits, or in some cases, you may be able to use work experience for credit. During your time at St. Francis, you will learn to be the best possible nurse in a variety of situations, which include large communities, families as caregivers and individuals. You will also learn how to best fill the roles of leadership and management. You will also learn the ethical and Franciscan principles, as St. Francis is a Catholic-based learning institution. At the end of the program, you will graduate with excellent judgment skills to provide great care to patients.

Western Governors University
Tuition for all students: $7090 for 1 year

Earning your RN to BSN in the fast track program at Western Governors University affords you the opportunity to move up in your chosen career. You have several different timelines from which you can choose at this school and cost will differ according to those choices. This school also prides itself on offering transparent funding and guarantees there will be no hidden costs. In this course, you will learn about microbiology, chemistry, leadership roles and much more. All classes are provided online, however, you will have to do clinical courses at a facility that is close to you.


Recommended Online RN to BSN Program