Fastest Online MPH Programs


With COVID-19 hitting the world scene in 2019, public health has been thrust to the forefront of nearly everyone’s minds. Has experiencing the world in “pandemic mode” made you want to become someone who makes decisions in the public that can help mitigate our nation’s and world’s health problems?

The US has always faced public health challenges that threaten at any time to turn into crises, and we have all witnessed that happen. Throughout this pandemic, informed public health professionals have been relied on to make critical decisions about the general public’s health.

Public health professionals can make the best decisions and policies when working with doctors and nurses while including information and opinions from researchers, experts who study population trends, and knowledgeable advocates for public policies. In times of imminent crises, like the pandemic the world has just gone through, it is crucial that public health professionals do their jobs quickly and informatively, and this can best be done by those who are well trained and educated to do so.

Colleges and universities have responded to this growing need by providing online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs that can be completed quite fast. These online programs EDsmart has found can be completed in 11-24 months. It is crucial when deciding where you will earn your master’s to check on that online program and school accreditation. Earning your degree through an accredited school ensures that you will be more able to transfer credits if the need arises and that your employer will recognize your degree. The accreditation assures your employer that your education meets the standards for which they are looking. You can check the status of the colleges in which you are interested at the Council on Education for Public Health’s website here.

An MPH degree covers such a wide variety of careers that you are bound to find one that suits you. You can help develop health education programs for schools and communities, influence public policies regarding community health, research sociological solutions to illness and disease, and help relieve suffering on a national or global scale. The possibilities are so broad for what you can do to help others, and you’ll be bound to love your career. If this sounds like something you would like to do with your life, search through these online programs provided by us at EDsmart to find one that can launch you into the career you’ve always wanted.

School Time till completion (months)
Johns Hopkins University 11
Everglades University 12
George Washington University – Washington DC 12
Hawaii Pacific University 12
New York Medical College 12
The University of Southern California 12
University at Buffalo – SUNY 12
University of Bridgeport 12
University of Florida 12
University of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA 12
Chamberlain University 14
University of Vermont – Burlington, VT 14
Southern New Hampshire University – Manchester, NH 15
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 15
California Baptist University 16
California State University-San Marcos – San Marcos, CA 16
Independence University 16
Liberty University – Lynchburg, VA 16
University of Alabama at Birmingham 16
Capella University 18
East Tennessee State University 18
Loyola University Chicago – Chicago, IL 18
University of New England – Biddeford, ME 18
Simmons College – Boston, MA 21
The Dartmouth Institute – Hanover, NH 21
University of Massachusetts Amherst 22
University of South Carolina – Columbia, SC 22
Benedictine University – Lisle, IL 24
Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL 24
Grand Canyon University 24
Kent State University – Kent, OH 24
Purdue University Global 24
University of North Texas Health Science Center 24

1. Johns Hopkins University

Time till completion: 11 months

Johns Hopkins University is an institution that was founded in 1876 as the first research facility in the United States. The main campus is situated in Baltimore, Maryland, and parts of Washington DC. It works in collaboration with other universities across the nation in research and science. It has a vast array of programs in the sciences, including a master’s in public health.

The school offers flexible master’s programs in public health. Students can attend full or part-time online, which is convenient for every busy schedule. Parents and working professionals can greatly benefit from the idea of going full or part-time at their own pace. Plus, affordable tuition is available and there is competitive pricing for everyone.

The online mph programs at Johns Hopkins are highly accessible from anywhere, which makes it easier for international students to attend. Plus, competitive pricing is available. Furthermore, each student will receive top-rate instruction and mentoring from qualified instructors, and course credits will count towards a degree and job experience. Because the program includes practical applications such as these, this puts Johns Hopkins at number one in the United States for the master’s of public health program.

2. Everglades University

Time till completion: 12 months

Everglades University is one of the youngest institutions in the country. It was founded in 1990 and was named American Flyers College at that time. It is situated on a tidy campus in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. As of this day, it hosts quite a number of undergraduate and graduate courses, most of which can be completed through an accelerated online degree program. It had a name change to Everglades University in 2000.

Students can earn a master’s in public health online from EU. The program centers around administration, which offers students the opportunity to hone their skills in that area. However, students will have the privilege of a well-balanced program that allows them to study other aspects of the mph online study program. Students in the mph online program can choose electives that cater to their field of interest in public health. These range from journalism in the field to teaching or public health research. The online mph programs at EU are only 36 credits, which can include almost any other course from another university or school. At the end of your studies, you will wrap it up with a top-rate capstone course that summarizes everything you’ve learned that entire year. The total cost of tuition is $16,800 for an entire year. Plus, it ranks at numbers 103-133 for Best Colleges in 2021, according to the U.S. News and World Report.

3. George Washington University-Washington, DC

Time till completion: 12 months

George Washington University is a school that was founded by Congress in 1821. As another research university, they specialize in many areas of science, which include medicine and health. Because of its close proximity to the nation’s capital, it comes as no surprise that it happens to rank very high in most of its educational programs, including public health.

GWU has a complete online curriculum for the master’s in public health program. The focus shifts from a concentration in administration to grooming each student to choose a specialty in the program. It can be anywhere from global health to health communication and more. There are five different concentrations from which to choose, and each student should be prepared to make their decision after taking the first few courses.

The master’s in public health program is highly rigorous and fast-paced. It has a solid reputation for promoting reasoning through strong critical thinking about public health topics. Each course focuses on public health and public health administration. The tuition is $28,880 for an entire year. It is fully accredited, which means that the education received is vital to the workforce. Every course in the program helps towards preparing the student for graduation and beyond.

4. Hawaii Pacific University

Time till completion: 12-16 months

Hawaii Pacific University is a place that was established in 1965 as Hawaii Pacific College. It was founded by Eureka Forbes, Paul C.T. Loo, Elizabeth W. Kellerman, and the Reverend Edmond Walker. The school is esteemed for its fine academic programs, including the mph online program. Plus, it boasts over 5,000 students from home and across the globe, which puts it at number 3 nationwide on the diversity scale. Students can learn at their own pace from a remote location.

The college offers a 42-hour graduate program in public health with an option to go in-person, hybrid, or completely online. Should any students opt for a hybrid course of study, they will be required to attend in person at least once every 8 weeks. The program is CEPH accredited and offers an accelerated program where students can earn their masters in public health in as little as 12-16 months.

There may be some general courses that might be required for those who haven’t had the general requirements met for the master’s in public health online degree program. There may be options to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public health or any other related field before moving on to the graduate level. Its important to know where to begin, and an advisor may be able to help.

5. New York Medical College

Time till completion: 12 months

New York Medical College is ranked at number 90 in top medical schools across the United States and is noted for its focus on primary care. Its diversity ranking stands at a firm 73, and it remains connected to over 20 hospitals across the east coast. The institution was established in 1860 and was acquired by the Touro College and University system in 2011.

The school allows students to complete their 12-month master’s in public health degree in as little as three semesters. The coursework is divided into the summer, fall, and spring terms and they offer two distinct specialties. These areas of concentration include health policy and management or health behavior and community health. The prerequisite is that all students who are coming into the program need to have elevated experience in the healthcare industry as doctors or other professionals, but those who are currently medical students may also apply. Students are expected to complete a residency program prior to graduation in order to gain transferable skills and experience in their chosen concentration.

6. The University of Southern California

Time till completion: 12 months

The University of Southern California is a school that was originally founded in 1880 as a private research institution that specializes in liberal arts and the sciences. It is a major pioneer of our modern worldwide web system due to the fact that it was featured as part of ARPANET in the 1970s. To this day, it is the main headquarters of the Domain Name System that controls the nation’s internet systems. It is considered to be one of the academic institutions with a nationwide ranking of 24 for National Universities.

The University of Southern California has a complete online mph program format where students can learn at their own pace and in their own time. This program is accelerated and can be completed in as little as four semesters. Students are required to attend at least two courses per semester and can attend up to four per semester. And like any ordinary school program, juggling work and family responsibilities can be a challenge. Students should not try and work during an active semester, especially when they are taking a full course load.

7. University at Buffalo – SUNY

Time till completion: 12 months

The University at Buffalo – SUNY is an extended campus with locations in Buffalo and Amherst. The institution is a renowned public research facility that has a strong focus on the arts and sciences. It has the honor of being a college that was founded by Millard Fillmore, the 13th U.S. President as a medical institution. It evolved over the years to include a vast array of new programs since its original inception and is among the leading research facilities in the country. It has a ranking of number one for climate science and is considered one of the top nursing schools in the nation.

UB has a CEPH accredited online mph program that includes a core curriculum with an opportunity to choose electives that lead students to a specialty in the mph program. Once the program is complete, each student will be expected to start field training and to complete a senior culmination project.

8. The University of Bridgeport

Time till completion: 12-15 months

The University of Bridgeport is located in the heart of Connecticut. Known for its small class size, it has a student-to-faculty ratio of 16 to 1. This allows for greater flexibility outside of the classroom where students can meet privately with instructors as needed.

The institution was established in 1927 as one of the first junior colleges in the United States and is the alma mater of circus leader P.T. Barnum. It stands at a ranking of only 25% nationwide but does rank at number 1 in 2012 for its online BA programs. It appears as though the public health program has improved through the years with a strong focus on practical knowledge.

The college has a 44-credit hour program where students will be introduced to concepts such as epidemics, disease, and lifestyle. Those who participate in the 12-15 month study program for the masters in public health online will explore topics in healthy behavior and better lifestyle habits and will be expected to become familiar with the opioid epidemic. Physical conditions such as obesity will be explored along with solutions that can tackle the problem. Each session lasts for seven weeks and can be intense, but students should reasonably expect to graduate within a year or so.

9. The University of Florida

Time till completion: 12 months

The University of Florida is an institution that receives grant funding for continuous research and development in science. It was founded in 1853 and is ranked at number 6 for Best University nationwide for 2021. It has a strong academic program that includes science and public health where students can opt for remote learning.

The University of Florida’s College of Public Health and Health Professions offers a 42-credit hour program in public health. This program offers participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with certain concepts in health and health science. Students are expected to come with a strong background in that field and should have a terminal degree in an approved health science field. They are then allowed to take the 42-hour course, but if they don’t have that kind of background, then they can apply for the 48-hour course. However, this may require some sort of general course requirements that could cost a little more money per credit hour. Getting a degree audit is strongly recommended prior to the application process.

10. University of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Time till completion: 12 months
The University of San Francisco is a college that was established in 1855 under the original name of St. Ignatius Academy. Although it underwent a new name in 1930, USF continues to maintain its Catholic roots today. The school ranks number 103 for general academics and is considered one of the best colleges for the master’s in public health remote learning program.

The accelerated mph program has a strong focus on collaboration and public health advocacy. This helps prepare graduates so that they can go out into the world and serve the public. They will be prepared to provide education on current events and topics to keep the public informed of news and current events in public health. Students will study and apply all evidence-based practices within their selected specialties.