The 51 Most Phenomenal Student Unions


The student union center is not just the core of student affairs on campus; its a place where you should feel like you’re home. In the student center, you can meet up with friends for a bite to eat, catch a movie, or just relax with a cup of coffee. Many colleges offer large student centers, which may have movie theaters, several restaurants, or even a hotel. Colleges and universities are spending millions of dollars renovating student union centers in order to make you happy.

EDsmart's ranking of college student union buildings is the most comprehensive and well-rounded to date. Architecture and exterior appeal were the leading features considered in the creation of this ranking. Other considerations considered were facilities, interior appeal, history, tradition, student services, and contribution to student life. Here are our picks for the top 50 student union centers.

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Amazing Student Unions

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51. Hyrum Manwaring Center, BYU-Idaho

The Hyrum Manwaring Center at Brigham Young University Idaho is a hub for student life and activity. Named after the president who guided BYU–Idaho through the Great Depression and World War II, the Hyrum Manwaring Center was remodeled in 2010 to include a university store, a renovated and expanded food court, a new convenience store, dance studio suite, and space for activities programs. Construction also included a skybridge that connects the Manwaring Center to the David O. McKay Library. The BYU-Idaho Center and the Manwaring Center "represent vast contributions of time, effort and tithes.” The Manwaring Student Center, originally constructed in 1966 with a barbershop and post office, was renovated in three phases.

50. Memorial Union, University of North Dakota

The Memorial Union is your centralized hub for campus life at the University of North Dakota. This student union offers a kitchen where students can go to learn how to cook healthy for themselves. You will also find several places to eat, including fast food as well as traditional dining. You can reserve the Loading Dock for large conferences or gatherings. It has been used for comedy performances, hockey watch parties and even Iron Chef, student style. Memorial Union also offers help to students who are looking for employment. The great work out area will keep your physical body in shape, while the meditation rooms will keep your mind and emotions healthy.

49. Memorial Union, Oregon State University

Memorial Union of Oregon State University offers several programs to take care of students. The Student Events and Activities Center keeps you busy with several programs that you can join, activities you can participate in and organizations that you can join, all to enhance your student experience. The Memorial Union also offers craft classes through the summer, which include woodworking, photography, jewelry making and more. There are several quiet places to study and great dining options at MU as well. You can join over 400 different clubs. However, if there isn’t something that catches your interest, you can create a new organization.

48. Marist Student Union Center, Marist College

The Marist Student Center was originally finished in 1965 and had 66,000 square feet. A renovation in 1994 added an additional 63,000 square feet creating plenty of space for conferences and student services. Inside the center, there is a Barnes and Noble bookstore, student lounge, health and wellness center among several other things. Because commuter students may not be able to attend club meetings held at night, the college closes down all classes on Wednesdays between 11-2 designated as Activity Hour. There is also a great space outside of the Marist Center, which is along the Hudson River.

47. Reng Student Union, Arkansas State University

The Reng Student Union provides students, staff, and guests with a feeling of what to expect from Arkansas State, as it sets the tone for the entire school. Providing a great learning and social experience is a highlight of this student center. Numerous facilities are at your disposal for resolving any inquiries you might have, including the financial aid department, mental health counseling center, and career guidance center, among others. When searching for a snack you have several options, from Godfather’s Pizza to Sushi with Gusto. Reng Student Union offers you a bit of everything you might need as a student of Arkansas State University.

46. Student Center, Central Connecticut State University

The Student Center at CCSU, like many colleges, is the heart of the campus. It offers over 80,000 feet of space for you to enjoy. There is an art facility, student government, Women’s Center, Central Activities Network and more. You can purchase everything you need for school at the bookstore. After a long night of studying, you may want to head to Breakers, a game room, to relax a bit. When you get hungry, visit the Devil’s Den for several food options, which include everything from Starbucks to vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The Student Center also offers a mail center and a commuter service.

45. Oglesby Union, Florida State University

Oglesby Union has undergone several renovations since it first opened in 1940. What once began as a modest gathering spot for students to discover organizations and assorted activities has now transformed into a versatile arena for studying, consuming meals, engaging in games, and much more. There are plenty of things to do thanks to this student center. There are events all through the year at Oglesby. During the fall, you can enjoy events such as the Haunted Harvest and Homecoming. There are plenty of places to study and you’ll never go hungry in this student union.

44. A. Ray Olpin Union, University of Utah

The University of Utah’s A. Ray Olpin Union was named after President Albert Ray Olpin. During his presidency, the U had tremendous growth and made great strides. It created KUED, its own TV station that still airs today. There was a ten-year building plan in which thirty buildings were constructed. Today in the Crimson Commons TV Lounge, there are couches, vending machines and a 90-inch television! In the Xbox Center, there are video games, air hockey, table tennis and board games that you can play. You will find plenty of places to dine at this student union and several quiet locations to study.

43. Cesar Chavez Student Center, San Francisco State University

The Cesar Chavez Student Center is the center point of action at San Francisco State University. As a student, you may reserve rooms at the center, as long as the event you are having is student related. There is one bookstore at this student union, which sells books, SFSU clothing, stuffed animals, etc. There are several places on campus where you can grab a bite, including the Healthy U. When you are ready to relax, head to the Rack-N-Cue where you will find several billiards tables, more than 20 video games and more. Check out The Depot for sporting events, live music and more.

42. University Center, Lehigh University

At University Center you will find the campus buzzing all year long. During the summer months, classes are still available. There is also a farmer’s market each week. You can use the student work-study program to earn money while learning a trade. This student union offers more than 150 clubs that you can join. If there is not an organization that suits your needs, you have the opportunity to create one! There are several dining options available at this student union as well as a Great Room and Hawk’s Nest where you can go to use the wireless internet.

41. Memorial Union, University of Oklahoma

At the University of Oklahoma, the Memorial Union is dedicated to those who didn’t make it home from WWI. While this may be a solemn memory, this campus does what it can to make student lives even better. It has several events throughout the year, including a formal gala in the ballroom. There are plenty of dining options to keep you full of energy for studying. There are plenty of activities to join during your down time, such as movies, parties, concerts and more. With such a gorgeous campus, Memorial Union is also a great place to have a wedding.

40. Union South, University of Wisconsin

Union South opened in April 2011, where it is considered the heart and soul of the University of Wisconsin. The building looks like something you would find out on the prairie, but is much more modern. There is a large variety of places to eat at Union South as well as several activities happening at any given time. This student center also has plenty of quiet places where you can sit and study. However, when you are ready to set the books down, you can enjoy a climbing wall or head to the bowling alley. There are several hi-def TV’s throughout this union and a large movie theater.

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39. Student Union, University of North Florida

The Student Union is the heart of the University of North Florida. The building was recognized by The American Institute of Architects in Florida. It also ranked number 4 in the Top 100 Buildings in Florida. It offers a game room that includes video games such as Xbox and Nintendo. You will also find billiards, board games, computer games and ping-pong. You will never go hungry with several eating establishments that include Quiznos, Papa John’s Pizza and more. On Market Days, you will have the chance to buy just about anything you can imagine, while enjoying the energy of the students.

38. George Sherman Union, Boston University

George Sherman Union was built in 1962 and was renovated in 2010. It has always had the mission to help students enhance their life while not in the classroom. It has done a great job at this by providing more than 500 student organizations for students to join. If there isn’t a group that follows your passion, you have the option to create a new group and share it with others. There are several different eating establishments at this student union, including one “green” restaurant. You can also find all you can eat options as well as different payment options.

37. Houston Harte University Center, Angelo State University

The Houston Harte University Center has a flag display, which holds a flag from each country that has enrolled at this university. This is a great place to hold a conference, since it has more than 110,000 square feet of space. It also has a great snack bar, Starbucks and other eating establishments. On the first floor, there is a full service post office as well as a credit union. Look at the Center for Student Involvement when you need a way to meet others and help you school. As another method to getting involved, you can also join the student government.

36.Ackerman Union, University of California, Los Angeles

Ackerman Union first opened in 1919 and has several advancements through the years. Today you can find community housing, career opportunities and even law information at the student union center. You will also be able to locate housing and potential roommates as well as find rides or share your car with someone. This student center also offers ATMs around the campus, a haircutting salon and even a blood and platelet center where you can donate your own blood. Among these items, you also have several student groups, great studying quarters, computer lab and much more.

35. Willard Straight Hall, Cornell University

Willard Straight Hall was originally built in 1925 and was modeled after the Hart House, which is located at the University of Toronto. Today this student union center is roughly 103,000 square feet and supports its students in almost every way. You will find several places to eat including the food court, cafes and even all you can eat dining rooms. If you are looking to enjoy nature, you have the Ithaca waterfalls and gorges to visit. There are also places to work out, play sports and go hiking. You can also enjoy bowling or visit the cinema.

34. Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University

Alfred Lerner Hall offers several restaurants and coffee shops to keep you wide-awake. You will also find that this student center offers wireless internet. There are also computer kiosks placed around Lerner Hall. Additionally, there are computer labs to help you get your work completed on time. There are also programs geared towards family engagement, to help your parents to understand what you are doing during your school career. When you need a quiet place to hang out, head over to the main lounge, where you will find a Steinway Grand Piano to play if your heart desires.

33. Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center, BYU

Students often refer to the Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center as “The Wilk.” This union center offers a food court full of options to keep your belly full while studying. If you have ever considered doing stand-up, head out to The Wall on open mic night! During the summer, you can watch a movie outdoors. Take a chance and become a group “Y” Leader. There are also several clubs you can join which foster academics, special interests or athletics, plus many more. Take a moment and enjoy games when you need a break. You can also visit the theater or head to the bowling alley.

32. Ohio Union, Ohio State University

The original Ohio Union was built in 1909 and only allowed the few women students to use the facility once a week, on “Ladies Day.” In 1949, the students lobbied for a new building that would allow equal admission to both women and men, the building was complete in 1951. Since then the Ohio Union has undergone many changes, with the last renovation being in 2010. Pieces of the old building that were usable were donated to the Habitat for Humanity. Today this student center is LEED Silver Certified as Green. There are plenty of places to eat and shop at the Ohio Union. You will find several quiet places to study and join several organizations.

31. Arkansas Union, University of Arkansas

Arkansas Union is the center of the University of Arkansas. It is a place dedicated to helping students with all of their college needs. There are several restaurants in this student center, including pizza, Chinese, Mexican and more. There is also a hair salon, ATM, Razorback gift shop just to name a few. There is also entertainment in the Union Ballroom. If you are looking for a quiet place to study or chat with friends, you can hang out in the Living Room Lounge. There are also plenty of spaces to hang out between classes or during break time.

30. Purdue Memorial Union, Purdue University

Purdue Memorial Union is on the Purdue University campus, located in Indiana. This student center was originally a commemorative area to honor the students who lost their lives in the battle of WWI. It first opened in 1924, although the first student union was comprised in 1920. However, today PMU offers the modern conveniences to its students and staff, such as pizza parlors, ice cream shop among other quick eats. It also offers an exciting glow in the dark bowling alley, for some fun! Additionally, there is a UPS store inside of PMU. This student center also offers a hotel, for visitors to the college grounds.

29. Tate Student Center, University of Georgia

In 1946, the Dean of Men at University of Georgia, William Tate, was inspired to put together a student union center that could hold the students and faculty. However, it took 23 years before the planning of this student union began and another 12 years before building commenced. Unfortunately, Mr. Tate passed away before seeing his dream become reality. However, it was decided that the student center would be named after him. Tate Student Center is LEED certified, proving that it is “green.” There are plenty of restaurants, a copy center, Movie Theater and more to keep you busy on campus at Tate.

28. Wakehurst Student Center, Salve Regina University

Wakehurst is the center for all student happenings at Salve Regina University in New Port, RI. After a long day of studying, you will find a lounge where you can relax by playing your choice of video games, foosball and air hockey just to name a few. This student center also has a lounge with a fireplace where you can warm up on those chilly days. It also has a bicycle loan program for students who do not have their own vehicles. Wakehurst is also a replica of a house in England, named the Elizabethan Manor. The formal garden areas mimic the peace of an English country manor.

27. Wyoming Union, University of Wyoming

Wyoming Union originally opened in March 1939. Since it opened, it has been the center of attraction on the University of Wyoming campus. It underwent three different renovations over the years, with the last one being in 2002. It now has roughly 19,000 square feet of space for dining, studying, spending time in the game room and being involved in all the activities your heart desires. There are plenty of events throughout the year such as concerts, cultural and visual arts as well as summer programs. Wyoming Union also offers more than 200 different clubs that you can join.

26. Nebraska Unions, University of Nebraska

The mission statement of Nebraska Unions discusses enhancing the lives of faculty, staff, students and guests through their activities and services. It achieves this by offering several programs, which includes a center for childcare. Nebraska Unions also offers a computer lab that is open for 24-hour access, in order for you to meet that latest deadline. Additionally, it has several meeting areas and lounges for taking a break. You will also have access to the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, which is very helpful for students with diversities. There are also plenty of places to eat as well as places to get some R&R around Nebraska Unions.

25. Price Center, University of California, San Diego

The Price Center at the University of California, San Diego experienced significant refurbishment in 2003 to enhance its service capacity for students. It now caters to over 30,000 visitors every day. With a diverse range of dining options including a food co-op, Jamba Juice, and Porters Pub, among others, you are assured never to experience hunger. Numerous spots are available for relaxation, savoring a cup of coffee, or catching up on sleep. Furthermore, a variety of outlets are present for grocery shopping and even hairdressing needs.

24. O’Hara Student Center, University of Pittsburgh

O’Hara Student Center is housed in a historical, three-story building that was formerly known as the Concordia Club. This move happened in 2011, because the student union had outgrown its previous campus. Now you will find a large space on the first floor, which is perfect for some quiet study time. It also has a beautiful dining area that showcases the original oak. It also has a large ballroom, which can hold roughly 450 people! Because of the historical value, O’Hara Student Center appeared in Sorority Row, a horror flick. Currently it is the hub of the Writing Center and the Math Assistance Center for the University of Pittsburgh.

23. Adele H Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland

The Student Union Center of the University of Maryland is referred to as simply “The Stamp.” This student center is going more “green” all the time. It recently received a rebate of $10,000 for installing high efficiency lighting. There is post-consumer composting in the food court. You will also find a bottle filler in order for you to stay hydrated. Throughout the campus, you will find water conserving faucets and sustainable carpets. At this student center, you have your choice of several organizations to join, or you can create your own. Along with many quiet places to study, Thursdays is Free Coffee Day!

22. K-State Student Union, Kansas State University

K-State Student Union is currently going through renovations to expand the cooling and heating arrangement for current dwellings and plan for campus expansion. One of the main goals of this project is to install chilled water lines throughout the campus area. This will allow for simple maintenance without creating havoc. The current K-State student center offers a bookstore, mini markets, passport center and ATMs. However, it also offers two different theaters and its own rec center, which has a bowling alley and golf simulator system. In total, this student union center encompasses a whopping 270,000 square feet.

21. Shapiro Campus Center, Brandeis University

One of the surprising facts about Shapiro Campus Center is that it is accessible 24/7, to those who have an ID card. However, the conference rooms and information are only open during specific hours. Throughout the year, this student center has several different vendors who visit and set up shop in the atrium area. This is where they sell different items, including plants, jewelry, scarves and more. The atrium can also be booked for special events. Additionally, you can enjoy visiting the library for some quiet study time, the art gallery when searching for some culture or the dark room, which is specific to photography students.  

20. Student Union, Florida Atlantic University

The Student Union of FAU core values include creating and maintaining a comfortable place where all individuals can meet and enjoy one another. It also sustains learning and providing excellent service by being involved in all programs. Students are responsible for how the center operates on a daily basis. The FAU Student Union began in the fall of 1964 and has gone through several renovations with the most recent being completed in 2002. This student union also offers a travel office, mini market, commuter lounge and study area. Additionally there is a full service kitchen and dining hall for residents, which seats 380 people.

19. Alumni Memorial Union, Marquette University

The Alumni Memorial Union of Marquette University provides students with the necessities of college life, including coffee shops, fast food and banking opportunities. However, AMU also offers upscale dining and a ballroom as well. While this student center is rarely filled to its capacity of 4,000 people, the space is available for special venues. AMU is located on five different floors and includes an auditorium that doubles as a movie theater with built-in sound system. This hall is great for theatrical performances as it offers backstage dressing areas. It also seats 500 people so you will never have to be concerned about not having enough room!

18. Tivoli Student Union, University of Colorado Denver

The Tivoli Student Union Center at the University of Colorado is located in the old Tivoli Brewing Company building. While it is no longer used for brewing, the barrel lift and the copper kettles remain, which offers much of the charm that this student union offers. Another interesting fact is that Tivoli does not just service one campus, but three campuses. It serves the students of the Community College of Denver, the Metropolitan State University of Denver, as well as the University of Colorado, also in Denver. Like most student union centers, it offers a variety of places to eat, areas to study and places to relax.

17. Bronco Student Center, Cal Poly State University

Bronco Student Center, also referred to as “BSC” provides a great atmosphere for you and fellow students to meet for a group study session or grab lunch with your friends. BSC has several restaurants in Center Court, which include Round Table Pizza, Subway and others. If you need to accommodate a large group, BSC has several conference rooms of various sizes that you can reserve. You can also spend your afternoon in the study lounge, hitting the books. After a long day of studying, you have the opportunity to visit that game room, where you can unwind with a pool competition, ping-pong or arcade games.

16. Anderson Student Center, University of Saint Thomas, MN

Anderson Student Center has plenty of stores that you will need to fulfill your college career. It took 2 years to build and opened in 2012. On the lower level, you will find a hair and nail salon, along with a bowling alley and more. On the remaining three levels, you have academic offices, meditation room, ATM and more. 85 is a gaming area that has several flat panel screens for video games. It also has foosball, air hockey among other games. Don’t’ forget to stop at Tommie Central, which is the main information desk of Anderson Student Union.

15. Elmo Natali Student Center, California University of Pennsylvania

In the heart of Cal U, you will find Elmo Natali Student Center, the hub of student activities. While this student union offers all of the necessities, such as several food options, bookstore and mini food mart, it also has some special features. The SEEK Summer Camp is a program offered by Elmo Natali, which caters to children in grades 1-8. Kids will continue to learn while their school is on summer break. This student union also has a theater where students can watch movies daily, without having to pay anything. Elmo Natali recently underwent a two-year renovation to ensure students have the most up to date facility.

14. Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania

In 1896, Henry Howard Houston, a Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania made a generous contribution of $100,000 to  build the first student union center. To date, it is the oldest student center in America. Houston Hall has been through several renovations over the years, with the most recent one completed in 2000. This student union offers an arcade, Movie Theater, technology store and even a bowling alley. You can also get help moving between places that are owned by the University. 

13. J. Wayne Reitz Union, University of Florida

The J. Wayne Reitz Union building stands eight stories high! On the top of this student union, which got its name from the fifth President of the University of Florida, you will find a hotel area with 36 different rooms. Prospective students generally use this hotel, although some Gator fans will also lay their head there at night. Along with having several eating establishments and game areas, you will find a movie theater at J. Wayne Reitz Union. However, this theater also doubles as an auditorium when needed. Additionally, you will also find student lounges and places to get your haircut in this student union center.

12. Michigan Union, University of Michigan

On the steps of Michigan Union, in 1960, John F. Kennedy announced his Peace Corps proposal, making this a very memorable place for many people. You can find a plethora of food and drink, day or night as well as vegetarian options. When you need time to study there are plenty of quiet locations. Additionally, you will find pool tables, video games, poker tournaments and more when you are looking for a break from studying. Each September this union offers the Festifall, which is a time when new students can learn about all of the student organizations that Michigan Union offers.

11. Aztec Student Union, San Diego State University

San Diego State University is the home of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Center, which houses just about everything a college student needs for studying as well as relaxing. This student union promotes community involvement by opening its doors to the community as well as students. However, a fee is charged for community patrons. The Aztec Student Union houses a bank, plenty of restaurants, fitness center and even a bowling alley. This student union offers all of these amenities to students, while still maintaining a “green” profile. It is also LEED Platinum Certified. LEED Certification is only those buildings that can sustain themselves and remain “green.”

10. Michels Plaza and Student Center, Randolph College

Michels Plaza and Student Center recently underwent a renovation, costing over $6 million dollars. The beautiful design was featured on the cover of the June 2014 Landscape Architect and Specifier News. Also, to its credit, this renovation was entirely funded by the alumni. This new student union has all the amenities that a student could want, such as an arcade, fitness center, television area and more. There is also a bank inside, making it simple to take care of business between classes. At the brick amphitheater, you can visit a water fountain when you need a quick getaway.

9. EMU Student Center, Eastern Michigan University

EMU Student Center is one of the newer student unions on our list, completed in 2006. It is often referred to as the “Main Street” of this university. This union offers the best of everything, including a Starbucks, as well as several restaurants to keep your stomach full while studying... Along with being set on a beautiful campus, this student center is considered “green.” It has skylights on the top floor and large windows, creating roughly 80% natural light. It also houses motion-sensing lights for offices. A recycling program was also implemented when this student union center was being built, to ensure that all of the materials were maximized.  

8. Student Union, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

This student union center provides several activities to help you enjoy the entire college experience. While attending the University of North Carolina you have several choices of activities you can enjoy, including Student Government, advising for student press and an indoor climbing wall. Spend time learning how to hone your craft of writing, DJing, acting and more by joining student activities. You also have your choice of several places to eat, including fast food, sit-down diners and even a Starbucks for those long nights of studying. Additionally, this student union also offers a salon, bookstore, and even a place where you can print, copy and ship items.

7. Smith Campus Center, Pomona College

By choosing the Smith Campus Center, you are opening yourself up to a world of opportunities. Spending time at the Quantitative Skills Center, learning more about scientific concepts and computational data is sure to work up an appetite, so swing on over to the Coop Fountain for a quick snack, or head to Sagehen Cafe for a full meal. There are plenty of spacious meeting areas for symposiums, study groups and get-togethers as well. Inside this student center, you will also find help with transportation, a student mail center, AMT and more. You can enjoy concerts, speakers, a Founder’s Day Celebration and more.

6. University Student Union, Cal State University, Long Beach

The University Student Union of Cal State University is located in Long Beach. Here, you have the opportunity to join fellow students at the bowling alley or go for a swim to blow of some of that studying steam. If being active is not your interest, you can choose to relax and watch a movie or play video games at this student union as well. In the mission statement of Union Student Center, you will find that it is essential that “all programs and services must enrich student’s lives…” By choosing this student union, you will be sure to get the attention you deserve.

5. Memorial Union, Iowa State

Iowa State University’s Memorial Union was originally created as a memorial for students who had not come back after WWI. While this may sound like a solemn student union, it is anything but that today. It houses a chapel for time of solace, but it also offers a library and several peaceful locations where you can study. You can also visit the Marquee cinema, which has 330 seats! Additional activities at Memorial Union include a bowling alley and climbing wall. Once you are ready to relax, you can enjoy a nice refreshment in either the wine or coffee bar.

4. Mountainlair, West Virginia University

In the mission statement of Mountainlair Student Union, you will find that the main goal is to give students a happy medium between studying and relaxation. This is accomplished very well with the number of activities this student center offers. There are plenty of places to study, as well as several dining areas. When in need of some laughs, you can visit the comedy club. There is also a game area, a movie theater, a bowling alley and more. In addition, there are special programs such as Dancing with our Mountaineer Stars, MovieFest and Cupid’s Corner. The Lair has a great variety and something for everyone.

3. McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Illinois Institute of Technology

The McCormick Tribune Campus is one of the most uniquely designed student union centers you will ever find. Its 530-foot long, cement and stainless tube actually hampers the noise of the Chicago Transit Authority’s Commuter Rail. While trains are passing overhead, students are enjoying a nice lunch, hanging out in hanging gardens or checking out the bookstore, oblivious to the noise of the overhead train. The lower level boasts a bright red shelve which houses computers and to keep with the original styling, the flooring is paved in aluminum. Choosing McCormick will definitely make for a new age experience.

2. Student Union, Oklahoma State

At over 543,400 square feet, Oklahoma State’s Student Union Center is the largest you will find, in the world. This facility offers you a plethora of dining options, from casual fast food to luxurious restaurants. The movie theater has seating for 550 people, so you will have a chance to grab your friends and relax for a couple of hours between classes. Additionally, the Student Center at Oklahoma State also houses the Atherton Hotel, which doubles as a living classroom. One of the most impressive features of the Oklahoma State Student Union is that it is 75% funded by its own programs.

1. Slane Center of High Point University

Our top pick for the best Student Union Center is Slane Center of High Point University. This student center underwent a renovation in 2007 and now offers a 40-foot atrium complete with a wellness center, which includes a full size basketball court along with a suspended track for running. Additionally you will find a large swimming pool and 16-person Jacuzzi. Slane also offers several different restaurants including places such as Subway and Chik-Fil-A. Additionally, you will find a Starbucks, so you can fuel the fire for those midnight cram sessions. These are just a few reasons why Slane Center of Highpoint University is our number one pick.

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