51 Incredible College Libraries

best college librariesA college library is the central hub of research, studying and quiet time, for most students. It is a place where you can take a peaceful break from your busy day to check emails or get some much-needed downtime on social media.

You may also wish to form a study group for a certain class or project. Meeting at the campus library, for this group, is also an excellent option.

We have evaluated several book repositories and have composed this list of the 51 most incredible college libraries. These gems provide an excellent selection of hard-to-find books, offer excellent study areas and wonderful views of the campus. Take a look at our complete list.

51. Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York UniversityElmer_Holmes_New_York_University

The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, located at New York University holds an impressive 20,000 journals, 3.3 million volumes and 3.5 million microforms. This 12 story library contains 425,000 square feet of learning space and is part of an eleven-library system, which contains a total of 5.9 million volumes. You are able to review over 40,000 linear feet of archives in this facility. On any given day, this college library will see over 10,000 people. It also circulates roughly 304,000 items on an annual basis. Adding to its impressive numbers, the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library also offers 2,500 student seats for those wishing to study.

50. George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins UniversityGeorge_Peabody_Johns_Hopkins_University

The George Peabody Library is known as one of the most beautiful college libraries ever built. Inside of this facility, you will notice the elegant black and white marble tile and skylight, which is sixty-one feet above the ground. The gold columns, which are scalloped and contain balconies, made from cast iron, will also catch your eye. This building was originally built in 1878. However, it received a full makeover between 2002 and 2004. This upgrade cost a pretty penny at roughly $1 million dollars. This beautiful library is located at the Peabody Campus, at Mount Vernon Place and is open to the general public. In addition, this college library houses an impressive specialty collection of over 300,000 books.

49. Uris Library, Cornell UniversityUris_Library_Cornell_Univ

The Uris library, which is located at Cornell University in New York, contains an impressive 8 million books. It boasts 71,000 feet of manuscripts and contains over 1 million ebooks. During your downtime, you can also check out the University Archives. This library offers 6 rooms that are slated for group study; which means that discussion is allowed. This massive education collection area opened in 1891 and was designed by Cornell's very first student of architecture, William Henry Miller. Attached to this library is a bell tower, which is Cornell's symbol of learning and also of its dedication to research.

48. Millikan Library, California Institute of TechnologyMillikan_library_California_Institute_Technology

Located in Southern California, the Millikan Library sits on the campus of Caltech. Not only is it the tallest building on the grounds, it is the most sensitive. This nine-story building includes a shaker roof, which sends pulses through the building during an earthquake. It also contains thirteen small seismometers. Together, these tools allow scientists to study the waves and frequency of seismic activity in the lower region of California. This library includes a staff and student only area which must be accessed via key card. In April of 2018, the archives celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

47. Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of ChicagoJoe_and_Rika_Mansueto_Univ_Chicago

Located at the University of Chicago, the Mansueto Library opened in 2001. It offers great highlights such as the Grand Reading Room. This room provides an excellent amount of natural light, which shines in from the dome-shaped ceiling. The library was designed by Helmut John because other libraries on campus were running out of room to house new books. This university library offers 3.5 million volumes and has received several important honors. Some of which include the GE Edison Award of Merit and the Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

46. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale UniversityBeinecke_rare_book_library_yale

In 1963 Gordon Bunshaft of Owings and Merrill designed this amazing book repository. It is one of the largest libraries that carries manuscripts as well as rare books. This library is used by students and staff at Yale, as well as top scholars who are in search of rare literature and information. The Beinecke Library has an astounding 780,000 books. While 600,000 are located in the underground storage area, 180,000 are located in the tower. Along with the Audubon's Bird Exhibit, you can also find the Gutenberg Bible at this library. This bible if first Western book that was ever printed.

45. United States Military Academy, West Point


The U.S. Military Academy at West Point offers information on a wide variety of topics, with the main focus on military documents. However, this library provides access to many special collections. Jefferson Hall was built in 2008 and provides 12 collaborative rooms, which may be used to create and finish projects. Keep in mind this area is not available to the public. It does allow visitors, however, they must pass several authorization requirements. This building offers a beautiful entry of arches and multi-paned windows, making it a great place to study.

44. Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of ConnecticutThomas_j_dodd_research_center_u_of_connecticut

In 1995 construction was completed on the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, located at the University of Connecticut. The ceremony commenced "The Dodd Year," in which there were speakers, events and exhibits celebrating this mass project. During this festive year, everything was dedicated to human rights. This college library is home to the Human Rights Institute as well as the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life at the University of Connecticut. Collections at this library include the Literary and Rare Book Collection and the Pioneers in Survey Research Collection, among others.

43. Suzzallo Library, University of WashingtonSuzzallo_Library_Univ_Washington

In 1926, the Suzzallo Library opened. It was named after Henry Suzzallo, who happened to be president of the University of Washington. However, he chose to step down in 1926. This book repository contains a vast amount of rare collections which include the Main Collection, Natural Sciences Collection and Government Publications, to name a few. Additionally, this library contains a book in its Rare Collection, which was printed before the year 1801. You will find over 6 million different volumes of information contained at this vast book repository. As you enter this amazing building you will notice several coats of arms created in stone on the front of the structure. These are actual representations of universities from around the world.

42. Firestone Library, Princeton UniversityFirestone_Library_Princeton_University

The Firestone Library is the paramount library of the Princeton Library System. This reference center contains an astounding 7 million books, with over 48,000 feet of different manuscripts. Additionally, you can find over 6 million microforms in this book center. The size of this building is deceiving, as it contains 3 additional floors, which are underground, for additional book space. There are also several dedicated study spaces. The Trustee Reading Room is an open study area, that has a side of glass panels. On each of these panels you will find the names of present as well as past presidents and trustees of the school.

41. Geisel Library, University of California, San DiegoGeisel_Library_Univ_of_CA_San_Diego

The Geisel Library is located at the University of California, in San Diego. This library is named after Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as the famous Dr. Seuss. This building has Brutalist architecture and has been showcased in the famous UC San Diego logo. This extensive library contains over 7 million volumes of information, which help to support student and faculty research. You can also find the Mandeville Special Collections and Archives, which contain the Dr. Seuss Collection. This holds original drawings, notebooks, audio, photographs and over 8500  items pertaining to Dr. Seuss books.

40. Candler Library, Emory UniversityCandler_Library_Emory_Univ

In 1926, architect Edward Tilton planned and created the Candler Library that is part of Emory University. The famous reading room and connecting lobby building was two stories tall.  However, it was renovated in the 1950's and additional floors were inserted between the original floors. This allowed for the expansion of the large collection of books and other information. However, these extra floors have since been removed. Today you will find Emory University's current periodicals stored in the Reading Room. Additionally, there is a pedestrian sky bridge that now connects the Candler Library and the Robert W. Woodruff Library, which is located next door.

39. Folger Shakespeare Library, Amherst CollegeFolger_shakespear_amherst_college

In 1932, Henry Clay Folger and Emily Jordan Folger founded the Folger Shakespeare Library. Emily once wrote that her husband believed "the poet is one of our best sources, one of the wells from which we Americans draw our national thought, our faith and our hope." He felt that there was a profound bond between America and Shakespeare, which is one reason that this library is located in our nation's capital. Folger continually increased the assets of this book repository until it became a top center of research. Today you will find fiction readings, musical concerts, theater productions and more at this book storage center.

38. James B. Hunt Jr. Library, North Carolina State UniversityJames_b+hunt_north_carolina_university

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library opened in 2013 and cost a lofty $115 million dollars to build. It has beautiful and modern architecture on the outside as well as on the inside. This book repository has a robotic system inside, which manages book storage and recovery. This intelligent system is fittingly named the bookBot. These robots are over 50 feet tall and move between the rows of bookcases. The bookBot has the ability to add barcodes to books and other items, as well as sort and store these items. Visitors on the first floor, also known as Robot Alley, can watch the bookBot at work.

37. Bizzell Memorial Library, University of OklahomaBizzell_Memorial_Univ_Oklahoma

The architecture of the Bizzell Memorial Library stouts an ornate Collegiate Gothic style. This magnificent structure was built in 1930 and is also known as a National Historic Landmark. This book atheneum houses over 4.2 million books including some rare collections. Included in the rare collections is the Bizzell Bible Collection, Bass Business and Nicholas Rare Books, to name a few. This library is widely known for the court case of George McLaurin. Mr. McLaurin applied to the university to achieve his doctorate and was originally denied admission simply because of his race. Eventually, he was admitted after several attempts. However, admission was on a "separate but equal" basis.

36. Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of PennsylvaniaFisher_Fine_Arts_Library_Univ_Pennsylvania

The Fisher Fine Arts Library is located at the University of Pennsylvania. It was architected by well-known Frank Furness in 1888. Construction was completed in 1890. It is made from brick, red sandstone and terra-cotta Venetian Gothic. This library was created to be partially a cathedral as well as a fortress and was built to hold an archaeological collection. The Main Reading Room is over four stories tall and is divided by an arcade from the shorter Rotunda Reading Room. Eventually the structure was renamed the Furness Building, in memory of the talented architect and in 1985 it was appointed a National Historic Landmark.

35. Beasley School of Law Library, Temple UniversityBeasley_School_of_Law_Library_Temple_University

The Beasley School of Law is also known as Temple Law School and Temple Law. This school and book repository is located in Philadelphia and was founded in 1895 and is one of the biggest law libraries in the United States. In 2018, Temple Law was ranked 2nd best school for Trial Advocacy training by US News & World Report, no doubt because of it's excellent library. It provides a research center for the Institute for International Law and Public Policy, as well as a place for students to practice. This book repository also contains Anglo-American monographs from both the 18th and 19th centuries.

34. Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Rutgers UniversityMabel_Smith_Douglass_Library_Rutgers_Univ

The Mabel Smith Douglass Library, which is located at Rutgers University in New Jersey, was founded in 1918. Originally it served Douglass College and later the New Jersey College for Women. Additionally, this book repository served the Mason Gross School of the Arts. This building contains a plethora of information on women's studies and the visual arts. Moreover, you can find specifics on exercise science as well as theater arts. This college library has been through several renovations over the years, because it needed more space to house resources for students and staff. Chances are, with the ever-changing needs of the people, this library will have future renovations as well.

33. John D. Rockefeller Jr Library, Brown University

Brown University, in Providence Rhode Island is home to the John D. Rockefeller Junior Library. This book repository has been dubbed "the Rock" by students over the years. It opened in 1964 after approximately 2 years in the construction process and was named after John D. Rockefeller Junior, who was a graduate of the class of 1897. This library was the first building in it's vicinity to sport a Brutalist style look. You will find several great collections in this building, such as the Brown University's East Asian Collection as well as a great Korean collection. This library now holds the David and Laura Finn Reading Room and the Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab for extra study space.

32. Rush Rhees Library, University of RochesterRush_Rhees_Library_Univ_Rochester

Rush Rhees Library is located at the River Campus of the University of Rochester in New York. Construction on this library began in 1927 and finally opened 3 years later, in 1930. This book repository was named after Benjamin Rush Rhees, who was Rochester's third president. In 1970 there was a major addition added to the main library building. This space is now home to main computer lab and plenty of reading areas. This structure houses approximately 3 million volumes and is home to the completely original elevator, from the 1930's.

31. Rebecca Crown Library, Dominican UniversityRebecca_Crown_Library_Dominican_Univ

The Rebecca Crown Library, is located on the campus of Dominican University, in River Forest, Illinois. This book storage facility officially opened in 1972 and contains over 200,000 books in it's main collection. However, this book repository also provides access to the I-Share Collection, which has approximately 13,000 additional books. With the help of the I-Share access, the Crown Library offers over 300,000 different types of materials to it's patrons. This incredible library also offers several large and comfortable reading areas, as well a highly-equipped learning resource center. Over the years, many renovations have taken place at the Crown Library and today it provides plenty of light-friendly and enjoyable reading areas.

30. Bapst Art Library, Boston CollegeBapst_Art_Library_Boston_College

The Bapst Library is located at Boston College and is on the Chestnut Hill campus. This library opened in 1925 and was the original book storage facility on campus, until 1984, when the Thomas P. O'Neill Library opened it's doors. The Bapst Library was named after Reverend Johannes Bapst, who was the first president of Boston College and had a flair for academic studies his entire life. In this bibliotheca, you will find over 51,000 tomes discussing art alone. This library was known for holding student art exhibits in the student art gallery, until it's closing in 2012.

29. Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young UniversityHarold_B_Library_Brigham_Young_Univ

The Harold B. Lee Library is located on the campus of Brigham Young University. Originally this book repository was a diminutive accumulation of books that remained in Principal Karl. G. Maeser's office. However, in 1884 the Lewis building , where the office was located, burned down and all of the books were destroyed. As time went on, new buildings were erected and more books collected. In time the collections would outgrow the space. However, in the 1990's the library was expanded, significantly. Today it houses over 4.7 million books and sees an astounding 10,000 visitors on a daily basis.

28. Baker-Berry Library, Dartmouth CollegeBaker_Berry_Library_Dartmouth_College

The Baker-Berry Library is located in Hanover, New Hampshire and is the main library on the Dartmouth College campus. Originally this book repository was named the Fisher Ames Baker Memorial Library. Upon opening in 1928 it contained 240,000 publications. The architecture was designed to look similar to Independence Hall and was created by Jens Frederick Larson. This building was expanded several times over the years. John Berry and the Baker family donated $30 million dollars to Dartmouth in order to construct a new building, in 1992. In 2000 the Berry Library opened and the project was completed in 2002.

27. Gleeson Library, University of San FranciscoGleeson_Univer_San_Francisco

The University of San Francisco is home to the Gleeson Library, which was constructed in 1927. Reverend Richard Gleeson had dedicated over twenty-five years of his life to the University, hence the naming convention. The Reverend offered a listening ear, as a spiritual counselor, while being a friend to the people of San Francisco including those were financially destitute. In 1997 an addition was made to the library. This supplemental space holds the name the Geschke Center, which included an additional 36,000 feet of library space. During this time, better disabled access was also added to the library.

26. Doheny Library, University of Southern CaliforniaDoheny_Library_Univ_Southern_California

In 1932, the Doheny Library opened on the campus of University of Southern California. Edward L. Doheny was a rich oil tycoon, who donated $1.1 million dollars to USC to have the library built. He chose to do this in honor of his son who was  previously shot. In 1967, the movie, The Graduate was actually filmed at this book storage center. The inside of this fancy library is done in granite, travertine and marble to create an elegant look. It holds several important collections including the Asian Library, which offers information in several languages including Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

25. Henry Madden Library, California State University at FresnoHenry_Madden_Cal_State_Fresno

The Henry Madden Library is located on the Fresno campus of California State University. This book repository center first opened in 1911. However, it was not named for Henry Madden until 1981. In 2009 this book center needed updating, so it received a huge renovation, which cost $105 million dollars. These funds were donated by the Table Mountain Rancheria Casino, which is owned by the Chukchansi tribe. Currently, you can review over 1.13 million different books at this book storage center. The building is over 370,000 feet, which helps the Henry Madden Library to be one of the largest in all of the Cal State system.

24. Theodore Hesburgh Library, University at Notre DameTheodore_Hesburgh_Library_Univ_Notre_Dame

The Theodore Hesburgh Library is located at the University of Notre Dame, in Notre Dame Indiana. This facility is the main structure in this university's library system and originally opened in 1963. However, it was named the Memorial Library. It was not until 1987 that the name was changed to Hesburgh Library. The name was changed in honor of Father Theodore Hesburgh, who was the president of the school from 1952-1987. Currently, this book repository contains 3.39 million chronicles of information. On the side of this building, you will find the football stadium, as well as a huge mural of figures that represent Catholic teachers, writers and saints, including Jesus Christ, resurrected.

23. Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor UniversityArmstrong_Browning_Library_Baylor_Univ

The Armstrong Browning Library is located on the Baylor University campus, which is in Waco Texas.  This amazing book storage center was first opened in 1924. The building itself has an Italian Renaissance feel to the structure. It is believed to contain the largest amount of secular stained glass of any building in the world. Additionally, it has the largest collection of the two famous, English poetry writers: Elizabeth Barrett Browning as well as Robert Browning. Just after a year of being open, the mass amount of books outgrew the space. In 1948 the new library construction was complete. In 1995 the same building had to be renovated and modified to hold even more information. Then in 2012 the building was refurbished, making for more room for both books and study spaces.

22. Nicholas Murray Butler Library, Columbia UniversityNicholas_Murray_Butler_Columbia_Univ

The Nicholas Murray Butler Library is located on the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University, in New York. Currently, this is Columbia's largest library and contains more than 2 million tomes. Originally, this building was erected between 1931 and 1934 and was named the "South Hall." However, in 1946 it was given the name of the president of Columbia University; Nicholas Murray Butler. As you enter this library, you will find the mural "Videbimus Lumen" which is based on the university's motto "In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen." Translated this means "In Thy Light We See Light." This piece of history references social struggle, New York City and the architecture of the university itself.

21. Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of VirginiaAlbert_Shirley_Small_Special_Collections_Library_Univ_Virginia

You will find the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia, which is located in Charlottesville Virginia. This book repository specializes in the research of American literature as well as American history and the history of Virginia itself. Shirley and Albert Small made a large contribution in order for the current building to be constructed, hence the name. Albert Small had once been a student at this university and had such an appreciation for his education, he donated his personal collection of the early printings of the "Declaration of Independence." This allowed the university to be the only school able to be in possession of two copies of such historical documents.

20. Hannon Library, Southern Oregon UniversityHannon_Library_So_Oregon_Univ

The Hannon Library is located at Southern Oregon University, which is in Ashland Oregon. The library was opened in 2005 and was named for Lenn Hannon, the Oregon state senator. Hannon was able to provide this college book repository $20 million dollars in government bonds, as well as $3.5 million dollars from private donors, in support of building this library. The information you can find at this location includes over 325,000 volumes of literature, online access to over 10,000 journals and a whopping 298,000 different government issues. Additionally, you will be able to access information on Native American Study.

19. Hillman Library, University of PittsburghHillman_Library_Univ_of_Pittsburgh

Hillman Library opened in 1968 and is the largest book repository of the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, this is the center of the administration for the University Library System (ULS) at Pittsburgh. You will find over 7.1 million books at Hillman, which is also chief of the ULS. You will find over 200 workstations that include computers as well as another 1,500 study spaces. Moreover you will find technology stations, themed rooms and specialized collections to provide you with the best information available. In 2018 Hillman Library will turn 50 years old. To commemorate this event, a project of renovation is currently in place to add even more information to this library.

18. Malcolm A. Love Library and Information Dome, San Diego State UniversityMalcolm_A_Love_Library_Info_Dome_San_Diego_State_univ

The Malcolm A. Love Library and Information Dome is located at San Diego State University, which is in California. The book storage building opened in 1971 and is also known as simply "the Love Library." This structure is located in a convenient place on campus and takes up more than 500,00 feet. In addition, there are more than 3,000 seats available to students and staff. Additionally, there is a study center that is always open. You will find more than 2.2 million different books and a whopping 4.6 million items on microform. In addition, this library houses over 140,000 maps.

17. J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah


The J. Willard Marriott Library is the main library of the University of Utah, which is located in Salt Lake City. This bibliotheca has had several different homes on campus since it opened in 1850. However, in 1968 it found it's current placement and at the same time, it was named after J. Willard Marriott, who founded Marriott International. The current building is over 500,000 feet and is home to more than 3 million books. You will also find several special collections, which include film, photos, documents and more that contain the history of Utah, as well as the Mormons and the West.

16. Parks Library, Iowa State UniversityParks_Library_Iowa_State_Univ

The Parks Library is on the Iowa State University campus and is located in the city of Ames. The library originally opened in 1925. Through the years it has had several renovations to increase space, content and study areas. This building of knowledge was named for W. Robert Parks, who was the 11th president of Iowa State University, and his wife, Ellen Sorge Parks. Today you will find more than 2.6 million volumes of books as well as access to over 98,600 journals. You will also have access to extensive collections of research and the e-Library as well as several reading rooms.

15. Wilson Library, University of North CarolinaWilson_library_Univ_North_Carolina

The Wilson Library is located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was named for the first librarian, Louis Round Wilson. It opened in 1929 and was used as the main book repository of the campus until 1984. Just two days after the opening of this university library, the stock market crashed, bringing the state monetary support to practically nothing. This meant Mr. Wilson had to find private donors to keep the book repository afloat. However, because of this, the library was gifted several distinguished collections. Some of these rare finds include the Southern Historical Collection, Southern Folklife Collection and North Carolina Collection.

14. Thompson Memorial Library, Vassar CollegeThompson_Memorial_Library_Vassar_College

The Thompson Memorial Library is on the campus of Vassar College in Arlington New York. Originally this reference center opened in 1865, with only 3,000 books, and was located in one small room. In 1905 the Thompson building was completed by Mary Clark Thompson, as a memorial to her husband. Years later, the library building needed to be expanded. Again, Mary Clark Thompson provided the funds for this expansion to happen in 1918. This library offers a rare book and manuscript collection, as well as women's history and examples of historical works. Additionally, there is a special collection of government documents housed at the Thompson library.

13. Powell Library, University of California, Los AngelesPowell_Library_Univ_California_LA

The Powell Library is on the campus of UCLA, which is located in Los Angeles California. The library was built between 1926 and 1929 and is also know as simply "the College Library." This is just one of a few buildings that were built on the campus in the early days and has much historical value with its Romanesque Revival design. This book repository is named for Lawrence Clark Powell, who was the librarian from 1944 to 1961. He also served as the Dean of the Graduate School of Library Service from 1960 to 1966. This college library is known for being a bit louder than other libraries and if often referred to as "Club Powell."

12. Smathers Library, University of FloridaSmathers_Library_Univ_Florida

The University of Florida is home to the George A. Smathers Libraries and is part of the largest network of university libraries in all of the United States. It is also the oldest library on the campus. This book repository originally opened in 1926 and was named Library East. It is also the largest building on the campus and contains a Collegiate Gothic appearance. This library offers 5.3 million books, 20,000 sets of computer data and over 1 million documents for student research. Additionally you can find over 550,000 images and maps in this bibliotheca.

11. Jerome Library, Bowling Green UniversityJerome_Library_Bowling_Green_Univ

The Jerome Library is part of the Bowling Green University in Ohio and opened in 1965. William Travers Jerome III served as the sixth president of the university and is who the this bibliotheca was named after. The building contains murals on the walls that were designed by Don Drumm, who was an artist in residence in the 1960's. This book repository serves the Ohio 5th Congressional district and is a federal depository since 1933. You can find over 700,000 different historical documents houses here. Currently, you can search these documents for foreign relations of the United States, the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, as well as census reports from 1970 to current.

10. Klarchek Information Commons, Loyola University of ChicagoKlarchek_Information_Commons_Loyola_Univ_Chicago

Klarcheck Information Commons is located on the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University, Chicago. This library was opened in 2005 and offers a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. The Information Center stands behind the three C's, which are Collaboration, Connectivity and Community. Due to this philosophy, you will find plenty of space and computers for group study sessions, as well as modern conveniences such as wireless, high-speed internet. You will also find a comfortable place to relax and read, inside this university library. The building is 21st century and offers up to date computer systems as well as an informative staff, willing to help at any time.

9. Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library, Harvard UniversityHarry_Elkins_Widener_Memorial_Harvard_Univ

Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library is located at Harvard University, in Cambridge Massachusetts. This book repository first opened in 1915 and was considered the hub of the Harvard Library System. In 1907 Harry Elkins Widener graduated from Harvard. However, in 1912 Widener and his father, George Dunton Widener were both killed during the sinking of the Titanic. In his will, Harry Elkins Widener instructed his mother to provide care of his books, using her best judgement. She donated them to this library and requested the name honor her son. Shortly before his death, harry Widener stated to a friend "I want to be remembered in connection with a great library, but I do not see how it is going to be brought about."

8. William R. Perkins Library, Duke UniversityWilliam_R_Perkins_Duke_Univ

The William R. Perkins Library is part of Duke University, which is located in Durham North Carolina. This book repository is just one of nine that are connected by the Duke University Library System. This particular division opened in 1839 and contains several rare artifacts from history. For example, it houses a large Collection of Confederate Imprints. This includes over 270,000 images that show rural conditions as well as the Civil War. You can also find several thousands of documents that are included in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library. These rare pieces of history are some of the most unique that you will find in any collection.

7. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of GeorgiaHagrett_library_rare_book_and_manuscript_Univ_Georgia

The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library is located at the University of Georgia, in Athens. This bibliotheca originally opened in 2012 and contains a large section of rare books. You can find approximately 120,000 rare books on a several different subjects at this book repository. The collection includes many items that were printed in the Confederate States, during the War of the Rebellion. The majority of the books you will find in this library were purchased for the use of the students who graduated in 1804; which was the very first graduating class.

6. Linderman Library, Lehigh UniversityLinderman_Library_Leigh_univ

The Linderman Library is part of the Lehigh University and is located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. It opened in 1878 and was funded by the founder of Lehigh, Asa Packer, after the death of his daughter. In 1929, a group of 20 graduates managed to provide a donation of $500,000 to the library to increase the size of the building, as well as add a larger collection of books. In 2005 this book repository received another makeover, which included additional space for the ever growing book collection, as well as additional study spaces and the popular hang out spot, Lucy's Cafe.

5. University Libraries, Michigan State UniversityUniversity_Libraries_Michigan_State_Univ

University Library is just one of nine branches of the Michigan State University book collection system, which opened in 1855. It has an astounding Africana Collection, which contains over 200,000 books and documents. It is also one of the largest accumulations of it's kind in the United States. This book repository also hold the Robert Vincent Voice Library, which includes over 40,000 recordings done by over 100,000 people. You can also find the Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection, which contains the exciting Cosmic Art Collection. Total this library has over 4.9 million books and an astonishing 6.7 million microforms for your research.

4. Hale Library, Kansas State UniversityHale_Library_Kansas_State_Univ

The Hale Library is the main building on the campus of Kansas State University. This educational center first opened its doors in 1927, however it was not dedicated until October 5, 1997. This stopped an 80 year structural journey. This building contains the "Great Room," which highlights murals from 1934, completed by David Hicks Overmyer. Due to lack of space, in 1955, a stacks addition was completed and the library was named for Francis David Farrell, the eighth president of the university. Due to overcrowding issues, another addition was completed in 1970. In 1999 the library was awarded the Merit Award for Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, for the region of the central states.

3. Walter C. Langsam Library, University of CincinnatiWalter_C_Langsam_library_Univ_Cincinnati

The Langsam Library is located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio and opened in 1978. This is the main book collection, out of fourteen in the University of Cincinnati Library System and is the largest. Originally this book repository was named the Central Library. However, that was changed in 1986 in honor of Dr. Walter C. Langsam who was a great historian as well as a former president of the university. During the 1980s the circulation increased by 50%, while the requests from other libraries to borrow material increased by 30%. Today this building houses more than 4 million different books as well as 700,000 periodicals. It also is home to a computer lab that is available 24/7.

2. William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, Ohio State UniversityWilliam_Oxley_Thompson_Memorial_Ohio_State_Univ

The William Oxley Thompson library is located on the campus of Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. This is the main book repository at the university and was opened in 1912. However, in the summer of 2006, the library took on a large renovation project that took over 3 years to complete. The architecture is now a Neo-Classical, Beaux-Arts style. You will find plenty of places to study, as well as relax in this bibliotheca. Moreover, this library offers over 1.25 million books, which includes 250,000 volumes of special collections, journals, periodicals, rare manuscripts and more.

1. Cook Legal Research Library, University of MichiganCook_Legal_Research_Library_Univ_Michigan

The Cook Legal Research Library is located on the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. This information building opened in 1931 and held approximately 350,000 books. In the 1950's four more floors were added to the building to increase both book space as well as study space. You will find a great Reading Room as well as Study Group Rooms, which can hold several people for group projects. The outside architecture offers beautiful stained glass windows and intricate metal work. Today there are offices for faculty members around the south end of the ten-story building. Additionally, you will find Cook's personal library, which was collected from his townhouse in Manhattan.

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