Jobs That Pay 100K

Financial gains are one of the main reasons why people enter into careers. There are various career paths that you can choose. The nature of your career determines how much money you earn as a professional. Considering the potential income you can get from a career, it is essential to consider this before deciding on one suited for you. Studying requires a lot of investment in terms of time and money. Therefore, getting a well-paying job is a sure way of securing your returns on investment.

Many other factors determine how much you earn from a job. While some of these factors depend on your employer and workplace, others are regulated by the government. For instance, the government determines the minimum wage payable to workers in essential services. Other than salaries, you can earn from allowances as a professional. These depend on your level of practice and policies set in place by your employer.

Most financial benefits are estimated for the entire year. You need jobs that pay well and within the required time to lead a financially stable life. For instance, the median salary for a comfortable life in many states is $100,000 per year. However, attaining this level of financial gain in a career is hard for most people. Entering a saturated career path means you will have less pay as there is an oversupply of labor.

For more insight on jobs that pay over $100,000, we explore the following:

  1. How can degree type impact your expected income?
  2. Career types with the most financial growth
  3. Highest-paying career for college graduates
  4. How to qualify and apply for a job that pays $100K or more

How Degree Type Can Impact Your Expected Income

The cost of pursuing a course in any field depends on the technicality of the career ahead. Technical careers are usually expensive to complete, even though you might receive student financial aid. In some cases, financial aid is a student loan, and you must repay it once you complete schooling. In professional fields, technical roles attract more pay, which is the main reason why you should pursue technical careers. The higher pay is usually attributed to the scarcity of skilled personnel in the careers. Most people fail to complete their studies in such courses due to financial challenges or fail to meet minimum academic scores.

When choosing a college degree program to enroll in, you should pay attention to various factors. A degree determines your career path and hence the amount of money you make throughout your work life. There are many ways through which the type of degree you pursue could affect your expected income.

These include:

  • Marketability of the degree you pursue

Job market dynamics vary depending on the field one pursues. Some job markets have fewer professionals than the demand for services. Pursuing a degree in such courses makes it easier for you to be employed. In most cases, these courses involve many technicalities that most people are scared of pursuing or end up dropping out of before they graduate. Studying career outlooks is essential before joining a career path. It gives you a clear picture of how the job market could look in the future. You will likely earn more from fields with a constant demand for professionals.

  • The quality of training you receive

The main marketing point for graduates is the skill set acquired from degree programs. The quality of training you receive determines how fast you get employed after school. Early employment guarantees more financial income as you work for a longer period. Additionally, the training you receive in a degree program determines your success as an independent professional. The best way to make more money in any career is by venturing into private practice. Running a business requires skills that you should acquire in school. However, you need to practice under an employer to perfect your skills for the future as an employer.

  • Nature of the training program

Many institutions offer degree training programs; their policies and training vary depending on the institution. Some offer hands-on training, which is recommended by most employers. Being in such degree programs guarantees faster employment. It is a requirement that you must attend a supervised internship before being licensed as a professional in any field. Some schools secure internship opportunities for their students through their vast network of institutions. Internship opportunities allow students to create meaningful connections with potential employers and future business partners. Some institutions offer paid internships; this means you start earning from your degree as a student.

Education is an essential component of financial freedom. You don’t need to start earning high salaries from the onset of your career. In most cases, professionals start with low earnings then grow as they advance in experience and education. However, education has a great impact on family incomes. Most educational programs are expensive and could hurt family financial status when not thought out properly. If you enroll in an educational program and you have a family, ensure the program is affordable and that you have the time to devote to your studies while holding down a full-time job if necessary.

Advancing your education is all worth it in the end. Higher education guarantees higher future earnings in most professions. However, you should ensure you choose the right program according to your career of interest. For instance, master’s degree programs are very expensive; however, you are assured of possible promotion once you complete your studies. With a master’s degree, you can work in administrative or managerial positions in a company. Additionally, you can venture into private service as a consultant. Consultancy generates more income since you deal with more than one client.

If a higher learning program can potentially impact the financial status of your family, you can apply for student financial aid. There are many forms of student aid set for students pursuing higher degrees. These include scholarship programs and student loans. With a student loan, you should ensure it favors your future finances since it has to be repaid. Many professionals find it hard to repay student debt due to the high-interest rates accrued over time.

Career Types With The Most Financial Growth

There are many career paths you can pursue high financial gain. Consulting a financial advisor will help you gauge which one will earn you more money within a short period. Financial advisors help professionals with huge income flow manage their financial resources. Every field has specific career paths that guarantee huge financial income. Some of the highest-paying careers in the field of finance include:

Compliance officers

You can earn up to $130,000 working as a compliance officer for business corporations. The duties of a compliance officer include assessing the company’s operational policies to ensure they align with the law. In most cases, compliance officers are actively involved in making policies to run the company they work for. For success as a compliance officer, you must have a diverse and near-perfect set of skills and knowledge. You need to understand business laws and how they apply to your employer. Additionally, you should understand the impacts of certain policies on the lives of other workers in the company you work for.

Financial officers

Financial officers are an essential part of business corporations. They are in charge of financial decisions made on behalf of the company. As a financial manager, you can earn up to $110,000 annually. The duties of financial officers vary depending on their level of practice. However, most act as financial advisors for management boards. To be a successful financial manager, you should master financial analytics to offer viable financial advice and decisions as required. A financial analyst can work as a financial advisor for individuals such as sportspersons and entertainers. Most people in the sports and entertainment industries need to focus on their careers and earn a lot of money at the same time. Financial officers manage the finances earned to give their employers time to perfect their craft and career.

Investment managers

Companies and individuals with a lot of money look for ways to sustain their income flows. Sustainability in finances comes from the diversification of investments. For successful investments, most companies and individuals need the services of an investment manager. You can earn up to $100,000 yearly working as an investment manager. However, some investment managers participate in the profits generated from the investments under them. Such agreements guarantee more income as there is no cap on how much you can make from one client. Investment managers can work in various areas within the finance field. The most common positions held by investment managers include investment bankers and hedge fund managers. The main feature of hedge fund managers is that they deal with more than individuals or companies. They are usually in charge of funds pooled together by different people for investment purposes.

Several other career paths guarantee high financial income. Majoring in broad and perpetual fields such as technology is one way to earn a lot of money as a professional. For instance, businesses have shifted to information in the past few years, which implies that pursuing careers in information technology will earn you good money. Some of the highest-paying careers in the information technology field include:

  • Information security– Information is an essential element of business in the world. The increased value of information makes it essential to secure it from getting into the wrong hands. There are many forms of valuable information that need to be protected. These include patents for innovations and inventions. As a result, there is an increase in the need for information security. There are several job opportunities in the information security sector, like an information security analyst, that assess the possibility of a loss of information and suggest measures to be taken.
  • Computer programing and software engineeringComputer science and programming are one of the most technical career paths in information technology. It forms the basis of most careers and encompasses many roles, including software developer and software engineer. Due to the digitization of information, many companies need experts to develop programs to analyze, store and retrieve information fast. This task can only be done by people with computer programming skills. You can earn as an employee or develop software for sale to people that need them.

Although the above-mentioned are profitable career paths, you cannot earn to the maximum since what you get depends on your employer. However, with these skills, you can venture into private practice as a consultant. Consultants earn a lot of money as they deal with more than one client. In some cases, consultants negotiate for a percentage of the profits generated by implementing the policies they create.

Highest-Paying Careers for College Graduates

The average salary of college graduates is always lower than that of experienced professionals. As you gain experience and advance your education, you will likely earn more. At the entry level, the amount of money you receive depends on your field of practice. Securing employment in a well-paying institution guarantees maximum returns on investment. If you want to earn more as a graduate, here are some of the qualities you should look for in a college before enrolling.

Available facilities

Institutions have invested in training programs to different extents. When selecting an institution to enroll in, you should look at its facilities dedicated to your program of interest. The availability of facilities indicates that the institution will offer excellent training. If you enroll in an online program, the institution should have adequate tutors and reading facilities to facilitate your studies. Technical courses such as engineering and medicine require a lot of lab experiments. The institution you enroll in should have the laboratories and personnel to guide you through the required experiments. Well-equipped schools allow you to explore all your abilities in every field related to your career. However, some well-equipped colleges charge high tuition fees.

Location of the institution

One of the factors that determine the employability of college graduates is where the college is situated. Enrolling in institutions located in major cities increases your chances of getting employed as they are the main location of employment for college graduates. Most graduates of reputable colleges are absorbed into the urban workforce. Some colleges organize internship opportunities for their students. A paid internship is one way of earning extra money at the beginning of your career. Studying in a university or college located in a city exposes you to business opportunities. Taking advantage of such opportunities will earn you additional money as a student.

As stated earlier, the course you study determines how much you earn as a professional. However, you can make more money than a person in a technical profession, depending on how you manage your resources and your ability to exploit opportunities. Some careers guarantee great financial gains within a short time. Having a degree in one of these courses will earn you more money at the beginning of your career.


Finance is one of the widest professions you can pursue. It involves different career paths, with some earning more than others. Generally, professionals in a finance deal with money, implying that they have the skills to manage, invest, and multiply the funds entitled to them. Finance degrees include a bachelor’s degree in economics and commerce. With economics, you get the skills to manage available resources for the sustainability of business corporations.

Medical degrees

Medicine is one of the most lucrative careers. It is broad with many technical jobs that require intense training, including an occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, and radiation therapist. Although it requires a lot of physical and financial investment, graduating with a degree in a medical course is a sure way of earning a lot of money throughout your work life. Some of the most lucrative careers for college graduates in this field are physician, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, and registered nurse. Medicine and surgery are medical specializations for doctors and surgeons. Nursing focuses on instilling skills necessary for patient care. There are many places where you can work as a registered nurse. These include government and private medical institutions. In some cases, nurses are employed to work in schools and assisted living homes.

Degrees in technology

Technology is one of the most diverse career fields you can pursue. Thanks to technological changes, many businesses and institutions are digitizing their operations. The need for digital migration of services has prompted a high demand for technology experts. In the manufacturing sector, technology experts integrate modern equipment into production. There are many skills you can acquire and use for financial gain in the technology industry. These include programming and software development. You can also earn as a technology consultant or software engineer for business organizations. However, consultancy requires you to have at least an MBS. Skills acquired in technology degree training programs can be used outside employment, making it easy for you to venture into private practice as a licensed computer science professional.

Although the above-named degrees guarantee higher income, financial freedom requires more than salaries and allowances. You should be open-minded to invest in opportunities you encounter during practice. Financial freedom is an essential characteristic of success as a professional. With proper management of financial resources, you can improve your earnings through investments. Additionally, savings and prioritizing essential expenditures will keep you financially stable.

How To Qualify and Apply for A Job That Pays $100K Or More

As stated earlier, education is one of the sure ways to financial freedom. However, this does not mean people with little or no formal education can’t become successful. You don’t need to be a registered nurse to earn more than $100,000 annually. Here is how you can earn without having a degree or any form of a college education.

  • Explore your talents and passion-Everyone has different gifts and passions, which implies that you probably have unique abilities to convert into a career. You can explore your talent in sports or music and make a lot of money from entertaining people. Most renowned sportspersons in the world do not have formal education yet receive a lot of money from their craft. For instance, basketball players playing at international levels earn more than a million dollars every year. The money comes from salaries and bonuses collected from the teams they represent. Your ability to write lyrics, sing, or act can earn you a lot of money. You do not need a degree when auditioning for roles in movies or plays.
  • Start a small business-Most big business corporations started as small businesses. If you have capital, you can start a small shop to sell whatever items you find suitable. Financial discipline and hard work in the business could earn you a lot of money as the business grows. You can get business ideas from your hobbies or observe problems experienced by people in your local area. If you enjoy cooking, you can start a small restaurant and convert your cooking skills to cash.

Although there is a possibility of making a large amount of money without a degree, a lot of discipline is required. Most sportspersons and entertainers are brand ambassadors for different products. Such brands risk dropping in value if the ambassador displays any inappropriate behavior. Additionally, brand ambassadors only keep sponsorship deals for as long as they are relevant. As a brand ambassador, you will likely lose the deal once you retire or drop in form. You need the help of financial managers and advisors to reinvest the money received during the prime period of your sporting career.

Jobs attract as many salaries and allowances as the responsibilities and risks involved. If your career involves high risk, you will likely be paid more. However, expenses such as insurance policies also tend to be high for such professionals. Careers in the engineering sector attract a lot of money due to the risk of physical harm involved. For instance, a chemical engineer can earn up to $300,000 annually but risks exposure to harmful chemicals.

Finding a job that pays more than $100,000 per year could be hard for most people. High salaries imply that the employer has invested heavily in the staff. Therefore, they expect returns in terms of service delivery and profits generated by the company. When consultants are hired, the policies they set up must yield more than what they have been paid. If you seek to earn a lot of money as an employee, here are some tips for securing the job.

  • Perfect your skills– the main selling point for employees is their skill set. If you have perfected your craft, you will attract employers. Some technical skills, such as computer programming, are rare in the job market. Employers tend to pay a lot of money to prevent their employees from shifting to competitors.
  • Network with other professionalsNetworking is one of the essential skills needed in the professional world. Interacting with different people exposes you to job opportunities and business ideas in your field of interest. You can network at corporate events and fairs organized by professional firms in your industry of interest. Thanks to technology, networking can be done through online platforms, especially social media.

When being paid over $100,000 per year, your employer will require you to be productive throughout the employment period. Updating your skills through short courses and workshops is one of the best ways of perfecting your skills and remaining relevant.

In Summary

Financial gains are not the only reason why people enter into careers. Sometimes, people are fueled by a passion for pursuing a career. However, you need money to compensate for your investments to complete a training program. The amount of money you earn per year depends on the career path you pursue. Technical careers such as medicine and technology usually attract high financial returns. Careers such as finance and information technology cut across all sectors, implying that they not only attract fast employment but are also a sure way of earning a lot of money as a professional. Specializing in jobs such as investment management and financial operations attracts a lot of money. Individuals and companies hire financial advisors to help them make sound financial decisions. This role is most common with sportspersons and those in the entertainment industry.

The amount of money you earn as a professional depends on the nature of the risks involved in your job. Engineering jobs such as chemical engineering attract huge pay, but the risks involved are dire. Employment is not the only way to make more than $100,000 a year. Other options could bring you money, such as taking advantage of your talents. However, there is no guaranteed job security if you don’t have adequate formal employment. To secure high-paying jobs, you should perfect your skills and network with people in different industries. Networking sets you up for employment opportunities, and perfecting your skills makes you irreplaceable. Financial discipline is essential for financial stability even when earning a median salary of more than $100,000 per year.