U.S. News Best MBA Programs 10-yr Average Ranking

U.S. News has been releasing university rankings for over a decade. We here at EDsmart thought that it would be interesting to see a high-level view of their best MBA rankings for the last 10 years (2008 rankings-2017 rankings).

Best MBA Programs US News

Not too surprisingly, Harvard and Stanford have dominated the top two spots for the past 10 years. Haas has dominated the seventh spot consistently over the past 10 years. Columbia University’s MBA program has only bounced between two spots over the years, eight to nine–there’s something to be said about consistency.

For potential students, it may be hard to choose between MBA programs according to online rankings that rank them so differently. U.S. News is a reputable, independent news source that offers university rankings that can be trusted. U.S. News Best MBA Programs rankings use the same criteria as their Best Business School rankings. The methodology can be found here.

Below, you will find the best MBA programs ranked according to the 10-year average ranking for each school. This list can help you determine the best of the best in business schools.

Best MBA Programs by Average 10 Year Rank

Top 50 US News MBA Rankings over 12 Years (2008 – 2019)

This next tool was created by GMATclub.com. With this tool, you can see the progression of U.S. News’ MBA rankings over the past 12 years.

MBA Ranking Analysis Tool

  1. No school name on a box = Multiple schools share that spot/rank
  2. Click on a school to highlight it’s path through the years
  3. Use the filter to isolate or exclude any single school

Below are a few visuals that we’ve created for students, counselors, and schools. Feel free to use these graphs with citation.

Here is the data set:

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