Accredited Nonprofit Online Universities 2023

Nonprofit online colleges are an excellent choice for quality education. Nonprofit means that funds the school receives from tuition go back into the school programs. This money is generally used by the nonprofit management of the university to enhance the course curriculum as well as the student experience.

While for-profit college is run more like a business, where the primary goal is to fatten its bottom line, nonprofit college may also offer better accreditation and a more extensive choice of classes.

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We understand that trying to decide if you should attend a nonprofit online college or a for-profit school may seem like a daunting task but we’re here to make the decision effortless. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top accredited nonprofit institutions to attend for individuals seeking a completely online degree program. Whether you’re wanting to pursue your undergraduate, graduate, or even doctorate higher education degree the non-profit online colleges below have what you need to achieve. From all kinds of online degree programs to community involvement, these nonprofit universities are the best at delivering online students a high-quality education.

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Top 10 Nonprofit Online Colleges | Top 65 Not-for-Profit Online Universities

In our analysis of the best nonprofit online colleges and universities, we looked at several factors and ranked our list of schools accordingly.

  • Affordability (average net price)
  • Student Satisfaction (retention rate)
  • Academic Quality (4-year graduation rate)
  • Salary After Attending (the median earnings of former students who received federal financial aid, at 10 years after entering the school)

Each data point is ranked with equal weight. Schools received a weighted overall ranking score for each individual point mentioned above–100 being the highest score possible.

In the case of tie scoring, the average net price was the determining factor for which school received the higher rank–the lower the net price, the higher the ranking.

All data was gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics website, College ScorecardPayscale, and school websites.

10 Best Nonprofit Online Colleges for 2023

1. Johns Hopkins University

Score: 100

Average Net Price: $23,428
Retention Rate: 97%
Graduation Rate: 93%
Salary After Attending: $83,287

This school offers online courses, in-person courses, and a hybrid of both, allowing you to choose which format best fits your life and schedule. This educational institution offers over 260 different programs including nursing, art, engineering, science, healthcare, and more. You can choose to earn a certificate on up to a Doctoral degree, and you have the opportunity to attend classes either part or full-time. Johns Hopkins also offers several types of financial aid, and you will not be denied admittance or admitted based on your ability to pay for classes. This school is also highly accredited.

2. Florida State University

Score: 99.4

Average Net Price: $9,946
Retention Rate: 94%
Graduation Rate: 80%
Salary After Attending: $53,449

Tallahassee, Florida is the location of Florida State University, which is a public research university research. As one of the nation’s notable research universities, Florida State University not only preserves and expands knowledge but also does it with a philosophy strongly rooted in teaching. FSU provides quality education to approximately 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Florida State University is a large university that provides an extensive curriculum that caters to both undergraduate students and those with aspirations of continuing their education at the graduate level. This includes baccalaureate degrees in 103 programs, master’s degrees in 107 programs, many advanced ones too, plus 63 doctorates. The University is accredited to provide fully professional programs in law (J.D.), medicine (M.D.), and nursing, providing professionals with leading-edge educational opportunities.

3. Purdue University

Score: 98.8

Average Net Price: $13,337
Retention Rate: 92%
Graduation Rate: 75%
Salary After Attending: $65,257

Purdue University is the recipient of the number 3 spot in our review of the best nonprofit online colleges of 2023. This nonprofit university caters to working adults by offering several classes and programs that are 100% online. You will also have plenty of student support while attending courses as it offers one-on-one mentoring. Additionally, this university allows you a 3-week time frame where you can “test drive” the undergraduate program. If you decide the experience is not working out, you can drop the courses and owe nothing more than your application fee. Purdue is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and each online program holds additional accreditations.

4. University of Delaware

Score: 98.4

Average Net Price: $18,967
Retention Rate: 90%
Graduation Rate: 81%
Salary After Attending: $67,298

Landing the number 4 position in our review of the top nonprofit online schools of 2023 is the University of Delaware. This school provides a host of classes and degree programs all available online. Assignments are interactive, where your participation is required. You can also choose to watch class lectures at your leisure, as they are in demand. This university has had continuous accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since the early 1920s. Each program also holds specific accreditations. As an online student, you will receive the experienced support you’ll need to excel in the program you choose.

5. Georgetown University

Score: 97.4

Average Net Price: $32,108
Retention Rate: 95%
Graduation Rate: 94%
Salary After Attending: $96,375

Georgetown University is our number 5 pick for the best nonprofit online program university. This school provides you with the option to earn an online Master’s degree completely online. While your online degree program choices are a bit limited for a Master’s degree, you can also earn other degrees as well as choose courses to enhance your skills and your life. Georgetown is a name that is well-known by many employers and business associates. Each of the online degree programs at Georgetown is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. The Master’s programs have additional accreditations. As a side note, this school does require you to take the GMAT or the GRE.

6. George Washington University

Score: 94.8

Average Net Price: $32,563
Retention Rate: 90%
Graduation Rate: 81%
Salary After Attending: $80,606

George Washington University is a prestigious private institution found in Washington, District of Columbia. It is a huge educational establishment, with a total undergraduate enrollment of 10,141 students. The fields of International Relations, Political Science and Government, and Nursing are consistently ranked among the most popular undergraduate majors. Alumni of George Washington University, of which 85 percent of students graduate, receive an average beginning income of $53,600 after graduation. As a preeminent institution devoted to research, George Washington University (GW) fosters the expansion of human knowledge across academic fields and throughout the entirety of its 10 academic schools, 35+ interdisciplinary research institutes, and extensive library network.

7. Villanova University

Score: 94.0

Average Net Price: $43,577
Retention Rate: 96%
Graduation Rate: 89%
Salary After Attending: $90,613

Villanova University is a Catholic school that holds traditions and centers itself around the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The institute encourages interdisciplinary research, and curious thinking, and a passion to bring about the common good within communities. Villanova University is a Catholic institution with a long rich history. The university’s website lists a number of objectives, one of which is to develop and nurture the whole person by enabling students, faculty, and staff to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, in an atmosphere that promotes personal characteristics and firmly believes that mutual regard and affection should strengthen every facet of university life. They provide a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate majors, and each course is created to maximize learners intellectual development. Graduates go on to be successful in their future profession or successful in furthering their education.

8. Arizona State University

Score: 93.4

Average Net Price: $13,107
Retention Rate: 87%
Graduation Rate: 64%
Salary After Attending: $55,749

The number 8 spot in our review of the best nonprofit online colleges goes to Arizona State University.  This teaching establishment offers over 175 programs that will lead you to a graduate degree such as a Master’s, Doctoral, or bachelor’s. You can also earn an undergraduate degree or choose to earn a certificate. This school offers an impressive six different start dates to choose from each year. ASU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, which is something the United States Department of Education also notes. Having this homologation is a definite plus when you are trying to secure federal financial aid assistance.

9. George Mason University

Score: 93.4

Average Net Price: $19,551
Retention Rate: 86%
Graduation Rate: 74%
Salary After Attending: $66,148

Public research university George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia. In 1949, it began as a division of the University of Virginia; however, in 1972, it separated and became a separate institution. He inspired the naming of the university. More than 38,000 undergraduate and graduate students at GMU represent a diverse student group. If you’ve been looking to study: law, business, engineering, economics, computer science, or the arts, look no further because GMU offers some of the best career preparation programs. The law, economics, and public policy programs of GMU are particularly well-known.

10. New York University

Score: 93.4

Average Net Price: $38,569
Retention Rate: 92%
Graduation Rate: 84%
Salary After Attending: $76,040

New York University is a highly recognized school, and for good reason—its outstanding success rate and undeniable history. Its mission is to be a “top quality institution,” and this has been proven by the university’s years of contributing to research that uplifts communities, the mass amount of scholarly graduates, and over 500,000 alumni representing 183 countries. As well as being dedicated individuals, faculty members are also award-winning educators that go above and beyond to support each and every student. Individuals attend NYU for its rigorous workload and high payout for completing challenging degrees. A few of the majors students choose are cardiac surgery, architecture, and dance. There are so many more majors and degrees for online students to pursue, the dreams created at NYU are limitless.

Honorable Mentions

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton currently provides hundreds of classes that are only available in an online format. You have the choice to enroll in hybrid classes in addition to the traditional ones. Faculty are very approachable and encourage students to meet with them one on one if they need any extra assistance. Both degree-seeking students and those who simply want to broaden their skill set have access to e-learning courses at the University of Dayton. This institution also provides something called “90 Second Lectures,” which consists of questions and the staff members’ responses to those topics.

Norwich University

You have the chance to get master’s or bachelor’s degree from Norwich University, in addition to having the choice to acquire a certificate in some subjects. You also have the opportunity to take continuing education courses. Some of the programs include national security, defense strategies, civil engineering, business administration, and more. Norwich University offers several options for financial aid, one of which allows you to study overseas. This accredited school also holds several important accreditations.

Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University offers several different courses with the ability to earn a certificate, as well as earn a graduate degree. Additionally, Saint Joseph offers a Bachelor of Liberal Studies, which is designed to help you take classes that teach about real-life scenarios and finish your degree. Moreover, this school is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. As an online student, you will have a personal Student Services Coordinator. This person is available to you by telephone and can help you with any issue that may arise while attending online school courses. Saint Joseph’s is also highly accredited.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University wants to help you grow and deepen your faith, no matter what you believe in. If you’re choosing SHU to gain an education, you can earn your doctorate or master’s degree as well as a certificate in an array of different fields. All of Seton Hall University’s programs have been approved by groups that do accreditation. If you are an online student at Seton Hall University, you can choose to get personalized help via email, the phone, or Zoom.

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Top 65 Not-for-Profit Online Colleges and Universities: Full List

For those looking for a more comprehensive and in-depth look at our rankings and data, we present all the schools used in our ranking.

Our list started with over 90 nonprofit universities that offer online programs and was narrowed down to our top 65.

Any schools that were missing data points were removed from our list. Only those schools that reported their data to the government were considered in our rankings.

In case of a tie, the average net price determined an official “winner”.

Johns Hopkins University
Florida State University
Purdue University-Main Campus
University of Delaware
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Villanova University
Arizona State University-Tempe
George Mason University
New York University
University of Dayton
Fordham University
Saint Joseph’s University
University of Scranton
American University
Lewis University
Saint Xavier University
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Baylor University
University of San Francisco
Seton Hall University
University of Denver
Sacred Heart University
Norwich University
Davenport University
Fitchburg State University
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
The University of Texas at Arlington
Widener University
Regis College
Mount Mercy University
La Salle University
Ohio University-Main Campus
Walsh University
Maryville University of Saint Louis
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Northwest Missouri State University
Abilene Christian University
University of Northern Colorado
Nova Southeastern University
Colorado Christian University
University of Saint Francis
Columbia International University
Queens University of Charlotte
Judson University
Benedictine University
Southern Oregon University
Arkansas State University
Utica University
University of Saint Mary
University of Southern Indiana
Lamar University
Winthrop University
Colorado State University-Pueblo
Saint Leo University
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Liberty University
University of the Virgin Islands
Anna Maria College
Our Lady of the Lake University
Regent University
Brenau University
Southern New Hampshire University
Ohio Christian University
New England College

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