Become a Medical Assistant in 6 Weeks

Six-week online medical assistant programs typically cover essential topics such as human anatomy and medical records management. Additionally, most stand-out programs usually require you to both complete clinical requirements and complete a long stint of interning in a professional medical environment.

Some online programs advertise a six-week medical assistant degree. Some of those schools prioritize quick profits over quality education and career training, and this can lead to problems if the program is not accredited. Talk to an admissions officer or counselor if you have questions, and check for the program’s accreditation before enrolling.

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Before you commit to a program that offers a medical assistant degree online in 6 weeks, consider your academic and professional needs. If you want to start a medical assistant job quickly, a shorter, less-intensive program may be the best option. If you’re starting your medical career, a more comprehensive program with transferrable college credits may be a better path.

You have several choices when searching for the right medical assisting certificate course. We have incorporated several educational institutions to aid you in your quest.

Phlebotomy Career Training - (Certified Medical Assistant Program Online)

Time Frame: 6 weeks, self-paced. This online CMA program can be longer or shorter per your pace.

Course Type: Online

Course Cost: $700 (registration fee)

Certification Awarded: Certificate – Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Accreditation: NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing)

At Phlebotomy Career Training, you can take the Medical Assistant course at your own pace. Although this course lacks specific deadlines or time constraints, students are encouraged to complete it within a 6-month period through incentives. Students who complete their classes and internship before 6 months will get their national accredited exam paid for by the school. The Medical Assistant Course consists of 996 hours of class instruction and 204 hours of internship work, practicing skills like taking vital signs, assisting in minor surgical procedures, and performing drug/pregnancy tests.

Healthcare students will learn various skills necessary to work in the field, including being knowledgeable of workplace management and administrative tasks, with a focus on HIPPA and OSHA regulations. They will also be taught how to use professional conduct at all times. Upon successful course completion, all students will need to pass the certification exam to be certified as Medical assistants. Phlebotomy Career Training offers national accrediting exams for those looking for licensure opportunities across the U.S. and Canada.

Accelerated Medical Assistant Programs Online & On-Campus

Most of the quick medical assistant programs are online medical assistant certifications.

CareerStep Online Education & Training Solutions

Time Frame: 4 months

Course Type: Online

Course Cost: $3,999

Certification Awarded: Certificate – medical assistant certification online.

Accreditation: None. However, several programs are recognized and certified by industry-specific organizations.

CareerStep offers a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way to earn your medical assistant certification. CareerStep Online Education & Training Solutions provides online medical assistant training that allows you to earn a certificate in just 4 months in the comfort of your home or office.

In the fast-track medical assisting course, you will learn patient advocacy, phlebotomy, clinical care, and more. The course is taught online using exercises, images, games, and interactive tools to ensure your understanding of the material. CareerStep Online offers other health-related courses, such as medical coding and EMS education.

University of Utah

Time Frame: 4 months (8 hours a day, 5 days a week)

Course Type: Online

Course Cost: $3,540 Full Certificate Tuition

Certification Awarded: Certificate – medical assistant certification online.

Accreditation: Contact the school to find out

The Medical Assistant Curriculum presents a blended learning approach, providing students with the chance to excel in the healthcare sector. This program is presented online with an opportunity for hands on experience. Students will acquire an extensive understanding of the healthcare sector, it's functioning, and the ability to collaborate with a diverse range of clients. Additionally, students will be guided on honing the essential skills required to thrive in a clinical environment. The program is self-paced and students have up to a year to complete but most earn finish in 4 months.

After finishing all required in-person and online skills labs and submitting all needed documents, students will be given a temporary 180-hour externship within the University of Utah Health—this is unpaid. Upon completion, you'll be ready to take your exams and become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).

U.S. Career Institute

Time Frame: 4 months

Course Type: Online

Course Cost: $1239, depending on your course and how you pay.

Certification Awarded: Certificate – medical assistant certification online.

Accreditation: DEAC, NCCT, NHA, AMT, CACCS

U.S. Career Institutes' Medical Assistant course is designed to provide students with theoretical instruction and practical skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in a medical office. The course encompasses every facet of the medical domain, spanning from fundamental anatomy and physiology to the latest strategies in practice management for students to learn.

In this online medical assisting program, you will learn first aid, medical office procedures, medical insurance info, pharmacology, and more. U.S. Career Institutes Medical Assistant program is designed to prepare graduates for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam and the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam. The average national pass rate for the CCMA exam is 78% whereas U.S. Career Institutes' average pass rate is 92%.

Care One Health Training Institute

Time Frame: 7 or 9 Months

Course Type: Online

Course Cost: $3552.50

Certification Awarded: Certificate – medical assistant certification online.

Accreditation: None

Care One Health Training Institute is an online medical assistant program that provides training and certification to students. Tailored for individuals seeking an alternate path to achieving their career objectives without compromising time with family or home responsibilities this program offers a solution to those who have encountered difficulties with conventional college programs like schedule clashes or job commitments. It enables them to still attain higher education and forge a prosperous career in the healthcare sector.

In this online program, you will learn about special diets, how to administer medications, draw blood, and basic laboratory procedures. You will also learn how to assist physicians with medical exams and minor surgery. This school also offers other health related courses such as CPR, Phlebotomy, EKG Tech, and more. However these other courses are not offered online, they are in-person courses.

Keiser University

Time Frame: 24 months

Course Type: Blended

Course Cost: $42,336 (yearly tuition excluding fees)

Certification Awarded: Associate of Science Degree

Accreditation: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

Keiser University’s Associate of Science degree in Medical Assisting Science is a fast-paced, innovative program that prepares students for careers in the medical field. Students will become proficient in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical skills, and professional standards. This hands-on degree program offers students opportunities to gain valuable experience through internships and clinical rotations.

In Medical Assisting Science, you’ll be prepared to perform medical tasks, which include taking patient histories, measuring vital signs, assisting physicians with examinations, and injecting them according to their prescriptions. Upon completion of your coursework, you will be obliged to undertake two externships as well. However, you must receive at least a “C” in your coursework before you will be able to begin your externships.

Purdue University: 18-Month Medical Assistant Certification Online

Time Frame: 18 months

Course Type: Blended

Course Cost: $371 per credit; 58 credits or roughly $21,158

Certification Awarded: Certificate

Accreditation: HLC

Purdue Universitys Medical Assistant Program is a comprehensive 18 month course, designed to furnish budding medical assistants with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in the healthcare industry. This 18 month course covers topics such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, drug information, coding and billing procedures, and more.

Offering step-by-step guidance for success in the healthcare sector the Medical Assistant Program presents an ideal opportunity for individuals aspiring to join the medical field. As you complete your externship you will acquire extensive hands on experience and pragmatic understanding, distinguishing you from other candidates in the field.

Online Medical Assitant Programs – FAQ

4-Week Medical Assistant Program?

To date, we have been unable to find any legitimate 4-week medical assistant programs. The quickest we have found is a six-week program provided by Phlebotomy Career Training, as mentioned in the article above–but make sure to read the description for the Phlebotomy Career Training online medical assistant program before enrolling.

Can you work as a medical assistant without being certified?

Yes, you can work as a medical assistant without being certified. Nevertheless, certification is highly recommended to help set you apart from the ever-increasing competition. You may also find that some employers will only hire candidates that have obtained certification from an accredited medical assistant program as well as proof of certification. You can earn a medical assistant associate degree.

Do medical assistants get paid well?

Drawing from the 2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics figures medical assistants typically earn an annual salary of $37190 or an hourly pay of $17.88. The lowest 10 percent of earners make below $29070 while the highest 10 percent achieve more than $48170 per year.

Do medical assistants make more money than CNAs?

On average medical assistants make nearly $7000 more yearly than certified nursing assistants (CNA). In 2021, CNAs made $30290 per year ($14.56 per hour), while medical assistants made an average of $37190 per year ($17.88 per hour).

Medical Assistant Guide

As a medical assistant, you will work directly with doctors and patients. Medical assistant roles can be categorized into two types: administrative and clinical. Based on the needs of the healthcare facility in which you work your duties might encompass one or a blend of both roles. Below is a brief listing of job summaries of both positions.

  • Administrative Medical Assistant:
    • Greeting patients
    • Answering phones
    • Accounting and bookkeeping duties, including billing
    • Coding insurance forms
    • Corresponding with insurance companies
    • Updating patient records
    • Scheduling procedures and surgeries
    • Obtaining pre-authorization for procedures
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant:
    • Taking patient history
    • Recording vital sign information
    • Drawing blood
    • Performing simple tests such as EKGs
    • Running basic laboratory tests
    • Assisting doctors or nurses during exams
    • Removing sutures
    • Dressing wounds
    • Advising patients on how to take medications

Choosing the Right Medical Assistant Program Online

Before jumping into the first medical assistant certification online that you find, take time to do some research. Evaluate your personal situation regarding time and money, as well as your aspirations. Devoting some time to address a few inquiries guarantees that you're headed in the proper direction toward achieving your academic objectives.

Previous Education

If you have previous education it could be possible for you to shift your current credits thereby enabling you to complete your graduation more swiftly. Suppose, you have professional experience in a medical setting. In that case these may also help you to grasp concepts more quickly and may increase your chances of completing some courses in a shorter amount of time.

Online Medical Assistant Programs vs. In-Class Programs

  • Are you the type of person who does well working on your own?
  • Do you like to have an instructor to speak with directly?
  • Do you enjoy working with other students?
  • Do you need to interact with others to help you succeed?
  • How much time can you devote to studying each day?
  • Can you study at specific times, or do you need more flexibility?

Answering these questions will help you to decide if an online medical assistant program or an in-person course is best for you. Many schools also offer a hybrid of these two choices.

How long does it take to become a medical assistant?

The quickest medical assistant program is 6 weeks long, but most medical assistant training is three months or longer.

Medical assistant courses vary from 5 days to two years, depending on the certificate or diploma you are earning. Courses that take roughly two years to complete allow you to earn an associate degree. Programs that only take a few months, or less, will provide you with a certificate. Deciding which you prefer will help you choose the right medical assisting course.

Are you a person with the ability and resources to take a longer course? Or do you need to find a paying job quickly? Keep in mind that generally, people with more education receive more pay. However, don’t let that dissuade you from taking a shorter course to become a certified medical assistant; several options are available to get you started.

Outlook for a Career in Medical Assistance

The job market for Medical Assistants holds a very positive outlook. As of 2021 there are 743,500 medical assistant jobs in the US. While the projected national average of job growth is 16% from 2021 to 2031.

An Associate’s Degree or certification is required for a beginner position as a Medical Assistant. Medical assistant programs such as these will generally be faster and cheaper than a Bachelor’s Degree. They can grant greater access to jobs in the medical field to those with more limited resources. In this way, it can even be a stepping stone to funding higher-level medical degrees if you choose to get them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16% increase in employment opportunities for medical assistants between 2021 and 2031 a rate that significantly outpaces the 4% national average growth for all jobs.

With experience and graduate school, medical assistants can attain greater skills and higher positions. Obtaining certification in specialized fields like orthopedics, pediatrics, or neurology can further expand your career prospects. In this article, we assess what salaries can be expected for various locations and specializations.

Medical Assistant Salaries

As of 2021 the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median salary of medical assistants was $37190 per year or $17.88 per hour. Actual income for medical assistants can vary greatly based on education, location, experience, and specialty.

Medical Assistant Clinical Specialties

Medical assistants in clinics can specialize in one specific area of the healthcare industry. Most of these specializations require certification. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of four of these specialties.


Medical assistants specializing in endocrinology help endocrinologists treat endocrine disorders, including hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and Cushing’s syndrome. The duties of an endocrinologist’s assistant include running tests, treating injuries or disorders, and preparing patients for procedures.
Medical assistants aiding endocrinologists need in-depth technical knowledge of human hormones and related disorders, including how they affect the various parts of the body. In helping patients, medical assistants in endocrinology need skills such as bedside manner, a strong knowledge base on hormone biology, and effective treatment of chemical disorders.


In neurology, medical assistants help neurologists treat patients suffering from neurological problems such as cognitive decline, neuropathy, and paralysis. Due to the nature of neurological conditions the treatments are rendered by neurologist's and their assistants.

Medical assistants help neurologists conduct tests and brain scans and prepare patients for procedures and inform patients and their families about their relative diseases and potential treatments. This specialty requires skills such as, an informed knowledge of the human nervous system, compassion, and patience.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Medical assistants specializing in women’s care including obstetrics and gynecology, help Obstetricians and Gynecologists to prevent, diagnose, and treat women and in-utero children. This specialty entails prenatal, natal, and postnatal care. These assistants often help OB/GYNs with scanning, testing, and treating and birth.

Specialists in the obstetrics/gynecology field also need skills such as compassionate speech, bedside manner, and technical knowledge of anatomy and biological processes of women and fetal children, as well as health risks to both. These experts use their skills and knowledge to heal, teach, and comfort their patients.


Oncologists require the help of medical assistants for their work in preventing, diagnosing, and treating various kinds of cancers and other tumors in often lifesaving procedures. Most medical assistant roles in this specialization include performing scans or tests, administering treatments, and looking after other patient needs.

Medical assistants in oncology must have advanced knowledge of treatments, symptoms, and outlooks of various forms of cancer. These assistants must also be compassionate and possess effective bedside manner skills due to the aggressive nature of cancer. Medical assistants in oncology provide life-altering care through effective prevention and treatment and compassionate, supportive communication.

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