2-Year RN Programs Online

The landscape of nursing education is evolving, offering more flexible and accessible pathways to becoming a registered nurse (RN). Particularly notable are the 2-year RN programs online and online Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Online and hybrid RN programs offer flexibility for working professionals.
  • Programs are tailored for LPNs/PNs advancing to RN roles.
  • Costs vary, with options like John A Logan College for affordability.
  • All programs include essential clinical training for practical skills.

This article provides an overview of these programs, highlighting their key features, costs, and formats, making it easier for aspiring nurses to make informed decisions.

Understanding 2-Year RN Programs Online

These programs are designed for those aiming to complete their Registered Nurse qualifications in a shorter timeframe.

Ideal for working professionals, caregivers, or individuals seeking a career change, these programs blend theoretical coursework with essential clinical training.

Key Features of Online ADN Programs

Online ADN programs offer comprehensive nursing education with a focus on foundational nursing skills, healthcare knowledge, and hands-on clinical experiences.

These programs are typically tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners, including those with prior healthcare experience and those new to the field.

Popular Online RN to BSN Programs

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2-Year RN Programs | Accelerated Online ADN Programs

  1. Weber State University:
    • Location: Ogden, UT
    • Duration: 4 years
    • Cost: In-State $5,471; Out-of-State $16,164
    • Format: Hybrid
    • Highlights: Designed for working LPNs, offers both AAS and AS degrees, requiring 68-80 credits.
  2. Western Kentucky University:
    • Location: Bowling Green, KY
    • Duration: 4 years
    • Cost per Credit: In-State $551; Out-of-State $707
    • Format: Hybrid
    • Highlights: LPN-to-ASN bridge program, combines online lectures with on-campus clinical hours.
  3. Missouri State University-West Plains:
    • Location: West Plains, MO
    • Duration: 2 years
    • Cost per Credit: In-State $179-$201; Out-of-State $298-$402
    • Format: Online with limited campus visits
    • Highlights: Limited seats in online cohorts, self-scheduled clinicals.
  4. John A Logan College:
    • Location: Carterville, IL
    • Duration: 2 years
    • Cost per Credit: In-State $160-$188; Out-of-State $242
    • Format: Hybrid
    • Highlights: Focuses on Illinois LPNs, combines online courses with weekly campus labs.
  5. Minnesota West Community and Technical College:
    • Location: Granite Falls, MN
    • Duration: 2 years
    • Cost per Credit: $229
    • Format: Hybrid
    • Highlights: Prepares LPNs for RN licensure, includes clinicals in southwest Minnesota.

Choosing the Right Accelerated Online Program

When selecting an accelerated online RN or ADN program, consider the following factors:

  • Accreditation: Ensure the program is accredited by relevant nursing education bodies.
  • Cost: Factor in tuition, additional fees, and available financial aid.
  • Format: Decide whether a fully online or hybrid format suits your learning style and schedule.
  • Clinical Requirements: Understand the clinical placement logistics, especially for online or hybrid formats.
  • Admission Requirements: Check prerequisites and entry criteria, including GPA and test scores.
  • Program Length: Consider how the program's duration fits with your personal and career goals.

Career Outcomes and Advancements

Graduates from these programs are prepared to take the NCLEX-RN exam, paving the way for licensure as registered nurses.

These programs also often provide a stepping stone to further nursing education, such as RN-to-BSN programs, opening doors to advanced practice roles and specialized nursing fields.

2-Year RN Programs Online and Online ADN Programs offer flexible, comprehensive pathways to a nursing career. They cater to a diverse range of students, from those just starting in healthcare to seasoned professionals seeking advancement.

By carefully evaluating each program based on key factors such as cost, format, and accreditation, you can embark on a journey that is not only professionally rewarding but also aligned with your personal and professional aspirations.


Each program has its unique strengths and considerations.

Weber State University and Western Kentucky University offer comprehensive, 4-year programs, which might be more in-depth but also require a longer commitment. They are ideal for LPNs looking to advance their careers with a strong emphasis on hybrid learning, blending online and on-campus experiences.

Missouri State University-West Plains, John A Logan College, and Minnesota West Community and Technical College, on the other hand, provide quicker, 2-year pathways, which are excellent for those seeking to enter the nursing profession more rapidly. These programs offer flexibility with a significant online component but still maintain the essential hands-on clinical experiences.

Cost-wise, John A Logan College stands out as particularly affordable for in-district students, making it an attractive option for local residents.

In contrast, Western Kentucky University presents a higher cost, especially for out-of-state students, which might be a barrier for some.

Missouri State University-West Plains offers a balance with its variable cost structure, accommodating a wider range of students.

In terms of target audience, these programs mainly cater to current LPNs or those with some level of nursing experience, except for Weber State University, which provides options for both AAS and AS degrees, offering a bit more flexibility.

Each program's format, cost, duration, and target audience provide different advantages and limitations. Prospective students must align their personal, professional, and financial circumstances with these factors to choose the most suitable program.

Those seeking a more traditional, comprehensive nursing education might lean towards the 4-year programs, while individuals looking for a faster track to RN licensure may prefer the 2-year options.

The hybrid nature of these programs underscores the importance of hands-on clinical experience in nursing education, even in an online learning context.

When selecting a program, consider how each of these elements aligns with your career aspirations and learning preferences to ensure a fulfilling and successful educational journey into nursing.

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