Best Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops 2024

Ditch the tech stress! Explore online colleges that offer free laptops and unlock your educational journey.

Disclosure: This webpage may mention the possibility of free laptop programs offered by various educational institutions. However, please note that the inclusion of any school on this page does not guarantee or imply a free laptop offer. The availability and terms of free laptop programs are subject to change and may vary between institutions. For the most accurate information, please consult with schools directly.

Online schools offer free laptops and other technology perks to help students afford the essential technology for online learning.

Having a reliable laptop is practically mandatory for online college success, but its cost can be a major barrier.

Our guide addresses that concern by not only highlighting online colleges offering free laptops in 2024, but also providing valuable tips on choosing the right one.

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Online Schools that Provide Laptops Overview

  • Many online colleges offer free laptops to their students, eliminating a significant financial barrier for online education. These programs can save students between $300 and $2,000.
  • The eligibility criteria and laptop programs vary between institutions. Some schools offer free laptops to all students, while others prioritize students with financial need, academic excellence, or full-time enrollment status.
  • Be sure to research and compare laptop programs before choosing an online college. Consider factors like the type of laptop, ownership after graduation, and any associated fees or requirements.
  • No free laptop at your school? Used options, discounts, and loaner programs can help.

Featured Online Colleges

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Here's why a laptop is crucial

  • Accessibility: Ditch library schedules and study anywhere with Wi-Fi.
  • Convenience: Study on the go, in coffee shops, or with friends.
  • Efficiency: Complete coursework, watch lectures, and connect with professors seamlessly.

The cost hurdle? Many online colleges understand the struggle.

  • Free laptops: Some schools fully cover the cost, easing your financial burden.
  • Discounts and flexible plans: Others offer subsidized laptops or payment options to make them more affordable.
  • Technology assistance: Some even provide loaner programs or other tech support.

Our guide empowers you

  • Discover colleges with free laptops in 2024.
  • Learn how to choose the best laptop for your needs and budget.
  • Gain insights into technology assistance programs available.

Stop letting the lack of a laptop hinder your online education journey. Let's find your perfect solution!

Bonus: Did you know...?

  • 94% of college students consider laptops essential for success.
  • 2 million students lack access to laptops, creating a significant barrier.

Don't be part of that statistic. Take control and achieve your online education goals!

Quickview: Online Colleges That Offer Laptops to Students in 2024

Below is a list of 14 online universities that provide free laptop programs, in order of the lowest to the highest net price.

RankSchool NameAverage Net Price
1California State University--Bakersfield, East Bay, Fullerton$7,454
2University of Minnesota--Crookston$11,593
3University of California--Irvine$12,209
4Northwest Missouri State University$12,925
5San Diego State University$13,845
6Indiana State University$14,270
7Bethel University--Tennessee$15,717
8Saint Leo University$18,455
9Dakota State University$18,619
10American National University$21,500

Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

1. California State University, Bakersfield, East Bay, Fullerton

#1 in Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in 2024

  • Free loaner laptops through STEP Program for students with demonstrated financial need (Bakersfield)
  • Free loaner laptops can be checked out every semester (all students) (East Bay, Fullerton)
AccreditationWASC Senior College and University Commission
Tuition (in-state)$7,637
Tuition (out-of-state)$19,571
Net Price$6,821
Acceptance Rate85%
Graduation Rate58%
Median Earnings$55,530
Retention Rate79%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation89%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate65%

Most Popular Majors at California State University, Bakersfield

  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 287 graduates
  • Psychology: 234 graduates
  • Criminal Justice and Safety Studies: 159 graduates
  • Biology: 145 graduates
  • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching: 117 graduates
  • Early Childhood Education: 114 graduates
  • Sociology: 110 graduates
  • Nursing: 102 graduates
  • Communications: 98 graduates
CSU - Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

CSU Bakersfield STEP Program Offers Free Technology to Students

California State University, Bakersfield offers free loaner laptops through their STEP Program, which is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

This program is specifically for students with demonstrated financial need, and it provides them with laptops, tablets, and other equipment to help them succeed in their studies.

2. University of Minnesota-Crookston

#2 in Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in 2024

  • New and returning students are issued free laptop computers at the beginning of each semester.
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Tuition (in-state)$13,010
Tuition (out-of-state)N/A
Net Price$11,593
Acceptance Rate72%
Graduation Rate55%
Median Earnings$47,869
Retention Rate68%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation90%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate79%

Most Popular Majors

  • Accounting: 55 graduates
  • Business: 55 graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 34 graduates
  • Healthcare Management: 33 graduates
  • Finance: 28 graduates
  • Natural Resources Conservation and Management: 26 graduates
  • Operations Management: 24 graduates
  • Communications: 23 graduates
  • Animal Sciences and Husbandry: 20 graduates
  • Computer Software Engineering: 17 graduates
UMC - Online College That Offers Laptops

University of Minnesota Crookston Offers Free Laptops to On-Campus Learners

University of Minnesota Crookston provides free laptops to all on-campus learners, equipped with the latest software and Microsoft Office 365. This program has significantly improved academic performance and engagement among participants.

Since 1993, UMC has distributed 14-inch HP Elitebooks, convertible from laptops to tablets, to new and returning students at the start of each semester.

These university-owned laptops must be returned upon withdrawal, or students face fees and a bill for the market value.

3. University of California, Irvine

#3 in Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in 2024

  • A one-time budget increase of $2,000 can be requested for a new laptop for undergraduate students receiving financial aid.
AccreditationWASC Senior College and University Commission
Tuition (in-state)$13,939
Tuition (out-of-state)$44,011
Net Price$12,209
Acceptance Rate30%
Graduation Rate87%
Median Earnings$71,961
Retention Rate94%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation90%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate77%

Most Popular Majors

  • Biology: 832 Graduates
  • Computer Science: 805 Graduates
  • Managerial Economics: 696 Graduates
  • Social Psychology: 581 Graduates
  • Public Health: 501 Graduates
  • Economics: 441 Graduates
  • Criminology: 429 Graduates
  • Education: 367 Graduates
  • Political Science and Government: 307 Graduates
  • Business: 306 Graduates
UC Irivine - Online College That Provides Laptops

UC Irvine Offers Free Laptops to All Students

University of California, Irvine (UCI) offers financial aid of up to $2,000 to eligible students to purchase a new laptop for their studies, ensuring they have access to the necessary digital tools.

This allowance covers hardware, software, monitors, printers, and extended warranty expenses. Funding is limited to student and/or parent loans, subject to eligibility and borrowing limits.

UCI also provides discounted laptops for students.

These requirements exclude Chromebooks and tablets and include:

  • A Windows 10 or recent Mac OS X operating system
  • A Core i5 processor or higher
  • At least 8 GB of RAM
  • A 256 GB solid-state drive or larger
  • A built-in webcam
  • On-board video for graphics
  • Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection

Warranty and accidental damage protection are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

UCI's laptop program is designed to help learners reach their academic goals and stay connected throughout their academic journey. By providing financial aid and guidance on laptop standards, UCI aims to ensure all students have the tools they need to succeed.

Engineering Students

Engineering students have specific laptop requirements, which can be found on the Engineering website. Additionally, Mac laptops are not suitable for engineering students, so please make sure to choose a device that meets the standards for your specific major.

4. Northwest Missouri State University

#4 in Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops in 2024

  • Free laptop that must be returned upon graduation for all students
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Tuition (in-state)$9,502
Tuition (out-of-state)$15,569
Net Price$12,925
Acceptance Rate80%
Graduation Rate51%
Median Earnings$43,505
Retention Rate76%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation95%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate65%

Most Popular Majors

  • Elementary Education: 148 graduates
  • Business: 113 graduates
  • Marketing: 70 graduates
  • Psychology: 66 graduates
  • Agricultural Business: 64 graduates
  • Communications: 63 graduates
  • Biology: 48 graduates
  • Social Psychology: 46 graduates
  • Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies: 43 graduates
  • Information Science: 39 graduates
NMSU - Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Northwest University Free Laptop Program

Northwest Missouri State University provides free laptops to all undergraduate and graduate students, excluding online professional program students.

Laptop models may vary depending on availability and enrollment status.

The university will repair any hardware or software failures due to normal wear and tear for free, but they retain ownership of the laptop and its software and can format or reload the hard drive without the user's permission.

Students are encouraged to back up their personal files regularly.Upon graduation or withdrawal, students must return their laptops to the Northwest Technology Service Center (NTSC) within a specified timeframe.

Minor damage, such as a broken screen or a lost AC adapter, is usually not charged for. However, students are responsible for major damage, loss, or theft, up to $1,500.

5. San Diego State University

#5 in Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops in 2024

  • Free loaner laptops can be checked out from the library
AccreditationWASC Senior College and University Commission
Tuition (in-state)$8,174
Tuition (out-of-state)$20,054
Net Price$13,845
Acceptance Rate37%
Graduation Rate79%
Median Earnings$59,027
Retention Rate89%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation92%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate74%

Most Popular Majors

  • Business: 1,682 graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 524 graduates
  • Psychology: 524 graduates
  • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching: 386 graduates
  • Criminal Justice and Safety Studies: 317 graduates
  • Mechanical Engineering: 306 graduates
  • Biology: 284 graduates
  • Economics: 236 graduates
  • Nursing: 224 graduates
  • Communications: 221 graduates
SDSU - Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

San Diego State University Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

ITS provides a variety of computer and audio/visual equipment for checkout to SDSU faculty and staff. This equipment includes laptops, projectors, cameras, and more. ITS staff can also provide training on proper usage, tips, and techniques to get the most out of your equipment reservation.

How to Checkout Equipment

To checkout equipment, you can either reserve it in person or by phone. Equipment can be borrowed for 7-10 working days. There is no fee for checkout if the equipment is to support an academic course.

Equipment Available

  • Laptops: Mac and Windows laptops are available for checkout.
  • Projectors: Portable and stationary projectors are available for checkout.
  • Cameras: Digital still and video cameras are available for checkout.
  • Other equipment: Audio/visual equipment, such as microphones and speakers, is also available for checkout.

6. Indiana State University

#6 in Online Schools That Provide Laptops

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go via Sycamore Technology Award for freshmen who are admitted and are Pell-eligible as determined by the FAFSA
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Tuition (in-state)$9,732
Tuition (out-of-state)$21,160
Net Price$14,270
Acceptance Rate92%
Graduation Rate44%
Median Earnings$42,877
Retention Rate67%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation93%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate62%

Most Popular Majors

  • Nursing: 201 graduates
  • Criminology: 141 graduates
  • Psychology: 119 graduates
  • Elementary Education: 104 graduates
  • Business: 88 graduates
  • Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies: 73 graduates
  • Communications: 71 graduates
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: 66 graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 64 graduates
  • Community Health Services and Counseling: 62 graduates
Indiana State University - Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Indiana State University Laptop Program

Indiana State University (ISU) offers a free laptop program to incoming freshmen who are admitted and are Pell-eligible. The free laptop is a Microsoft Surface Laptop Go with Touch screen, Intel Core i5 processor, 8 gig of RAM, 256GB Solid State Drive, 3 Year Warranty and 3 Year (max 2 incidents) Accidental Damage Protection.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Be admitted to ISU
  • Be Pell-eligible
  • Enroll full-time
  • Be a resident of Indiana or another state
  • Not be an online-only or returning ISU student

Students do not need to apply for the free laptop program. They will be automatically considered if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Rules and Regulations

The free laptop program is subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment to keep the laptop.
  • Students must return the laptop in good condition when they graduate or withdraw from ISU.
  • Students are responsible for any damage to the laptop.

Combining Scholarships

Students who qualify for the Sycamore Technology Award may also qualify for other scholarships. The amount of financial aid available to a student is restricted, however.

7. Bethel University-Tennessee

#7 in Online Schools That Offer Laptops

  • Laptop or Google Chromebook
AccreditationSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Tuition (in-state)$17,482
Tuition (out-of-state)$17,482
Net Price$15,717
Acceptance Rate76%
Graduation Rate44%
Median Earnings$40,767
Retention Rate62%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation90%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate62%

Most Popular Majors

  • Business: 282 graduates
  • Criminal Justice and Safety Studies: 168 graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 23 graduates
  • Nursing: 23 graduates
  • Homeland Security and Disaster Management: 18 graduates
  • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching: 16 graduates
  • Biology: 13 graduates
  • Psychology: 11 graduates
  • Accounting: 9 graduates
  • Human Services: 7 graduates
Bethel University - Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Bethel University's Laptop Program For First-Year Students

Bethel University provides free Chromebooks to all incoming first-year students residing on campus. These laptops are included in standard tuition fees, eliminating any additional financial burden for students.

Students have a flexible window up to the end of their first semester to claim their laptops. Claiming the device within this timeframe is crucial, as failure to do so forfeits the offer. This arrangement ensures ample time for students to settle in and obtain their laptops conveniently during their first semester.

The provided Chromebooks run on Google's Chrome OS, a streamlined and user-friendly system ideal for teaching professionals. Chromebooks seamlessly integrate with Google's productivity suite, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This integration empowers both instructors and students to effortlessly create, share, and collaborate on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

8. Saint Leo University

#8 in Online Schools That Offer Laptops

  • Laptop rental, $250 deposit
AccreditationSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Tuition (in-state)$27,050
Tuition (out-of-state)$27,050
Net Price$18,455
Acceptance Rate73%
Graduation Rate44%
Median Earnings$46,070
Retention Rate66%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation88%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate63%
Saint Leo University - Offers Laptops

Saint Leo University Laptop Program For All Students

Saint Leo University offers a Laptop Rental Program to eligible students, including transfer students, part-time students, and commuters, to ensure a wide range of learners can benefit from the initiative.

Eligibility criteria for the DoIT Laptop Rental Program:

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate program at Saint Leo University's main campus
  • Registered for at least a part-time course load

To secure a rental laptop, a deposit of $250 is required. This program operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so students should apply promptly.

By offering this Laptop Rental Program, Saint Leo University supports its students in their online education journey, providing them with essential technological resources for their studies.

9. Dakota State University

#9 Online College That Offers Laptops

  • Fujitsu laptops or Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2-in-1 laptops specifically configured for DSU's programs
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Tuition (in-state):$9,633
Tuition (out-of-state):$12,735
Net Price:$18,619
Acceptance Rate:79%
Graduation Rate:42%
Median Earnings:$45,973
Retention Rate:72%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation:95%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate:% N/A (2023)

Most Popular Programs

  • Information Science: 116 Graduates
  • Computer and Information Systems Security: 85 Graduates
  • Network, Database, and System Administration: 52 Graduates
  • Computer Graphics: 25 Graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 22 Graduates
  • Business: 19 Graduates
  • Elementary Education: 18 Graduates
  • Special Education and Teaching: 16 Graduates
  • Mathematics: 15 Graduates
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science: 14 Graduates
Dakota State University offers free laptops to students

DSU's Laptop Program: Empowering Students with Technology for Success

Dakota State University (DSU) provides new laptops to all full-time freshmen through the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (WMCI), integrating technology into the academic experience since 2004.

Students receive new Fujitsu laptops or Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2-in-1 laptops, specifically configured for DSU's programs and pre-installed with licensed software and wireless network access. Professors actively integrate laptop use into courses for digital note-taking, annotating presentations, recording lectures, and collaborating through the campus network, promoting an interactive, paperless learning environment.

While full-time freshmen get new laptops, other students receive refurbished models. Students must replace laptops if lost, stolen, or damaged through negligence. Homeowners' insurance may provide coverage.

10. American National University

#10 in Online Schools That Offer Free Laptops

  • Free laptops and software for all domestic students
AccreditationDistance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Tuition (in-state)$10,856
Tuition (out-of-state)$10,856
Net Price$21,500
Acceptance Rate100%
Graduation Rate32%
Median Earnings$24,951
Retention RateN/A
Employed 2 Years After Graduation78%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate28%

Most Popular Programs

  • Health Professions and Related Programs
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Related Support Services
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services.
American National University - online school that provides laptops

American National University Laptop Program For All Students

American National University, a reputable online college, is a college that provides laptop options for all new students from the United States with complimentary laptops and academic software to support their educational journey. These laptops are shipped to the students approximately one week prior to the commencement of the semester ensuring they have the necessary resources before online courses with their free laptops begin.

ANU's academic offerings focus primarily on three key areas up to the master's level: business, medicine, and technology. This targeted approach allows students to develop specialized skills and knowledge in their chosen fields. To stay relevant and cater to the evolving needs of students ANU is continuously working on expanding its program offerings by developing new courses and degree options.

12. Full Sail University

#12 in Online Colleges With Free Laptops

  • Apple MacBook Pro or MSI gaming laptop (depends on major) and degree-specific software
AccreditationAccrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
Tuition (in-state):$16,912
Tuition (out-of-state):$16,912
Net Price:$27,454
Acceptance Rate:100%
Graduation Rate:33%
Median Earnings:$44,344
Retention Rate:67%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation:87%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate:45%

Most Popular Majors

  • Human-Computer Interaction: 617 graduates
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting Technician: 616 graduates
  • Communications: 529 graduates
  • Graphic Design: 399 graduates
  • Design and Visual Communications: 351 graduates
  • Communications Technicians: 320 graduates
  • Film and Video Studies: 308 graduates
  • Music Technology: 293 graduates
  • Multimedia: 282 graduates
  • Rhetoric and Composition: 253 graduates
Full Sail University - online college that provides laptops

Full Sail University Laptop Program For All Students

Under their "Project Launchbox" initiative, Full Sail University has collaborated with Apple to give a free Macbook Pro for college students as well as the essential software applications for the student to be successful in their chosen field of study. When it comes to establishing and constructing their portfolios, Project LaunchBox is intended to provide students with everything they require to do so successfully. LaunchBoxes are unique to each degree program. This ensures that students obtain hardware and software that is up to date with the constantly shifting requirements of the business.

Digital arts degrees like as Game Development, Software Development, and Simulation & Visualization are examples of the types of programs that receive an MSI laptop rather than a MacBook Pro for its students. The Launchbox is priced at $3,000, but students who keep their grade point average at or above 1.0 are eligible for a scholarship worth the same amount.

Click here to request more information about the Launchbox program.

13. Moravian University

#13 in Colleges With Free Laptops

  • Free MacBook Pro laptops and iPads for first-year college students
AccreditationMiddle States Commission on Higher Education
Tuition (in-state):$18,504
Tuition (out-of-state):$18,504
Net Price:$27,801
Acceptance Rate:80%
Graduation Rate:66%
Median Earnings:$61,264
Retention Rate:83%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation:93%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate:77%

Most Popular Majors

  • Nursing: 118 graduates
  • Business: 59 graduates
  • Health Service Preparatory Studies: 44 graduates
  • Psychology: 41 graduates
  • Sociology: 26 graduates
  • Economics: 23 graduates
  • Accounting: 22 graduates
  • Arts: 20 graduates
  • Biology: 20 graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities: 20 graduates
Moravian University - online college that provides laptops

Moravian University Laptop Program For All Students

Upon acceptance into Moravian University as a freshman undergraduate student, you will receive a complimentary Apple MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil to support your academic journey. These cutting-edge technological tools will remain yours even after completing your studies at Moravian, enabling you to seamlessly integrate them into your professional endeavors.

Since 2018, Moravian College has proudly held the esteemed designation of "Distinguished School" from Apple Inc. Moravian's partnership with Apple Inc. and its distinguished status exemplify its dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology in the pursuit of academic excellence.

14. Chatham University

#14 Online College With Free Laptops

  • Free 13-inch MacBook Air laptops, cases, and backpacks for all first-year and some transfer students
AccreditationMiddle States Commission on Higher Education
Tuition (in-state):$19,458
Tuition (out-of-state):$19,458
Net Price:$27,830
Acceptance Rate:66%
Graduation Rate:66%
Median Earnings:$42,808
Retention Rate:78%
Employed 2 Years After Graduation:91%
Percentage Earning More Than a High School Graduate:66%

Most Popular Majors

  • Psychology: 34 graduates
  • Biology: 32 graduates
  • Nursing: 30 graduates
  • Communications: 22 graduates
  • Interior Architecture: 16 graduates
  • Sustainability Studies: 16 graduates
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science: 11 graduates
  • Criminology: 10 graduates
  • Elementary Education: 9 graduates
  • Marketing: 8 graduates
Chatham University - affordable online schools that offer laptops

Chatham University Undergraduate Laptop Program

As part of the Chatham Universities undergraduate 1:1 Laptop Program, a 13-inch MacBook Air laptop will be provided to each and every first-year undergraduate student who is enrolling at the university. In addition to receiving a laptop, students will also receive a backpack and a sleeve to keep it in. Transfer students may or may not be given a 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Air. This all depends on how many credits are being transferred over to Chatham University. 

The Technology Fee accounts for all of the expenses related to the computer and the services. When students complete their education, ownership of the equipment is transferred to them in accordance with the terms of the Student Technology Program Computing Agreement (Student Contract). Chatham University offers a wide variety of online bachelor's degrees and online graduate degrees.

How Do Online College With Free Laptop Programs Work?

The allure of a free laptop might draw you towards online colleges offering such perks, but how exactly do these programs function? Buckle up, prospective student, as we delve into the inner workings of these initiatives:


Not every student receives a free laptop automatically. Most programs have specific criteria, such as:

  • Enrollment status: Many prioritize first-year students, though some extend the offer to transfer or returning students.
  • Academic merit: Some reward high GPAs or specific academic achievements.
  • Financial need: Need-based scholarships sometimes include laptops.
  • Program enrollment: Certain programs within the college might offer targeted laptop incentives.


The terms of ownership vary greatly:

  • Keep it permanently: Some colleges gift the laptop upon enrollment or after fulfilling specific requirements.
  • Conditional ownership: You might keep the laptop after graduation or completing a certain number of credit hours.
  • Loaner program: You borrow the laptop during your studies and return it upon completion.

Device and Software:

Free laptops aren't always top-of-the-line, but they should meet your academic needs. Common specs include:

  • Mid-range processing power: Suitable for most online learning tasks.
  • Enough RAM and storage: Accommodate common software and coursework needs.
  • Pre-installed software: The college might provide essential academic software.
  • Restrictions: Some programs might limit software installation or upgrades.

Maintenance and Responsibility:

Remember, even a free laptop comes with responsibilities:

  • Damage and theft: Clarify coverage and potential costs associated with damage or loss.
  • Care and maintenance: Treat the laptop responsibly to avoid additional charges.
  • Updates and warranties: Understand who handles system updates and warranty claims.

Additional Considerations:

  • Read the fine print: Every program has specific rules, so carefully review terms and conditions.
  • Ask questions: Don't hesitate to clarify any doubts with the college admissions or IT department.
  • Compare programs: Weigh the laptop offer against other factors like program quality, cost, and flexibility.

Remember: Free laptops can be a significant financial benefit, but choose a program that aligns with your academic and budget goals. Do your research, understand the terms, and make an informed decision to unlock the potential of online learning with the right technology in hand.

Laptop Program Types

The world of free laptops in online colleges isn't one-size-fits-all. Here's a breakdown of common program types to help you navigate your options:

1. Built-in with Tuition:

  • Pros: Seamless enrollment process, no additional paperwork.
  • Cons: Cost of laptop might be factored into overall tuition, impacting financial aid eligibility.

2. Separate Application-Based:

  • Pros: Potential for wider eligibility pool based on merit or need.
  • Cons: Application process adds another step, competition might be higher.

3. Program-Specific Incentives:

  • Pros: Targeted towards specific academic interests, potentially offering specialized laptops.
  • Cons: Limited to students enrolled in those programs, narrowing your college choices.

4. Need-Based Scholarship Programs:

  • Pros: Can cater to low-income students facing technology access barriers.
  • Cons: Eligibility based on financial need, might require separate applications and documentation.

5. Loaner Programs:

  • Pros: Lower upfront cost, ideal for students who only need temporary access.
  • Cons: No personal ownership, potential restrictions on customization and software.

Remember: Each program has unique eligibility, ownership terms, and device specifications. Research thoroughly, compare offerings, and choose the program that best matches your needs and academic goals.

Related Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Ways to Get a Free or Discounted Laptop from an Online College

Online Schools Offering Deep Discounts on Laptops

Most colleges that give free laptops offer some discount for students to purchase both the software and hardware needed for online courses with free laptops. Your favorite academic institution might not be included in our list.

Consider contacting your preferred school or searching their website for keywords like "computers" or "laptops."

Online Schools That Give Refund Checks

FAFSA may provide a refund check to students if they have any remaining financial aid funds. However, only after all tuition and fees have been settled will the reimbursements be issued.

  • Purdue University Global
  • University of Phoenix
  • Saint Leo University
  • Walden University

Online Schools That Give Refund Checks and Laptops Fast

Many online schools offer their students refund checks and laptop provisions. These are often facilitated through BankMobile Disbursements, a service many universities have partnered with to handle refunds and disbursements. Understanding how their service works could greatly benefit students of these online institutions and further information can be found on their website.

A refund check is a result of the leftover funds from a student's financial aid package, loans, or grants once the tuition and other related fees have been paid off.

These funds are commonly requested by students as additional support to help with book expenses, living expenses, tuition reimbursement for overpayment, or dropped classes. It is also important to note that these funds are not free money; they are part of the financial aid package and may need to be repaid with interest when students secure a job.

As the cost of education continues to increase, more students may be looking for schools that offer refund checks, especially from their financial aid. In this context, several universities and online schools have come to the fore, offering refunds in various forms. For instance:

  1. Walden University: Refunds are offered in the form of a paper check or through direct deposit and are usually disbursed between the third and fourth week of every semester.
  2. University of Phoenix: This institution offers refunds as paper checks or through direct deposit.
  3. Saint Leo University: Refunds here can come as a paper check, direct deposit, or a payment into the student’s BankMobile account.
  4. Liberty University: Refunds are delivered with BankMobile Disbursements 21 days after classes start.
  5. Bethel University: This institution offers refunds through paper check or direct deposit.
  6. Moravian College: This school issues a refund check.
  7. Valley City State University: Here too, refunds come in the form of a check.
  8. Independence University: Refunds are delivered as a paper check or through direct deposit.

Free laptops ease online learning: Many online schools offer free laptops through partnerships or tuition fees, recognizing the importance of technology access for successful online education.

Remember: Refund policies and laptop programs vary between institutions and change over time, so always check with the university's financial aid office for the latest information.

Online Schools That Provide Laptops & iPads FAQs

Free Macbooks for Online Learning: Get Equipped with These Colleges

Q: What colleges give you a free MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

Several online colleges offer free Macbooks to their students, including:

  • Moravian University: Provides all incoming freshmen with a Macbook Pro and an iPad.
  • Full Sail University: Their Project LaunchBox initiative equips students with personalized laptops, which might include Macbooks for certain programs.
  • Seton Hill University: Provides full-time undergraduate and some graduate students with a free MacBook Air.
  • Chatham University: Offers an Apple Air to every incoming first-year student.

Do other colleges offer Macbooks?

While these four universities are known for their Macbook offerings, other online colleges might provide different laptop brands or models as part of their programs. Always research specific colleges you're interested in to see if they offer free laptops and what types.

Q: How do I qualify for a free Macbook from a college?

Eligibility requirements vary by college and program. Some have general enrollment criteria, while others might prioritize academic merit or financial need. Carefully review each program's website or contact their admissions office for specific details.

Q: Are there other ways to get a free laptop?

Yes! Even if these specific colleges don't align with your choices, explore other avenues:

  • Need-based scholarships: Seek scholarships targeting technology access.
  • Government programs: Utilize programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Refurbished laptops: Consider non-profit options or reputable used laptop platforms.
  • College loaner programs: Check if colleges offer temporary laptop programs.

Q. What Are the Best Laptops for College Students?

Top 5 Laptops for College Students

For more information on each laptop, see CNET's article.

A basic, entry-level free laptop with a long battery life will suffice for most students.

Factors to consider when choosing a laptop for college:

  • Battery life
  • Weight and portability
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Operating system
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Storage and RAM
  • Connectivity options
  • Durability and warranty

Q. What Colleges Offer iPads?

iPads offer portability that most laptops don't. Just as online schools give free laptops, the iPad might be a loaner iPad for an enrolled student and become "free" upon graduation.

Other Resources to Get Free or Discounted Laptops for College

  1. The National Cristina Foundation provides free laptops to individuals with disabilities, students in need, and veterans.
  2. PCs for People provides low-cost or free computers and internet to individuals and families in need.
  3. The On It Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free computers and internet access to K through 12 students in need.
  4. The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) provides information about college costs such as laptops and other technology needs.
  5. The World Computer Exchange provides refurbished computers to schools, libraries, and youth centers in developing countries. They also offer inexpensive computers to individuals and families in the United States.
  6. The Free Geek is a non-profit organization that provides free and low-cost computers and computer education to people in need.
  7. The Komputers 4 R Kids Program is a program that provides free refurbished computers to children and families in need in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  8. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance provides resources and advocacy to promote digital equity and inclusion.

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