About our Team

Established in 2015, EDsmart has passionately committed itself to aiding learners in fulfilling their educational and professional aspirations.

Our primary focus is guiding learners to the most valuable online degrees, ensuring they reap the maximum benefits from their investments in education.

We believe that the right education is a stepping stone to a brighter future and aim to light up that path for every student.

Our Research & Methodology

With an impressive history spanning over 10 years, we pride ourselves on the depth and precision of our research. Every year, our dedicated team delves into thousands of online degrees, manually sifting through data to present accurate, detailed information about costs and the potential salaries alumni can expect.

The methodology we employ is rigorous, drawing inspiration from respected sources such as the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We also seek information directly from esteemed professional associations and educational institutions. Our team critically reviews and verifies the content we produce, ensuring its accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Our Vision & Mission

EDsmart envisions a future where quality education is both accessible and affordable. Recognizing the student debt crisis that casts a shadow over many, we are motivated to be a beacon of hope and a part of the solution. We believe that while obtaining a degree is pivotal, it shouldn’t financially cripple students.

Drawing from the wealth of resources we provide, which are both intuitive to use and sometimes hard to locate elsewhere, our mission is to empower more individuals to pursue higher education, simultaneously reducing the overall cost associated with gaining a degree.

Media & Recognition

Over the years, EDsmart has emerged as an undisputed leader in higher education rankings. A testimony to our diligence, our research, and our insights have been acknowledged by hundreds of colleges, placing us at the forefront of higher education insights. Furthermore, our vast expertise positions us as an industry authority, leading to our research being featured by renowned news outlets.

At EDsmart, we don’t just present information; we strive to reshape futures.

Join us on this journey towards a brighter, educated tomorrow.

Meet Our Team

Tyson Stevens - CEO & Founder

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Tyson Stevens, deeply rooted in his academic journey, is dedicated to guiding students toward the right educational pathways at EDsmart.org. Remembering his challenges in finding the perfect school fit, Tyson employs meticulous research, comprehensive guides, and college rankings to simplify the college selection process. Inspired by pioneers like Wesley Exon, founder of Best Value Schools, Tyson champions transparent, data-driven insights, ensuring students make informed decisions about their future, always prioritizing quality and value.

In the Press

  • Crystal Stevens - Content Manager
  • Jimmy Stevens - Marketing Manager | LinkedIn
  • Camille Nielsen - Staff Writer | Facebook, Instagram
  • Nicole Nielsen - Staff Writer | LinkedIn
  • Shari Stevens - Contributor | LinkedIn
  • Freelancers - Data Gathering & Research

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