The Best Online MBA Programs

Undertaking an online Master of Business Administration program is a valuable undertaking for individuals aiming to advance their professional lives and sustain a leading position in the business sphere.

With the convenience of online learning individuals can earn their MBA while balancing their work and personal responsibilities. By adopting an online structure, learners can tap into a top notch educational experience and connect with a global array of instructors, specialists, and graduates.

Featured Online MBA Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

The online MBA curriculum aims to equip learners with the expertise, understanding, and direct exposure needed to excel across diverse sectors, fostering a strategic thought process for making well-informed business choices. With a broadly applicable curriculum that covers critical business topics with hands-on coursework using real-world scenarios, an online MBA can significantly boost your career and earning potential.

EDsmart has created this list of the best online MBA programs of 2023 to help you find the best value education in continuing your education.

Best Online MBA Programs for 2023

1. University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium

  • #9 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $800
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State):$800
  • Total Program Cost: $28,800 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 83%
  • Average GMAT Score: 569
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 62%

The University of Wisconsin's MBA program offers a flexible and convenient way to earn a graduate degree while balancing other responsibilities. The digital structure of the program offers learners an organized educational journey akin to what they would encounter in conventional university classes. Online classes include interaction with a professor, access to textbooks, opportunities to connect with classmates, and assignments, quizzes, and tests to assess learning.

With 36 required credits and a class size of 25 students, the MBA program at the University of Wisconsin provides students with a personalized and focused learning experience. With a duration of 2 and a half years the program enables learners to harmonize their professional, personal, and other commitments as they concurrently pursue academic and career aspirations.

Overall, the combination of the programs online format and its rigorous curriculum makes it a convenient and achievable option for those seeking an MBA degree.

2. University of Mississippi

  • #12 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $848
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $848
  • Total Program Cost: $33,228
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.5
  • Acceptance Rate: 45%
  • Average GMAT Score: 572
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 0%

The Ole Miss Online MBA program is a top ranked option for working professionals seeking to further their education and advance their careers.

Ranked among the top 10 programs in the US by US News and World Report, students can trust the exceptional quality and rigor of the coursework. The program encompasses 36 hours of extensive coursework which can be completed in a minimum of 2 years, or extended to suit their demanding schedules.

The course structure is designed to convey a broad range of expertise in business and management focusing on the cultivation of vital abilities such as leadership, ingenuity, communication, and critical evaluation. This comprehensive approach guarantees that graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen fields.

A key advantage of the Ole Miss Online MBA program lies in its adaptability. All courses are delivered entirely online affording students the liberty to study from any location and at their own convenience.

3. University of Massachusetts--Amherst (Isenberg)

  • # 12 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $900
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $900
  • Total Program Cost: $35,100 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 92%
  • Average GMAT Score: 582
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 45%

The Isenberg Online MBA is designed for professionals seeking leadership positions in their industry. By combining the high quality curriculum of the on campus MBA program with the flexibility of online learning, the Online MBA offers a customizable and exceptional educational experience.

The Isenberg Online MBA has been providing an AACSB accredited MBA degree program entirely online since 2001, making it one of the most established and reputable online programs in the country. The program has consistently earned recognition from leading ranking institutions such as U.S. News & World Report, and Financial Times.

Online students receive the same innovative and rigorous education as on campus students, with access to dedicated, approachable faculty members who bring extensive expertise and experience to the classroom. The faculty offers cutting edge insights and research that give students a comprehensive understanding of the business world.

4. University of Kansas

  • #16 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $865
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $865
  • Total Program Cost: $36,330
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.2
  • Acceptance Rate: 68%
  • Average GMAT Score: 540
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 47%

The University of Kansas Online MBA program is a comprehensive, flexible, and rewarding option for aspiring global leaders. The possibility of completing the program in a mere two years enables students to promptly and efficiently boost their careers and contribute significantly to the business landscape.

The program's objective is to furnish learners with the competencies and understanding required to address contemporary complex business issues. The curriculum is delivered by the same distinguished professors as the on-campus offerings, guaranteeing a top notch education that readies students for achievement. A notable benefit of the University of Kansas Online MBA program lies in the tangible success it bestows upon its graduates.

57% of alumni reported receiving or expecting a promotion after completing the program, while a high 93% found their degree both personally and professionally rewarding. This bears witness to the importance and sway of the program, in addition to the opportunities it offers for graduates who finish it.

5. Ball State University (Miller)

  • #20 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $456
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $671
  • Total Program Cost: $15,048 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 98%
  • Average GMAT Score: 57
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 52%

The Ball State University Master of Business Administration program is renowned for its demanding hands on experiences and superior teaching. Crafted to prepare students for thriving in the modern global economy, the curriculum underscores the enhancement of strategic thinking, ethical conduct, leadership, and decision making skills.

The program offers students the versatility of on campus, online, and blended formats, along with the personalized attention crucial for achievement. In addition, students may further tailor their MBA by selecting from one of eight specialties, such as business analytics, construction management, finance, healthcare administration, health economics, information technology leadership, and supply chain management, or by pursuing a general MBA.

Emphasizing managing prowess, the Ball State MBA sets itself apart in the professional sphere by providing learners with the essential abilities and knowledge to excel in the highly competitive landscape of contemporary business. Enroll in the program and get the required practical experiences, practical knowledge, and abilities to be successful in the corporate world.

6. Washington State University

  • #20 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $855
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $855
  • Total Program Cost: $41,040 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 83%
  • Average GMAT Score: 586
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 30%

Washington State University's Online Master of Business Administration program is designed to create confident business leaders.

Featuring a curriculum centered on entrepreneurship and international business learners gain access to an abundance of knowledge and practical abilities that bolster their career success. Beyond the comprehensive coursework, the program also cultivates a high degree of student involvement, offering opportunities for learners to connect with classmates and meaningfully interact with the subject matter.

Incorporating an array of diverse subjects, such as entrepreneurship, global trade, and leadership, to name a few, the curriculum equips students with an inclusive education that allows them to address the sophisticated difficulties of the business domain.

By emphasizing student engagement, the program guarantees that learners take an active role in their education, ensuring they fully assimilate and utilize the knowledge acquired.

7. University of Wisconsin--Whitewater

  • #24 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $638
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $638
  • Total Program Cost: $22,968 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 82%
  • Average GMAT Score: 577
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 87%

The Master of Business Administration program aims to provide learners with a well rounded education that readies them for triumph in the swiftly evolving landscape of contemporary business. The program takes a three-pronged approach to developing aspiring professionals, with a focus on cultivating global thinking, ethical behavior, and strategic leadership.

During the program, learners have the chance to refine their critical thinking capacities, honing their strategic decision-making expertise by delving into thorough case studies and tackling demanding classroom assignments. They will also have the chance to refine their project management skills, gaining experience in effective negotiating and persuasion strategies. Additionally, the program accentuates collaboration, offering students the chance to augment their group work proficiency through self-assessment and mastering effective leadership techniques.

Esteemed as the #1 Online MBA in Wisconsin and #24 Online MBA in the United States, this program caters to both recent graduates aspiring to develop their abilities and seasoned professionals aiming for career advancement. It constitutes a wise decision for those who wish to unlock their maximum potential within the realm of business.

8. Oklahoma State University (Spears)

  • #28 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $234
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $234
  • Total Program Cost: $12,012 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 63%
  • Average GMAT Score: 588
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 58%

The Ohio State University's online MBA program is a highly regarded and cost effective option for busy professionals seeking to further their careers through advanced business education. Tailored to accommodate the requirements of full time employed individuals the program offers a practical learning experience that harmonizes with their work and personal obligations.

The online MBA program is taught by the same distinguished faculty members who teach at the Spears School of Business on campus. This ensures that students receive the same high quality education and benefit from the expertise of leading business professionals. Moreover the program is organized as a part time offering with 33 credit hours enabling students to finish their degree in twelve months, even amidst full time employment. Apart from the extensive general MBA curriculum the program features specializations in diverse fields like finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, granting students the option to customize their education in alignment with their professional objectives.

Regardless of whether you aim to progress in your existing position or transition to a different career trajectory, OSU's online MBA presents a versatile and attainable route to accomplishment.

9. University of Delaware (Lerner)

  • #28 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $950
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $950
  • Total Program Cost: $41,800 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 76%
  • Average GMAT Score: 585
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 13%

The University of Delaware features a distinguished MBA program that provides students with a robust basis in leadership, management, and analytical competencies.

To suit students hectic timetables, the program delivers versatility through multiple formats such as full time, part time, online, or hybrid options. As a Lerner MBA student you will have the support of dedicated faculty, career services, and advising professionals who work together to create a customized education and career plan that aligns with your unique goals.

Whether you aim to advance in your current job or change careers the program offers a comprehensive education in essential business skills and techniques through its core courses and seminars. Furthermore the program presents specializations across nine distinct domains, enabling you to concentrate your education and enhance your proficiency in a specific field of interest.

The available specializations encompass accounting, business analytics, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, health management, hospitality business management, information technology, international business, and strategic leadership.

10. University of Nebraska--Lincoln

  • #31 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $650
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $650
  • Total Program Cost: $31,200
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 81%
  • Average GMAT Score: 627
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 75%

At Nebraska, they understand that pursuing an MBA is a big decision and commitment, and they aim to make the investment of time and money as worthwhile as possible. With an MBA from Nebraska, students can expect to receive a higher return on their investment, both in terms of their post-graduation salary and lower program costs.

The program's exceptional value has earned recognition as the #1 "Value for the Money" MBA program in the United States by Financial Times. One of the factors that sets the MBA at Nebraska apart is its cost-effectiveness.

Despite offering the prestige of a Big Ten degree, their program is significantly more affordable than similarly ranked MBA programs. Additionally, their MBA program is designed to deliver high-quality education and valuable experiences that will equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's business world.

The program is taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields, and students have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities, including internships, networking events, and mentorship programs.

11. University of Massachusetts--Lowell

  • #31 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $655
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $655
  • Total Program Cost: $19,650 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 87%
  • Average GMAT Score: 618
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 2%

UMass Lowell's MBA program delivers an all encompassing education in business administration and management, endowing students with the necessary abilities and understanding to excel in a swiftly evolving and varied international business landscape.

By focusing on leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking, the curriculum empowers students to adeptly steer organizations and stimulate expansion across a range of sectors. One of the key strengths of the UMass Lowell MBA program is its connections to successful alumni from Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups. This offers learners distinct chances to establish connections, gain knowledge from, and receive guidance from accomplished professionals in the realm of business. These connections can help students gain valuable insights into the industry and make valuable connections that can help advance their careers.

The online MBA program at UMass Lowell is also highly customizable, offering several different options to suit individual career goals and learning preferences. This allows learners to customize the program to suit their specific requirements, be it pursuing a career shift, progressing in their present occupation, or embarking on a fresh entrepreneurial endeavor. Finally an MBA from UMass Lowell provides not just the degree, but also the prestige of a highly ranked and AACSB-accredited university.

12. The Citadel

  • 37 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $695
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $695
  • Total Program Cost: $25,020 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 92%
  • Average GMAT Score: 416
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: N/A

The program boasts a flexible and relevant curriculum, enabling students to explore their interests in entrepreneurship, consulting, and executive management through engaging capstone experiences. Distinguished faculty members, renowned for their extensive real-world expertise and research-driven insights, deliver the program. With evening classes available on-campus and online options, the program accommodates students with diverse schedules and commitments. The Citadel's unwavering commitment to delivering a top-tier education has been recognized for a decade, earning the prestigious title of the number one public college in the South for institutions offering up to a master's degree.

13. Florida State University

  • 37 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $750
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $750
  • Total Program Cost: $29,250
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Average GMAT Score: 550
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 44%

Elevate your career from the convenience of your personal space or workplace with Florida State University's online MBA program. Immerse yourself in cooperative learning alongside exceptional classmates in a stimulating and inventive setting that highlights problem-solving and ingenuity. Study under world-renowned professors who are recognized experts in their fields, and have the same curriculum as on-campus students. This affordable and flexible program is perfect for busy military personnel and business executives on the go, allowing you to apply lessons learned directly to your work. With a program duration of seven semesters, students can customize their degrees with a chosen area of business expertise. As reported in U.S. News & World Report's 2023 list of "Best Online MBA Programs," Florida State University's Business Administration program ranked No. 32 among public institutions, No. 44 overall, and No. 28 for veterans. Regardless of location, students pay the same price, plus applicable fees, for courses. Choose Florida State University's online MBA program for a valuable investment in your career and future success.

14. Creighton University

  • 37 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $955
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $955
  • Total Program Cost: $31,515
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%
  • Average GMAT Score: N/A
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 53%

An MBA from Creighton University's Heider College of Business is a valuable investment in your career that provides a significant advantage over others in the job market. Creighton's adaptable program caters to your hectic timetable while equipping you with essential skills for success in the contemporary competitive business landscape. Obtaining an MBA from Creighton showcases your knowledge, skills, and abilities to prospective employers and clients, illustrating your potential for business success. With a choice of six specializations, you can customize your education to align with your distinct career objectives and ambitions. The Accounting specialization will provide you with the skills to manage financial reporting, auditing, and tax preparation. The specialization in Business Intelligence and Analytics provides you with the necessary methods and approaches to scrutinize data, discern patterns, and arrive at well-informed choices. The Finance specialization will teach you the principles of financial management, investment analysis, and risk management. These are merely a handful of instances illustrating the MBA specializations' ability to impart advanced understanding in the realm of business.

15. Texas Tech University (Rawls)

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $383
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $383
  • Total Program Cost: $16,086 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Average GMAT Score: 441
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 38%

The Internet-based MBA curriculum at Rawls College aims to furnish emerging trailblazers with the essential resources and understanding required to thrive in the contemporary, cutthroat corporate realm. Endorsed by the AACSB, the program is renowned for generating first-rate alumni who possess the competence to address the obstacles prevalent in diverse sectors. The all-encompassing syllabus of the program spans an extensive array of crucial business subjects, granting learners a profound comprehension of the corporate sphere. The course structure aims to stimulate students, fostering their strategic decision-making capabilities, irrespective of their prior experience. This not only readies learners for triumph in their existing professions but also paves the way for new avenues of progress and promotion. The Online MBA program's coursework is crafted to be practical and engaging, incorporating real-life situations to acquaint students directly with the obstacles they may encounter in their professional lives. This method bolsters a deep-rooted understanding of the content and instills the self-assurance required for students to implement their acquired knowledge in their careers.

16. University of Massachusetts--Dartmouth (Charlton)

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $553
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $553
  • Total Program Cost: N/A
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.1
  • Acceptance Rate: 91%
  • Average GMAT Score: N/A
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: N/A

The Charlton MBA program is tailored to address the needs of an ever-evolving, technology-centric global economy. Acknowledging the significance of keeping pace with the latest developments and innovations in the corporate sphere, the program is structured to endow learners with the requisite expertise and insights for thriving in the dynamic market. Taught by a cadre of esteemed business academics and experienced industry veterans, the program offers students a distinct fusion of scholarly depth and practical exposure. This amalgamation enables students to acquire a holistic grasp of business principles while mastering their application in real-life contexts. A standout feature of the Charlton MBA program is the adaptability it provides concerning specialization. Students can elect to concentrate their studies on one of five diverse fields like accounting, business analytics, finance, organizational leadership, supply chain management, and information systems. This empowers students to immerse themselves in their preferred domains, cultivating specialized acumen and abilities that are in high demand among employers.

17. University of Tennessee--Martin

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $575
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $631
  • Total Program Cost: N/A
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 97%
  • Average GMAT Score: 385
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 27%

The Master of Business Administration degree program at UT Martin is a flexible and convenient option for working professionals, as it is offered entirely online. Open to individuals holding bachelor's degrees in any discipline, this non-thesis program strives to furnish them with the expertise and understanding necessary for management roles in the corporate sphere. The educational setting at UT Martin is characterized by its close-knit and encouraging atmosphere, boasting a favorable 15:1 student to faculty ratio. This provides students with personalized attention and the opportunity to develop close relationships with their instructors. In the latest survey, UT Martin students rated their overall educational experience as first among Tennessee public universities, demonstrating the high level of satisfaction and engagement they experience while studying at UT Martin. Moreover, a substantial proportion of UT Martin alumni, 81%, find employment or continue their education within six months post graduation, showcasing the merit and caliber of the MBA curriculum as well as the institution's dedication to the achievement of its students.

18. University of Memphis (Fogelman)

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $606
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $606
  • Total Program Cost: $24,876 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.2
  • Acceptance Rate: 99%
  • Average GMAT Score: 570
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 5%

The University of Memphis offers an online Master of Business Administration degree through the Fogelman College of Business & Economics, which is the only fully AACSB accredited business college in the Memphis area. The Fogelman online MBA program has received recognition as a "Top 25 Online MBA" by the Princeton Review in both 2016 and 2017, making it a top choice for busy professionals who may have scheduling or location constraints that prevent them from attending in-person classes. The online MBA program is designed to offer maximum flexibility, with faculty members delivering instruction synchronously and asynchronously to create a 24/7 learning environment that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows students to complete the program while balancing work, personal commitments, and other responsibilities. Featuring exceptional faculty members, the online MBA curriculum delivers a thorough and superior business education that readies students for professional accomplishments.

19 . West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $720
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $720
  • Total Program Cost: $26,640 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
  • Acceptance Rate: 84%
  • Average GMAT Score: N/A
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 14%

The John Chambers College of Business and Economics offers an all-encompassing and cutting edge Online MBA program, designed to equip learners for prosperous careers within the corporate sphere. It is accredited, cost effective, and provides a unique learning experience by combining experiential learning, consultative engagements, and entrepreneurial thinking. With the R1 Carnegie Research Level 1 designation, the program is recognized for its commitment to producing well rounded, highly skilled graduates. Besides the conventional MBA syllabus, learners can pursue a dual degree including options like a Juris Doctorate, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Dental Surgery, or MS in Nursing. This curriculum offers students a multifaceted education, abundant practical learning opportunities, and the vital competencies required for securing prime positions across diverse sectors.

20. University of Louisville

  • 42 in MBA Programs
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- In state): $711
  • Tuition per credit (Full time- Out of State): $711
  • Total Program Cost: $32,000 
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.1
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Average GMAT Score: 432
  • Employer-Sponsored New Students: 25%

The University of Louisville's College of Business presents an MBA curriculum tailored to employed individuals pursuing professional growth, a broader understanding of business, and a distinguished standing in their work environment. This online MBA program provides an exceptional education delivering tested business theories, practices, and leadership skills to help you become a more effective business professional, all on your own schedule. With an option to go on a 10-day business study trip, innovative electives, and certificates in specialized areas such as Distilled Spirits Business, Managerial Analytics, Horse Racing Industry Business, Family Business Management, Advising, or Franchise Management, you can tailor your degree and set yourself apart in today's competitive job market. The online Master of Business Administration is closely based on U of L's nationally renowned seated MBA program which ranks among the top 50% of programs in the country according to U.S. News and World Report. The online format provides the same higher quality business education, with the added flexibility to balance work, life, and education.

Full List of Best Online MBA Programs for 2023

University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium
University of Massachusetts--Amherst (Isenberg)
University of Mississippi
University of Kansas
Ball State University (Miller)
Washington State University
University of Wisconsin--Whitewater
Oklahoma State University (Spears)
University of Delaware (Lerner)
University of Massachusetts--Lowell
University of Nebraska--Lincoln
Creighton University
Florida State University
The Citadel
Texas Tech University (Rawls)
University of Louisville
University of Massachusetts--Dartmouth (Charlton)
University of Memphis (Fogelman)
University of Tennessee--Martin
West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics
Mercer University--Atlanta (Stetson)
University of New Hampshire (Paul)
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Xavier University (Williams)
Boise State University
Drake University
University of Nevada--Reno
University of North Dakota Nistler College of Business & Public Administration
University of Tennessee--Chattanooga
West Texas A&M University
Fayetteville State University
Louisiana Tech University
Montclair State University
University of Cincinnati
University of Iowa (Tippie)
Sam Houston State University
University of Maine
Central Michigan University
Ferris State University
Florida Atlantic University
Oregon State University
University of Colorado--Colorado Springs
University of South Dakota
University of Southern Indiana
Bryant University
Marist College
SUNY Polytechnic Institute
University of Scranton
University of Texas--Tyler

An MBA stands for a degree in Master of Business Administration. In the 20th century when companies wanted people with a lot of education in finance, accounting, human resources, and other business-related fields, this degree was made. The thought process behind creating the MBA was that people with such education would have the ability to advance companies using a scientific approach. While this is still helpful for many companies today an MBA is no longer just for those seeking a career in the business management field.

To secure an MBA it is generally required that a candidate has a bachelor's degree from an accredited establishment. Furthermore, a majority of MBA programs require at least average GMAT scores. It is also beneficial to explore the programs you're interested in well ahead of your intended application period. This gives you the specifics that each school looks for in students as well as provides you with important cutoff dates.

Earning your MBA Online

You might be thrilled to discover that it is now possible to obtain your MBA through online programs. This is especially important for those with busy careers and family obligations. Nonetheless, prior to determining that an online MBA suits your needs, allocate time to conduct thorough research. Think about things like which programs are accredited and by which agency they are accredited. Find out each school’s requirements as well as the flexibility and availability of courses.


Accreditation means that a specific organization has audited the school’s facility, teaching criteria, staff, and students, among other items, and has deemed them in line with similar schools. This enables learners to select the most suitable institution for their individual circumstances while maintaining the same caliber of education. Accreditation is also important when transferring credits from one college to another, as well as fairness in graduation exams and more.

Choosing an online MBA program that is accredited is important, as it helps prove the college is reputable and is not just handing out random certificates. Accreditation also lets employers know what their online MBA graduates should know and be able to do. This is a bonus to employers, and it makes hiring decisions easier.

One well-known company that provides online MBA programs with accreditation is the AACSB, which stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The AACSB was formed in 1919 and is in charge of accrediting business colleges in 51 countries. This also helps to ensure that courses across these different countries are as similar as possible. Because of rigorous standards, only about 10% of online colleges in the United States receive accreditation from the AACSB. Another important reason to use an online MBA program that is accredited by the AACSB is that schools are re-evaluated every five years for accreditation compliance. This ensures that courses remain up to the proper standards.

Business School Accrediting Bodies

  • CHEA
  • DEAC

Popular MBA Programs

Project Management MBA

Earning your online MBA in Project Management gives you the education and skills needed to handle business projects from beginning to end. This qualification is perfect for individuals aspiring to assume managerial or leadership positions within an organization. It often helps you to gain the skills you need to climb the corporate ladder.

As a project manager your primary objective is to oversee entire projects, ensure budget compliance, meet deadlines, and address any challenges that surface during the project's progression. During your MBA in Project Management you will enroll in courses like project planning, quality control, risk management, and others. You will collaborate with a team to develop and accomplish objectives that guarantee the business's success.

If you decide to get your online MBA in Project Management you will probably want to work in the construction industry, which includes architecture, in software development or communications. Within these fields, there are various employment opportunities. As per, the national average remuneration for a project manager stands at $84,972.

Healthcare Management MBA

With an MBA in Healthcare Management you will have the skills to excel in positions in the healthcare sector. Along with learning about financial issues, you will learn about laws and ethics related to the healthcare system. You may also participate in real-world problems to discover proper solutions that truly work.

With an online MBA in Healthcare Management, you will learn how to make the best decisions for companies in the medical field. This may include helping hospitals stay on budget and run well within their set parameters. You may also choose to be a healthcare consultant. In this position, you will learn how to stay profitable while ensuring patients’ needs are met. Another option is to choose to go into the private sector, where you may supervise staff, handle correspondence, and make sure the practice remains compliant. The average salary for someone with an MBA in Healthcare Management is $66,875, according to Glassdoor.

Human Resources MBA

Earning your online human resources MBA will provide you with the skills necessary to make decisions regarding personnel, leadership, hiring, management, and much more. This degree is best suited for those interested in how businesses run and run well, along with those who have a deep desire to work directly with people.

With an online MBA in human resources, you will have the ability to spot issues within the workplace, as well as be able to correct the problem. You will learn about workplace legalities, business ethics, and employee benefits. Additionally you will have the ability to properly align positions and help to create proper pay scales.

Choosing an online MBA in Human Resources is a wise decision because this is such a vital role in many businesses. With this online degree, you could work as a human resources manager. In this position you will help employees with their needs, enhance company morale, take care of company needs, and much more. According to Glassdoor the average salary for a human resources manager is $60,547.

Dual Online MBA Programs

Rewrite with different sentence structure and word choice: If you are dedicated to taking your education to the next level consider doing a dual online MBA program. Dual MBA programs are set up to allow students to earn two degrees by allowing specific classes to count towards both degrees saving both time and money. This is a great option for anyone interested in more than one degree to consider.

MSN MBA Dual Degree Online

If you aspire to attain a master's degree in both nursing and business administration, pursuing a dual MSN MBA degree online would be an excellent decision. Possessing these two degrees will create numerous prospects in the healthcare industry including the option of serving as a hospital administrator or engaging in a diverse range of consulting assignments.

MBA MHA Dual Degree Online

Earning your MBA MHA dual degree online provides you with the management skills you would learn while earning your master’s in business administration. But it also includes the highly sought-after skills that you would learn when earning your master’s in healthcare administration. This dual degree offers a variety of career choices, including pharmaceuticals, health insurance, public policy, and more.

During our research, we found that several online schools offer MBAs with a concentration in the healthcare field. However, we had trouble finding 100% true online MBA MHA dual degree opportunities.


How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online MBA?

An online MBA typically takes two years to complete. However, some accelerated programs can be completed in 18, 15, or even 12 months, whereas some part-time programs can take three to six years to complete.

What Are the Requirements for MBA Admissions?

The requirements for MBA admissions are generally a bachelor’s degree and GRE or GMAT scores. However, here you can find the best business schools offering an online MBA do not require a GMAT.

What Are Some MBA Careers?

There are many MBA careers. Individuals with an MBA can pursue careers in a wide range of fields. See the lists below for career and field information

MBA Careers
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Advisory Consultant
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Client Services Consultant
  • Credit Risk Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Human Resources director
  • Information Systems Manager
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Investment Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Management Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Mergers & Acquisition Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Personnel Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Product Development Financial Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
Career Fields
  • Banking
  • Brand or Product Management
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Data Analysis
  • Economic Advising
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Care Industry
  • Human Resources Management
  • Insurance
  • International Banking
  • Law Firm Management
  • Market Research
  • Money Management
  • Non-profit Management
  • Operations Management
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Production Management
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Real Estate
  • Research & Forecasting
  • Sales & Retail
  • Teaching
  • Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics

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