Indiana University Online MBA

Business leaders take charge of a company's operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities, ensuring smooth functioning and strategic growth.

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration provides an all-encompassing education in both the theoretical constructs and practical facets of business management. This equips you with the skills necessary to steer an organization's pivotal business operations.

The Indiana University (IU) Online Master of Business Administration embeds two in-residence experiences into the program's framework, one at its commencement and another at its conclusion.

These immersive experiences are designed to foster networking among students, enriching their professional relationships and mutual learning opportunities.

An integral part of these in-residence experiences involves working on live cases as part of a case competition. This provides practical exposure to real-world business scenarios and challenges.

Alongside the case competition, the in-residence program also includes conference-style events, further broadening students' industry knowledge and insights.

Indiana University is ranked #1 in US News and World Report’s Best Online MBA Programs list.

Other rankings include:

#1 in Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBA)

#2 in Best Online Business Analytics MBA Programs

#2 (tie) in Best Online Finance MBA Programs

#2 in Best Online General Management MBA Programs

#3 in Best Online MBA Programs in Marketing

#6 in Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans

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Featured Online MBA Programs

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Indiana University Bloomington Online MBA Tuition (Kelley)

The tuition cost for the Indiana University online MBA program is $1521 per credit. However, there is an additional charge of $30 per credit for distance education. This MBA program requires 54 credit hours, to bring the total of tuition to approximately $82,134. However, this number does not apply to students who are receiving their MBA through the Corporate Partnership Program. Additionally, there are supplies that are needed for classes, which will run about $100 per course.

Paying for Your Degree

Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Merit-Based Aid and Scholarships: Over half of our student body benefit from merit-based aid, with grants varying from $10,000 to complete tuition coverage. These awards are offered during the admissions process, thus eliminating the need for an additional application. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on your academic success, GMAT/GRE test scores, work experience, and the overall quality of your application, without considering your financial situation.
  • Dean’s Fellowships: Exceptional students can avail themselves of the Dean’s Fellowships, which cover full tuition for two years. The selection is based on a comprehensive profile assessment, considering factors such as work experience, test scores, undergraduate performance, potential for leadership, and performance in the admissions interview. As a perk, Dean’s Fellows are given access to the Kelley Dean’s Council, comprising leaders from globally influential companies.
  • Forté Fellowships: The Forté Foundation aims to boost the number of female business leaders by supporting their education and network building. Female students receiving Forté Fellowships get a monetary award between $15,000 and full tuition for each of their two years in the Kelley MBA Program.
  • Global Fellowships: Suitable candidates from the Kelley Full-Time MBA Program are given the opportunity to secure Global Fellowships, offering $35,000 to offset the tuition and other fees across the two-year duration of the program. The preference is given to students hailing from Latin America or those having a direct Latin American connection.
  • Kelley School of Business Merit Fellowship: Students showcasing strong academic prowess and leadership abilities can avail themselves of awards ranging from $7,500 to full tuition per academic year, which can be renewed for the second year in the program.
  • ROMBA: The Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA Fellowship promotes business schools as the premier destination for developing LGBTQ and active ally business leaders of the future. Awardees get financial support and also access to Reaching Out’s corporate partners and a network of over 10,000 peers and alumni.
  • Professional Student Employee Program: Starting from the spring semester of their first year, students can apply for paid assistantships within the Kelley School of Business's academic departments and offices. These positions may encompass tasks such as grading, conducting research, and performing administrative duties, necessitating a commitment of five to fifteen hours weekly, with an hourly compensation of $18.75.

Federal Student Loans

  • Students may borrow up to $20,500 per year from the government for education. This is known as the Stafford Loan.

Private Loans

  • Many students choose to finance their education, housing and meals through personal loans. Generally, these loans are from banks and credit unions.

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Veteran’s Benefits

  • Students who have served in the military may be able to receive tuition assistance.

Third Party Sponsorship

  • Students that work for a company that will pay for tuition have the option of having their tuition billed to a third party sponsor.

Curriculum Overview

The Indiana University online MBA program requires students to take 36 credits of core classes.

  • Topics in Directed Business Interaction - Credits 1.5 - Introduction to career management.
  • Economics for Managers - Credits 3 - Teaches economic decision-making.
  • Quantitative Analysis - Credits 3 - Boosts basic math and statistics skills.
  • Accounting - Credits 3 - Emphasis on product cost, investments, and basic money matters.
  • Strategic Marketing Management - Credits 3 - Teaches business strategies.
  • Operations Management - Credits 3 - Emphasis on process analysis, workforce issues, etc.
  • Financial Management - Credits 3 - Teaches basic elements of business finances.
  • Topics in Directed Business Analysis - Credit 1.5 - Creating a live business recommendation.
  • Business Law - Credits 3 - Teaches basic laws that pertain to business.
  • Developing Strategic Capabilities - Credits 3 - Provides tools for long-term business strategies.
  • Integrative Live Case Experience - Credits 3 - Team effort in creating business plans.

Students have the opportunity to choose classes that will enhance their degree concentration for the remaining 12 credits.

Washington Campus

Through the Washington Campus program, you can directly experience how business and government interact over an intensive five-day course based in Washington, D.C.

Kelley, being a part of the Washington Campus, gives MBA students opportunities to:

  • Meet with key figures in Washington, including lawmakers and government officials, for insights into policy-making.
  • Work on real-world policy case studies to understand how to influence public policies ethically and effectively.
  • Attend Congressional hearings to learn about pressing issues in business, economics, and society.
  • Network with students from other top-tier MBA programs.

The Washington Campus program, open to all students, provides fresh topics each session and doesn't interfere with regular academic schedules. Interested students should apply through the MBA office.

Accelerating Global Immersion Leadership Education (AGILE)

Indiana University MBA program allows students to study abroad with other top business schools around the world. Current places include:

  • Gaborone, Botswana
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Beijing, China
  • New Delhi, India
  • Myanmar
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Dual MBA Degrees

While working towards your online MBA at Indiana University, you can also earn a second degree at the same time--dual MBA degree. During this process, many classes overlap both degrees, leaving you with generally, only 12 credit hours remaining to fulfill the requirements for your MS degree as well.

Majors to double earn include:

Post Graduate Earnings & Experience


Employment Offers

  • 3 Months Post Graduation - 100%


Featured Online MBA Programs

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

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