Most Affordable Colleges & Universities California 2024

When you think of California colleges, the word expensive inevitably comes to mind. However, this doesn't have to be the reality of attending a California school.

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With all the opportunities for scholarships, grants, and financial aid, coupled with practical lifestyle choices that can drive down the cost of living, attending college in California can actually be a decent financial route to take.


Graduating without student debt is a worthy and challenging goal, but it all boils down to choices. When it comes to money tuition is only one aspect to consider. Graduating debt-free takes careful planning, good grades, deciding what luxuries you can go without, learning which grants you qualify for, and being vigilant in your search for scholarships.

California may actually turn out to be the most financially sound choice for your post-secondary education. Educational institutions in this region participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange, a program that provides non-resident students from 16 distinct western states with an array of scholarships. Additionally, it offers state residents tuition rates and discounts to assist these students in completing their education with minimal or no financial burden. To learn more about this program, see

If you make informed choices, it is possible to enjoy college in California without the high price tag or the heavy burden of student debt. Knowing beforehand which California colleges are the most affordable can get you pointed in the right direction.

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This ranking is based solely on the average net prices of colleges and universities in California.

All data was gathered from the U.S. Dept of Education websites College Scorecard and College Navigator.

This ranking aims to help students assess the affordability and value of top colleges in California so they can make informed decisions about which college to attend.

Most Affordable Colleges in California for 2024

1. California State University-Los Angeles

  • Average Net Price: $2,037
  • Graduation Rate: 67.66%
  • Retention Rate: 77.41%
  • Median Earnings: $54,219

California State University-Los Angeles was founded in 1947. The college awards 129 bachelor’s degrees, 112 master’s degrees, and four doctoral degree programs both on-campus and through their online education portal. The 175 acre campus is home to just over 27000 students. Resident students pay just over $6,400 per semester, while out-of-state residents pay rates over $16400. U.S. News & World Report’s list of America’s Best Colleges sets CSU-L.A. at #13 among public universities, #52 among public and private universities, and #26 among Best Value Schools. The school ranks #139 in America’s Best Value Colleges, according to Forbes Magazine. Undoubtedly, CSU-LA one of the state’s most affordable colleges in the state. Washington Monthly ranked it at #6 in Master’s University rankings. On Money Magazine’s list of 2018’s Best Colleges, it sits at #51 in the country.

2. California State University-San Bernardino

  • Average Net Price: $2,232
  • Graduation Rate: 70.21%
  • Retention Rate: 81.82%
  • Median Earnings: $55,258

California State University-San Bernardino has offered education to a growing student population that has now reached around 22,000 students. It first opened its doors in 1965. The campus sits on 441 scenic acres within the university district of San Bernadino. A total of 138 different degree programs are offered at the school, including accounting and finance, business administration, early education, natural sciences, nursing, and several others. A separate campus location in Palm Desert hosts CSU-SB’s graduate students. The average semester tuition for resident students is $6,043 and more than 75% of their students receive financial aid. Money magazine ranked the university #14 among 2014’s ‘Best Colleges.’ 2024 rankings by EDsmart puts CSU-San Bernadino as the #1 Most Affordable Online College in California.

3. California State University-Dominguez Hills

  • Average Net Price: $3,724
  • Graduation Rate: 65.09%
  • Retention Rate: 74.48%
  • Median Earnings: $49,934

Founded in 1960, California State University-Dominguez Hills is a public institution, forming part of the 23 establishments within the CSU system. Boasting a current enrollment exceeding 14000 students, the university provides versatile options for attending classes either on campus or via its digital learning platform. Significantly, the institution grants more degrees to African American students each year compared to any other university in California. Numerous graduate, undergraduate, and teaching degrees are available through its programs, including 46 undergraduate and 23 different masters degrees. The average tuition rate per semester is just over $8900 for resident students and though it is more than twice that cost for out-of-state residents, more than 70% receive financial aid. The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges both accredit this institution.

4. California State University-Fullerton

  • Average Net Price: $4,211
  • Graduation Rate: 77.64%
  • Retention Rate: 87.83%
  • Median Earnings: $58,585

California State University-Fullerton is situated on 236 scenic acres of southern California’s former citrus groves. Since its founding in 1956, this school has cultivated an atmosphere of relaxation, fun, and high-level academics. It is the largest of the 23 universities within the CSU system, as well as the entire state. Annual enrollment sits at about 40000 students. In 2016, the annual tuition rate for resident students was $6043 for a semester. The university offers 109 different degree programs, including three doctoral degrees, 57 bachelor’s degrees, and 52 graduate-level degrees. American history, nursing, art, women and gender studies, sociology, information technology, and geology are among the most popular programs.

5. California State University-Monterey Bay

  • Average Net Price: $5,553
  • Graduation Rate: 71.33%
  • Retention Rate: 81.28%
  • Median Earnings: $54,470

California State University Monterey Bay is situated on a former U.S. Army base in Seaside and was founded in 1994 as a mid-size four year university. Today it has a 53% acceptance rate and an annual enrollment rate of about 6400 students. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or (WASC). gives the school an overall grade rating of B-. The most popular areas of study focus in fields like humanities, liberal arts, business, and psychology. Tuition rates average about $9000 per year but around 88% of students receive financial aid. Around 60% of all students graduate and go on to earn average starting salaries of $47640/yr within their respective fields.

6. California State University-Fresno

  • Average Net Price: $5,640
  • Graduation Rate: 69.00%
  • Retention Rate: 81.71%
  • Median Earnings: $55,534

Founded on 346 acres of scenic Sierra Nevada land 1911, California State University-Fresno initially operated as a teaching school but has since expanded to accommodate around 24,449 students each year. With over 60 areas of study and 40 different master’s degree programs available, students can easily earn a degree in a field they love. The U.S. News and World Report ranks this school at #205. On average, resident students at this four year university pay $6940 per semester for tuition, while out-of-state residents incur costs of just over $18000. The institution provides a diverse selection of both on-campus and online degree programs to accommodate various learning preferences. Online degree options include psychology, business, journalism, English language & literature, computer and information services, and health services, and many others.

7. California State University-Stanislaus

  • Average Net Price: $6,041
  • Graduation Rate: 71.02%
  • Retention Rate: 83.42%
  • Median Earnings: $58,120

Ranked at #48 in Regional Universities West by U.S. News and World Report, California State University-Stanislaus enrolls just over 9,000 students annually. Resident students currently have a tuition of $21,886 for a year and non-resident students pay $33,766. More than 100 different degree program options make it easy for students to discover their perfect career paths in fields like accounting, anthropology, mathematics, applied behavioral science, archeology, language arts, and many more. The university was founded in 1957 in Turlock, and today it has one of the highest acceptance rates of all California colleges: a promising 71%.

8. San Diego State University

  • Average Net Price: $6,488
  • Graduation Rate: 79.43%
  • Retention Rate: 89.45%
  • Median Earnings: $61,522

At its 1897 founding, San Diego State University was dubbed the San Diego Normal School, but it was renamed officially in 1974. Today, the 288 acre campus sees about 23,000 students each year. In state tuition averages around $7084, and out-of-state tuition sits at $18244. The university offers 96 different bachelor’s, 80 master’s, and 21 doctoral degrees. SDSU students take special interest in fields like aerospace engineering, aviation, finance, journalism and media studies, kinesiology, nursing, real estate, and many others. San Diego State University functions chiefly as a research institution, contributing pioneering research on pressing medical concerns such as autism, heart disease, and cancer. Highly esteemed as one of the nation’s premier entrepreneurial institutions, the university also earns widespread acclaim for its exceptional veterans’ programs. The SDSU campus celebrates diversity, with over half of its student body consisting of people of color. Over 60 Fulbright scholars have come from SDSU (a figure topped only by UC Berkely). According to, San Diego State University ranks #9 among California’s Top Public Universities.

9. California State University-Northridge

  • Average Net Price: $7,944
  • Graduation Rate: 69.57%
  • Retention Rate: 82.74%
  • Median Earnings: $56,375

Inaugurated in 1958 under the name San Fernando Valley College, the institution now known as California State University Northridge has expanded into a substantial establishment, boasting a student enrollment of over 30,000. Although the university’s size is substantial, it remains among the most economically viable options for higher education in California. Approximately 85% of all students receive financial aid to cover the average $6958 per semester cost. The school offers both on campus and online degree programs. Rewrite with better sentence structure and word choice: Students can choose from 134 different bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in more than 70 fields like social work, humanities, and many more. The school has a 51% graduation rate. Accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, CSU Northridge has the largest undergraduate population out of the 23 campus CSU system. The university occupies a distinguished standing among the most extensive comprehensive institutions in the United States.

10. California State University-Long Beach

  • Average Net Price: $8,338
  • Graduation Rate: 80.65%
  • Retention Rate: 88.12%
  • Median Earnings: $60,973

CSU Long Beach is a public university that was founded in 1949. Now it has over 38000 students and has become the third largest university in the California State University system. California resident students pay about $6,452. CSU Long Beach has a competitive acceptance rate of 28%. There are 82 different bachelor’s, 65 master’s, and four doctoral degree programs available, covering disciplines in natural science, mathematics, business administration, liberal arts, and many others. U.S. News and World Reports ranked CSU-Long Beach as the fifth most diverse school in the state.

11. California State University-East Bay

  • Average Net Price: $11,327
  • Graduation Rate: 67.45%
  • Retention Rate: 79.08%
  • Median Earnings: $64,188

California State University-East Bay was founded in 1957. According to, the university earned a C+ letter grade for its diversity, academics, athletes, and value. With additional off-site campuses in Hayward, Concord, and Oakland, this institution enrolls just over 11,000 students per year, upholding a 76% acceptance rate. A substantial 42% of students successfully graduate and begin careers with starting salaries that average around $40600/yr. CSU-East Bay offers 52 different undergraduate degrees, 39 master’s degrees, and even a teacher’s education program. Among the most sought after majors at CSU East Bay are business, psychology, liberal arts, computer science, and health sciences.

12. California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

  • Average Net Price: $11,740
  • Graduation Rate: 77.51%
  • Retention Rate: 87.38%
  • Median Earnings: $67,406

Ranked #28 among Regional Universities West by U.S. News and World Report, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona was founded in 1938 on more than 1,400 acres of scenic, southern California land. In-state residents at the renowned Cal Poly Pomona pay an annual tuition of $7297, while out-of-state residents face yearly costs of $19111. The university widely acknowledged for its exceptional engineering program, is considered among the best in the state. This university graduates one of every 14 engineers in California. It consists of eight different schools of study, offering 94 majors and 39 master’s degrees, 13 teaching credentials, and a doctorate program. The Department of Homeland Defense has designated Cal Poly Pomona as one of six state schools that qualify as a Center of Academic Excellence.

13. San Francisco State University

  • Average Net Price: $12,590
  • Graduation Rate: 67.60%
  • Retention Rate: 83.24%
  • Median Earnings: $64,797

San Francisco State University, originally founded in 1899 as the San Francisco State Normal School, underwent a transformation in 1974 resulting in its current name and identity. At their six campus locations, the school offers 118 bachelor’s and 94 master’s degrees, 26 teaching credentials, and five doctoral degree programs. The Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities certifies the institution and PayScale and Collegenet rank it at #12 among top universities in the US. The institution distinguishes itself as one of the few schools in the state to provide a degree in professional and technical writing. Additionally, its College of Liberal Arts’ Cinema Department has been recognized by Variety magazine as one of the Worlds Top Film Schools. The university has a 70% acceptance rate and graduates 54% of its students. Biology, business, and psychology are among the most popular degrees SFSU students pursue. #21 ‘Most Liberal Colleges in America’

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List of Colleges and Universities in California

School NameCityStateSetting
Academy for Jewish Religion-CaliforniaLos AngelesCACity
Academy of Chinese Culture and Health SciencesOaklandCACity
Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College-BerkeleyBerkeleyCACity
Allan Hancock CollegeSanta MariaCACity
American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los AngelesLos AngelesCACity
American Baptist Seminary of the WestBerkeleyCACity
American Conservatory TheaterSan FranciscoCACity
American Film Institute ConservatoryLos AngelesCACity
American Jewish UniversityLos AngelesCACity
American River CollegeSacramentoCASuburb
Annenberg School of NursingResedaCACity
Antelope Valley CollegeLancasterCASuburb
Antioch University-Los AngelesCulver CityCASuburb
Antioch University-Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCACity
Art Center College of DesignPasadenaCACity
Azusa Pacific UniversityAzusaCASuburb
Azusa Pacific University CollegeSan DimasCASuburb
Bakersfield CollegeBakersfieldCACity
Baldwin Park Adult & Community EducationBaldwin ParkCASuburb
Barstow Community CollegeBarstowCATown
Beaumont Adult SchoolBeaumontCASuburb
Bergin University of Canine StudiesRohnert ParkCASuburb
Berkeley City CollegeBerkeleyCACity
Bethel Seminary-San DiegoSan DiegoCACity
Bethesda UniversityAnaheimCACity
Biola UniversityLa MiradaCASuburb
Brandman UniversityIrvineCACity
Butte CollegeOrovilleCARural
Butte County Regional Occupational ProgramChicoCACity
Cabrillo CollegeAptosCASuburb
California Baptist UniversityRiversideCACity
California Christian CollegeFresnoCACity
California College of the ArtsSan FranciscoCACity
California Institute of Advanced ManagementEl MonteCASuburb
California Institute of Integral StudiesSan FranciscoCACity
California Institute of TechnologyPasadenaCACity
California Institute of the ArtsValenciaCASuburb
California International Business UniversitySan DiegoCACity
California Jazz ConservatoryBerkeleyCACity
California Lutheran UniversityThousand OaksCACity
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoSan Luis ObispoCASuburb
California State Polytechnic University-PomonaPomonaCASuburb
California State University Maritime AcademyVallejoCACity
California State University-BakersfieldBakersfieldCACity
California State University-Channel IslandsCamarilloCASuburb
California State University-ChicoChicoCACity
California State University-Dominguez HillsCarsonCACity
California State University-East BayHaywardCACity
California State University-FresnoFresnoCACity
California State University-FullertonFullertonCASuburb
California State University-Long BeachLong BeachCACity
California State University-Los AngelesLos AngelesCACity
California State University-Monterey BaySeasideCASuburb
California State University-NorthridgeNorthridgeCACity
California State University-SacramentoSacramentoCACity
California State University-San BernardinoSan BernardinoCACity
California State University-San MarcosSan MarcosCASuburb
California State University-StanislausTurlockCASuburb
California University of Management and SciencesAnaheimCACity
California Western School of LawSan DiegoCACity
Canada CollegeRedwood CityCASuburb
Casa Loma College-Van NuysVan NuysCACity
CBD CollegeLos AngelesCACity
Cerritos CollegeNorwalkCASuburb
Cerro Coso Community CollegeRidgecrestCARural
CES CollegeBurbankCACity
CET-El CentroEl CentroCACity
CET-San DiegoSan DiegoCACity
CET-San JoseSan JoseCACity
CET-Santa MariaSanta MariaCACity
Chabot CollegeHaywardCACity
Chaffey CollegeRancho CucamongaCASuburb
Chapman UniversityOrangeCACity
Charles A Jones Career and Education CenterSacramentoCACity
Charles R Drew University of Medicine and ScienceLos AngelesCASuburb
Church Divinity School of the PacificBerkeleyCACity
Citrus CollegeGlendoraCASuburb
City College of San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACity
Claremont Graduate UniversityClaremontCASuburb
Claremont Lincoln UniversityClaremontCASuburb
Claremont McKenna CollegeClaremontCASuburb
Claremont School of TheologyClaremontCASuburb
Clovis Adult EducationClovisCASuburb
Clovis Community CollegeFresnoCACity
Coastline Community CollegeFountain ValleyCACity
Coleman UniversitySan DiegoCACity
College of AlamedaAlamedaCASuburb
College of MarinKentfieldCASuburb
College of San MateoSan MateoCASuburb
College of the CanyonsSanta ClaritaCASuburb
College of the DesertPalm DesertCASuburb
College of the RedwoodsEurekaCARural
College of the SequoiasVisaliaCACity
College of the SiskiyousWeedCATown
Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational ProgramRedlandsCACity
Columbia CollegeSonoraCARural
Columbia College HollywoodTarzanaCACity
Community Christian CollegeRedlandsCACity
Concordia University-IrvineIrvineCACity
Contra Costa CollegeSan PabloCASuburb
Copper Mountain Community CollegeJoshua TreeCARural
Cosumnes River CollegeSacramentoCACity
Crafton Hills CollegeYucaipaCARural
Cuesta CollegeSan Luis ObispoCASuburb
Cuyamaca CollegeEl CajonCASuburb
Cypress CollegeCypressCASuburb
De Anza CollegeCupertinoCACity
Dell'Arte International School of Physical TheatreBlue LakeCARural
Diablo Valley CollegePleasant HillCASuburb
Dominican School of Philosophy & TheologyBerkeleyCACity
Dominican University of CaliforniaSan RafaelCACity
Dongguk University-Los AngelesLos AngelesCACity
Downey Adult SchoolDowneyCASuburb
East Los Angeles CollegeMonterey ParkCACity
East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational ProgramWest CovinaCASuburb
El Camino College-Compton CenterComptonCASuburb
El Camino Community College DistrictTorranceCASuburb
Epic Bible CollegeSacramentoCASuburb
Evergreen Valley CollegeSan JoseCACity
Feather River Community College DistrictQuincyCARural
Fielding Graduate UniversitySanta BarbaraCACity
Folsom Lake CollegeFolsomCACity
Foothill CollegeLos Altos HillsCASuburb
Franciscan School of TheologyOceansideCASuburb
Fresno City CollegeFresnoCACity
Fresno Pacific UniversityFresnoCACity
Fuller Theological SeminaryPasadenaCACity
Fullerton CollegeFullertonCASuburb
Gavilan CollegeGilroyCASuburb
Gemological Institute of America-CarlsbadCarlsbadCACity
Glendale Community CollegeGlendaleCACity
Golden Gate University-San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACity
Golden State College of Court ReportingPleasantonCACity
Golden West CollegeHuntington BeachCASuburb
Grace Mission UniversityFullertonCASuburb
Graduate Theological UnionBerkeleyCACity
Grossmont CollegeEl CajonCASuburb
Hacienda La Puente Adult EducationLa PuenteCASuburb
Hartnell CollegeSalinasCACity
Harvey Mudd CollegeClaremontCASuburb
High Tech High Graduate School of EducationSan DiegoCACity
Holy Names UniversityOaklandCACity
Homestead SchoolsTorranceCACity
Hope International UniversityFullertonCASuburb
Humboldt State UniversityArcataCATown
Humphreys University-Stockton and Modesto CampusesStocktonCACity
Hypnosis Motivation InstituteTarzanaCACity
Imperial Valley CollegeImperialCARural
International Technological UniversitySan JoseCACity
Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences at City of HopeDuarteCASuburb
Irvine Valley CollegeIrvineCACity
John F. Kennedy UniversityPleasant HillCASuburb
John Paul the Great Catholic UniversityEscondidoCASuburb
Keck Graduate InstituteClaremontCASuburb
La Sierra UniversityRiversideCACity
Laguna College of Art and DesignLaguna BeachCARural
Lake Tahoe Community CollegeSouth Lake TahoeCARural
Laney CollegeOaklandCACity
Las Positas CollegeLivermoreCASuburb
Lassen Community CollegeSusanvilleCARural
Life Chiropractic College WestHaywardCACity
Life Pacific CollegeSan DimasCASuburb
Lincoln UniversityOaklandCACity
Loma Linda UniversityLoma LindaCASuburb
Long Beach City CollegeLong BeachCACity
Los Angeles City CollegeLos AngelesCACity
Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied HealthLos AngelesCACity
Los Angeles Harbor CollegeWilmingtonCACity
Los Angeles Mission CollegeSylmarCACity
Los Angeles ORT College-Los Angeles CampusLos AngelesCACity
Los Angeles ORT College-Van Nuys CampusVan NuysCACity
Los Angeles Pierce CollegeWoodland HillsCACity
Los Angeles Southwest CollegeLos AngelesCASuburb
Los Angeles Trade Technical CollegeLos AngelesCACity
Los Angeles Valley CollegeValley GlenCACity
Los Medanos CollegePittsburgCASuburb
Loyola Marymount UniversityLos AngelesCACity
Marshall B Ketchum UniversityFullertonCASuburb
Marymount California UniversityRancho Palos VerdesCASuburb
Mendocino CollegeUkiahCARural
Menlo CollegeAthertonCASuburb
Merced CollegeMercedCACity
Merritt CollegeOaklandCACity
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at MontereyMontereyCASuburb
Mills CollegeOaklandCACity
Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate InstituteClaremontCACity
MiraCosta CollegeOceansideCASuburb
Mission CollegeSanta ClaraCACity
Modesto Junior CollegeModestoCACity
Monterey Peninsula CollegeMontereyCASuburb
Moorpark CollegeMoorparkCASuburb
Moreno Valley CollegeMoreno ValleyCASuburb
Mount Saint Mary's UniversityLos AngelesCACity
Mt San Antonio CollegeWalnutCASuburb
Mt San Jacinto Community College DistrictSan JacintoCASuburb
Mt. Diablo Adult Education-Mt. Diablo USDConcordCASuburb
Napa Valley CollegeNapaCACity
National UniversityLa JollaCACity
Naval Postgraduate SchoolMontereyCASuburb
Norco CollegeNorcoCASuburb
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityBelmontCASuburb
NTMA Training Centers of Southern CaliforniaSanta Fe SpringsCASuburb
Occidental CollegeLos AngelesCACity
Ohlone CollegeFremontCASuburb
Orange Coast CollegeCosta MesaCACity
Otis College of Art and DesignLos AngelesCACity
Oxnard CollegeOxnardCACity
Pacific Oaks CollegePasadenaCACity
Pacific School of ReligionBerkeleyCACity
Pacific States UniversityLos AngelesCACity
Pacific Union CollegeAngwinCARural
Palo Alto UniversityPalo AltoCARural
Palo Verde CollegeBlytheCARural
Palomar CollegeSan MarcosCASuburb
Pardee RAND Graduate SchoolSanta MonicaCACity
Pasadena City CollegePasadenaCACity
Pepperdine UniversityMalibuCASuburb
Phillips Graduate UniversityChatsworthCACity
Pitzer CollegeClaremontCASuburb
Point Loma Nazarene UniversitySan DiegoCACity
Pomona CollegeClaremontCASuburb
Pomona Unified School District Adult and Career EducationPomonaCASuburb
Porterville CollegePortervilleCACity
Presidio Graduate SchoolSan FranciscoCACity
Providence Christian CollegePasadenaCACity
Reedley CollegeReedleyCATown
Rio Hondo CollegeWhittierCASuburb
Riverside City CollegeRiversideCACity
Riverside County Office of Education-School of Career EducationIndioCACity
Sacramento City CollegeSacramentoCACity
Saddleback CollegeMission ViejoCASuburb
Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaMoragaCASuburb
Samuel Merritt UniversityOaklandCACity
San Bernardino Valley CollegeSan BernardinoCACity
San Diego Christian CollegeSanteeCASuburb
San Diego City CollegeSan DiegoCACity
San Diego Mesa CollegeSan DiegoCACity
San Diego Miramar CollegeSan DiegoCACity
San Diego State UniversitySan DiegoCACity
San Francisco Art InstituteSan FranciscoCACity
San Francisco Conservatory of MusicSan FranciscoCACity
San Francisco State UniversitySan FranciscoCACity
San Francisco Theological SeminarySan AnselmoCASuburb
San Joaquin College of LawClovisCASuburb
San Joaquin Delta CollegeStocktonCACity
San Jose City CollegeSan JoseCACity
San Jose State UniversitySan JoseCACity
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery InstituteLa JollaCACity
Santa Ana CollegeSanta AnaCACity
Santa Barbara City CollegeSanta BarbaraCACity
Santa Clara UniversitySanta ClaraCACity
Santa Monica CollegeSanta MonicaCACity
Santa Rosa Junior CollegeSanta RosaCACity
Santiago Canyon CollegeOrangeCACity
Saybrook UniversityOaklandCACity
Scripps CollegeClaremontCASuburb
Shasta Bible College and Graduate SchoolReddingCACity
Shasta CollegeReddingCASuburb
Shepherd UniversityLos AngelesCACity
Sierra CollegeRocklinCASuburb
Simpson UniversityReddingCACity
Skyline CollegeSan BrunoCASuburb
Soka University of AmericaAliso ViejoCASuburb
Solano Community CollegeFairfieldCASuburb
Sonoma State UniversityRohnert ParkCASuburb
South Baylo UniversityAnaheimCACity
Southern California Institute of ArchitectureLos AngelesCACity
Southern California SeminaryEl CajonCASuburb
Southern California University of Health SciencesWhittierCASuburb
Southwestern CollegeChula VistaCASuburb
Southwestern Law SchoolLos AngelesCACity
St John's SeminaryCamarilloCARural
Stanford UniversityStanfordCASuburb
Starr King School for the MinistryBerkeleyCACity
SUM Bible College and Theological SeminaryEl Dorado HillsCACity
Taft CollegeTaftCATown
Teachers College of San JoaquinStocktonCACity
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at IrvineIrvineCACity
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los AngelesLos AngelesCACity
The Colburn Conservatory of MusicLos AngelesCACity
The Master's University and SeminarySanta ClaritaCASuburb
The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law at Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCACity
The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law at VenturaVenturaCACity
The University of AmericaMurrietaCASuburb
The Wright InstituteBerkeleyCACity
Thomas Aquinas CollegeSanta PaulaCARural
Thomas Jefferson School of LawSan DiegoCACity
Touro University CaliforniaVallejoCACity
Touro University WorldwideLos AlamitosCASuburb
Trinity Law SchoolSanta AnaCACity
Ukiah Adult SchoolUkiahCATown
University of California-BerkeleyBerkeleyCACity
University of California-DavisDavisCASuburb
University of California-Hastings College of LawSan FranciscoCACity
University of California-IrvineIrvineCACity
University of California-Los AngelesLos AngelesCACity
University of California-MercedMercedCARural
University of California-RiversideRiversideCACity
University of California-San DiegoLa JollaCACity
University of California-San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACity
University of California-Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCASuburb
University of California-Santa CruzSanta CruzCACity
University of La VerneLa VerneCASuburb
University of RedlandsRedlandsCACity
University of San DiegoSan DiegoCACity
University of San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACity
University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesCACity
University of the PacificStocktonCACity
University of the PeoplePasadenaCACity
University of the WestRosemeadCASuburb
Vanguard University of Southern CaliforniaCosta MesaCACity
Ventura Adult and Continuing EducationVenturaCACity
Ventura CollegeVenturaCACity
Victor Valley CollegeVictorvilleCACity
West Hills College-CoalingaCoalingaCATown
West Hills College-LemooreLemooreCARural
West Los Angeles CollegeCulver CityCASuburb
West Valley CollegeSaratogaCASuburb
Western University of Health SciencesPomonaCASuburb
WestMed CollegeSan JoseCACity
Westminster Theological Seminary in CaliforniaEscondidoCASuburb
Westmont CollegeSanta BarbaraCASuburb
Whittier CollegeWhittierCASuburb
William Jessup UniversityRocklinCARural
Woodbury UniversityBurbankCACity
Woodland Community CollegeWoodlandCASuburb
World Mission UniversityLos AngelesCACity
Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad West Coast Talmudical SeminaryLos AngelesCACity
Yo San University of Traditional Chinese MedicineLos AngelesCASuburb
Yuba CollegeMarysvilleCASuburb
Zaytuna CollegeBerkeleyCACity

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