Best Christian Colleges & Universities Georgia 2024

It is not uncommon for young religious individuals to seek out a college that shares their values.


America's "Bible Belt" is a group of states where Christianity is a central aspect of the culture, making the south a comfortable place for young adults to spread their wings.

This culture has saturated the social and educational opportunities afforded to students who attend Georgia schools.

The South is home to a wide array of faith-based, or otherwise strictly Christian, colleges.

The Pew Research Center's data from 2016 shows 66% of adults in Georgia considered themselves highly religious. With numbers like that, finding a diversified selection of Christian colleges that stem from multiple denominations is relatively easy for Georgia's aspiring students.

Overall, the south is the place to find some of America's foremost religious academic institutions, and Georgia is the best place to start.

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Financial assistance is available through the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants foundations. Students who plan to attend any of the several Christian colleges in Georgia most likely qualify for aid. More information can be found here:

Georgia boasts over 64 state parks on top of its scenic recreation areas and historical sites. The state's genuine southern hospitality and its flourishing job market make it an enticing choice for any Christian student seeking post-secondary education.


EDsmart assesses Christian colleges in Georgia based on data that covers four main areas:

  • Cost (average net price)
  • Academic quality (graduation rate)
  • Student satisfaction (retention rate)
  • Salary After Attending (the median earnings of former students who received federal financial aid, at 10 years after entering the school)

All data was gathered from the U.S. Dept of Education websites College Scorecard and College Navigator.

This ranking aims to help students assess the affordability and value of top Christian colleges in Georgia so they can make informed decisions about which college to attend.

Best Accredited Christian Colleges & Universities in Georgia 2024

1. Agnes Scott College

  • Average Net Price: $12,423
  • Graduation Rate: 71.69%
  • Retention Rate: 83.25%
  • Median Earnings: $49,314

Agnes Scott College is a private women’s Christian college with strong roots in the Presbyterian Church. It started in Decatur, Georgia in 1889. Its doors are now open to women of all religions and denominations. Despite its small population of just over 1,100 students, Agnes Scott still claims the top spot of EDsmart’s best Christian schools in Georgia. In 2024, it ranked #1 on the list of Most Innovative Schools and #2 in Top Performers on Social Mobility. It is a requirement to live on campus for all four years of one’s undergraduate career at this school. The most popular majors are in public health, psychology, business, and mathematics. Agnes Scott also offers a pre-medical program for students in non-science majors who want to attend medical school in the future but have no previous training or experience in the sciences. This year-long track is the only program like it in the whole state of Georgia.

2. Covenant College

  • Average Net Price: $24,467
  • Graduation Rate: 68.31%
  • Retention Rate: 83.85%
  • Median Earnings: $49,143

Covenant College is a private Christian institution that was founded in 1955 in Pasadena, California but transferred its main campus to Lookout Mountain, Georgia, in 1965. The institution associates itself with the Presbyterian Church of America. Today, its proximity to Chattanooga makes it an especially ideal location for freshly-graduated job-seekers. Covenant’s most popular academic majors are biology, English, economics, psychology, liberal arts and humanities, elementary education, and business. During their first three years of attendance, students are required to live on campus, and on each floor of the residence halls, discipleship coordinators lead Bible study groups. 

3. Piedmont University

  • Average Net Price: $19,827
  • Graduation Rate: 56.51%
  • Retention Rate: 76.24%
  • Median Earnings: $48,097

Piedmont University was founded in 1897 and has 1,255 undergraduate students. U.S. News and World Report ranked Piedmont University #20 in Best Value Schools, #31 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, and #52 in Regional Universities South. Piedmont University’s most popular majors are Health Professions, Education, Management, Marketing, and Psychology. In addition to these are Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Firefighting, Visual and Performing Arts, History, Fitness, and Kinesiology. The average freshman retention rate is 76%. This proves that plenty of students are happy with their time at this school.

4. Wesleyan College

  • Average Net Price: $11,365
  • Graduation Rate: 56.58%
  • Retention Rate: 72.06%
  • Median Earnings: $37,674

Wesleyan is a private Christian women’s college founded in Macon, Georgia in 1836. The college takes pride in its small student population and recognizes students not just as numbers in a database, but as individuals. The small class sizes allow students to enjoy one-on-one collaboration with instructors. Students typically choose to study nursing, business, biology, psychology, accounting, and advertising.

5. Shorter University

  • Average Net Price: $16,638
  • Graduation Rate: 52.31%
  • Retention Rate: 65.70%
  • Median Earnings: $44,832

Rooted firmly in the Baptist faith, Shorter University is a private Christian institution that first opened in Rome, Georgia in 1873. At its founding, it served as a Cherokee Baptist Women’s college. It was not until 1948 that men were able to be admitted. Today, Shorter University ranks #105 in Regional Universities South, and #91 in Top Performers on Social Mobility. Students pursue degrees in business, liberal arts and humanities, sport and fitness management, nursing, and biology. There are 40 different programs available for students to choose from, and Shorter’s online courses are convenient for working adults as well.

6. LaGrange College

  • Average Net Price: $21,748
  • Graduation Rate: 47.00%
  • Retention Rate: 58.96%
  • Median Earnings: $49,042

In 2024, this college ranked #20 among the Best Value Colleges in Georgia. When it first opened in 1831, LaGrange was a women’s university. It did not integrate until 1953. All students are required to live on campus unless they live with their parents within 30 miles of the campus or are at least 23 years old. The school offers a total of 50 undergraduate degree programs to choose from and supports research projects in each. Many LaGrange students choose to study business, nursing, kinesiology and exercise science, biology, psychology, or accounting.

7. Truett McConnell University

  • Average Net Price: $19,652
  • Graduation Rate: 42.76%
  • Retention Rate: 68.96%
  • Median Earnings: $38,798

Established in Cleveland, Georgia in 1946, Truett McConnell University is a private Christian institution. In 2024, this college ranked #63 among Regional Colleges in the South. It offers 22 undergraduate and graduate degree options. Many students pursue nursing, biblical studies, business, elementary education, and psychology degrees. Truett runs 16 different sports teams, along with 16 worship and Bible groups for those seeking to enhance their faith. It is a Bible-centered organization instituted on four pillars: love the Lord, love His Word, love the Church, and love the lost. 

8. Young Harris College

  • Average Net Price: $18,927
  • Graduation Rate: 39.80%
  • Retention Rate: 58.43%
  • Median Earnings: $43,368

With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, classes are small and personalized attention is emphasized. Professors are highly accessible. YHC focuses on providing a broad-based liberal arts education that develops critical thinking and communication skills. The college's campus is located in a beautiful mountain setting near recreation opportunities for skiing, hiking, boating, etc. As an undergraduate liberal arts college, the focus is entirely on excellence in bachelor's degree programs and undergraduate student experience. YHC's tuition is lower than many private liberal arts colleges and generous financial aid and scholarships are available to make it affordable. The small, residential campus fosters close-knit relationships between students, faculty, and staff.

YHC has high graduate school acceptance and job placement rates thanks to strong academics and career prep. YHC offers competitive intercollegiate sports as a member of the Peach Belt Conference. Sports help build community.

9. Point University

  • Average Net Price: $19,095
  • Graduation Rate: 43.91%
  • Retention Rate: 60.72%
  • Median Earnings: $39,459

As a Christian university, Point integrates faith into all programs and provides spiritual growth opportunities. Required biblical studies courses. Average class size is just 15 students, allowing for personalized attention from faculty and peer interaction. Variety of programs - Point offers associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees across over 50 majors like business, education, computer science, counseling, and more. There are many student clubs, intramural sports, and activities on Point's compact campus to get involved in. Community service is integrated into learning. Students can participate in service trips and leadership experiences. Overall, Point provides an affordable, faith-based learning experience focused on student success in a tight-knit Christian environment with service at the core.

10. Toccoa Falls College

  • Average Net Price: $20,737
  • Graduation Rate: 51.79%
  • Retention Rate: 57.60%
  • Median Earnings: $37,975

Toccoa Falls College is a private Christian institution that was established in Toccoa Falls, Georgia in 1907. Today, it ranks #11 for Best Value Schools, #30 for Best Regional Colleges in the South, and #10 for Top Performers on Social Mobility. Toccoa Falls is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. A few of the more popular majors are counseling psychology, missionary studies, biblical studies, business, liberal arts and humanities, and divinity and ministry.

11. Paine College

  • Average Net Price: $10,454
  • Graduation Rate: 19.64%
  • Retention Rate: 25.22%
  • Median Earnings: $32,374

Paine is an HBCU with a mission to serve the African American community and promote diversity. Paine has relatively low tuition for a private college and over 85% of students receive financial aid or scholarships. Paine provides a holistic education across the arts, humanities, sciences, and business. Develops critical thinking. Students are encouraged to participate in campus organizations, develop leadership skills, and gain experiences outside the classroom. Paine has an excellent track record of graduate school acceptance and job placement after graduation. The campus culture emphasizes uplifting students and provides a close-knit, supportive environment. Paine is affiliated with Christian Methodist Episcopal Church but welcomes students of all spiritual backgrounds.

12. Reinhardt University

  • Average Net Price: $23,843
  • Graduation Rate: 41.14%
  • Retention Rate: 60.32%
  • Median Earnings: $44,242

Set in the scenic woodland suburbs of Waleska, Georgia, Reinhardt University is a private Christian institution that first opened its doors in 1883. Today, the school ranks #16 in Best Value Schools and #34 in Best Regional Colleges in the South. There are over 40 degrees and a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs for students to choose from. The most popular choices generally are business, sport and fitness management, criminal justice, biology, healthcare management, and accounting. Reinhardt is proud to be the only college providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Cherokee County, and one of its most notable qualities is its affordability. 

13. Clark Atlanta University

  • Average Net Price: $33,836
  • Graduation Rate: 45.00%
  • Retention Rate: 66.80%
  • Median Earnings: $41,968

Clark Atlanta University was organized in 1988 when two historically African American schools joined to form a private Christian institution of higher learning. It is now one of the largest historically black private colleges in America. CAU has 40 degree options to choose from. The schools most popular majors are Radio and television, business, psychology, biology, criminal justice, and social work. Clark students also have access to the Career Planning and Placement Center, a distinctive asset that helps them practice interview skills, create high-quality resumes, and participate in internships applicable to their majors. Ultimately, Clark Atlanta University aims to give students the experience they need for prospective careers and future success.

14. Brewton-Parker College

  • Average Net Price: $18,662
  • Graduation Rate: 24.40%
  • Retention Rate: 46.02%
  • Median Earnings: $41,541

Brewton-Parker College is a private Christian school that was founded in the year 1904 in Mount Vernon, Georgia. Today, this college ranks #76-99 among Best Regional Colleges in the South. It is a Baptist institution that incorporates Christian values and leadership with its academic curriculum. Several online programs are also easily accessible to students with demanding schedules.

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