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For many, earning a college degree is their ticket to higher-paying jobs and a greater understanding of the world around them. With the advent of faster internet and the digital age, this education has become more accessible than ever through online classes. Online schooling is often much more flexible and can even be cheaper than attending in person at a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

Below we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs with associated online degrees. Using information from the Bureau of Labor Statics [Updated 2021], we have ranked them by income as well.

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Best Online Degree Programs with the Highest Paying Careers

General Physician

2021 Median Yearly Salary: $225,960

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 3% – slower than average

General physicians are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating general medical conditions. They can diagnose and administer treatments for many different types of illnesses and injuries. Patients might be seen only by the General Physician or they may be referred to a specialist for more elaborate treatments. General Physicians can work in private practice, government organizations, or as part of a hospital team. These experts work in a variety of settings and will see patients with many different backgrounds and medical histories. They may often spend time educating patients about how to improve their health, such as through diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes.

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2021 Median Yearly Salary: $217,100

Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 12% – faster than average

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified to perform many procedures, including prescribing medication and performing psychotherapy. Psychiatry is the field of a medical doctor who specializes in mental illness. Psychiatrists are also very different from psychologists because psychologists study the human mind and behavior, but cannot prescribe drugs or perform surgery.

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2021 Median Yearly Salary: $164,010

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 8% – as fast as average

Dentists are professionals working in the dental health care industry. They work to prevent, diagnose, and treat conditions related to the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. Dentists may also perform surgeries on these areas of the mouth or assist in surgeries for other areas of the body. Their work includes diagnosing diseases, illnesses, and other dental health conditions, planning and carrying out dental treatments for oral health, and providing advice on how to improve, maintain and monitor oral health. Dentists can work in private practice, providing care for their own patients, or in the public sector, where they may treat people who do not have a regular dentist of their own.

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Computer Science Manager

2021 Median Salary: $151,150

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 11% – faster than average

Computer science managers are in charge of the operations and management of a company’s computer-related services. They need to have a strong understanding of the various aspects of computing, including hardware, software, and data. These managers must also be well-versed in software development and design and software engineering technologies. Computer science managers are typically the head of computer science departments, or they may manage a team of employees who work on software programs for businesses.

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Information Systems Manager

2021 Median Salary: $151,150

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 11% – faster than average

An information science manager is someone who typically manages a team of programmers and engineers who design, develop, test, and maintain software programs. They are also responsible for ensuring that the correct procedures are being followed when it comes to developing software. They are responsible for managing, maintaining, and protecting the data within their company. They need a wide range of skills, such as strong analytical thinking abilities, excellent people management skills, good communication skills, creativity with computers, knowledge about data protection laws.

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Architectural Design Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $149,530

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 4% – slower than average

Architectural design engineers are employed by architectural, civil engineering, or other designing firms. The work of an architectural design engineer varies greatly. For example, they might produce 3D models, survey the building site, or make drawings for contractors. They are responsible for data management and analysis, designing buildings, creating construction drawings and specifications, analyzing building performance data to increase energy efficiency, and developing sustainable building materials. The architecture design engineer provides an essential service to architects, engineers, and construction companies by creating architectural drawings of structures. They are responsible for the design of buildings, bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, and other structures.

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Marketing Manager

2021 Median Salary: $141,490

Career Outlook: Forecasted to grow 10% – as fast as average

Marketing managers are needed in every business from start-ups to well-established companies. Marketing managers are responsible for the success of a company’s marketing campaign. Their duties include planning, promoting, and pricing products or services to customers. They also need to know the best ways to reach the company’s target demographic. This is where their skills as researchers, communicators, and strategic thinkers come in handy.

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Petroleum Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $137,330

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 8% – as fast as average

Petroleum engineers are in high demand and their high salaries reflect this. The global demand for these experts is due to their expertise in oil and gas exploration, production, processing, and transportation. Petroleum work often includes both onshore and offshore work on pipelines, drilling, and production operations. Petroleum engineers design the conceptual, economic, and technical plans for oil and gas production facilities. They are responsible for assessing, designing, constructing, and operating the upstream oil and gas systems.

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Commercial Airlines Pilot

2021 Median Salary: $130,440

Career Outlook: Forecasted to grow 13% – faster than average

Commercial airline pilots are in charge of the safety of passengers and crew for an aircraft. They are responsible for coordinating with ground crews on the tarmac, which includes handling any complications or problems that might arise before takeoff or after landing, such as medical emergencies, baggage issues, mechanical problems with the plane, weather-related delays, and more. Commercial airlines pilots fly all types of aircraft: from small passenger jets to large cargo planes, and once they are qualified they can fly any type of plane. Pilots need to consistently train and be prepared for emergencies at all times.

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Court Employee

2021 Median Salary: $124,200

Career Outlook: Forecasted to grow 3% – slower than average

Court employees are responsible for many tasks such as reviewing and editing the records, filing the documents, and handling electronic records. Most positions require a bachelor’s degree or more in a related field such as law, justice administration, or business administration. To be a court clerk one would need to have good computer skills and a good grasp of legal terminology. Their main duty is to make sure that the courts are properly running by keeping accurate records, filing documents, and handling complaints. A court employee is responsible for facilitating court proceedings by processing records, documents, and files.

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Aerospace Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $118,610

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase 8% – as fast as average

An aerospace engineer is primarily responsible for the design and creation of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other aerospace vehicles. The specific design work you do will depend on the company you work for, but you will likely be required to create new designs, analyze existing designs, and work with engineers from other departments. Aerospace engineering is a field that requires an immense amount of creativity and engineering skills. It also requires engineers to be able to create innovative designs while simultaneously handling the regulations and physics of the industry. They may also be responsible for the integration of systems, designing control surfaces, structures or even just designing new technologies to improve existing systems.

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Nurse Anesthetist

2021 Median Salary: $117,670

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase 45% – much faster than average

Nurse anesthetists work in hospitals and other healthcare centers where they administer anesthesia to patients and monitor their conditions during surgical procedures. Nurse anesthetists typically work in hospitals, but they can also work in surgical centers or private offices, as well as with mobile teams that travel to rural areas. They work closely with doctors and other professionals, administering anesthesia so that patients do not feel pain during surgery or other medical procedures. Nurse anesthetists are required to have knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the body’s reactions to anesthesia because they have to take into consideration how it will affect different organs and bodily functions that may already be in distress.

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Nuclear Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $116,140

Career Outlook: Forecasted to decrease 8%

Nuclear engineers design, build, and operate nuclear reactors. They run plants that supply the public with electricity through harnessing nuclear fission. Nuclear engineers often use their knowledge across different scientific fields to improve health care, create renewable energy sources, and even tackle climate change. Knowledge of chemistry is important for this career because it is required for understanding matter and energy transformations due to radioactive decay or nuclear fission reactions. Knowledge of math is also needed because nuclear engineering uses many quantitative methods to solve problems like heat transfer or power output optimization. These engineers are also concerned with designing safe and secure nuclear power plants, given the nuclear power field’s checkered history with meltdowns.

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Physician’s Assistant

2021 Median Salary: $115,390

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase 31% – much faster than average

A physician’s assistant is a healthcare professional who performs many of the same duties as physicians, so long as they perform them under the guidance and often supervision of a full physician. Some work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, while others work in private practices with only one or two doctors. The duties of a physician assistant often depend on the specialization they choose to take on and what place they work. There are some general duties that all physicians assistants can complete, but physicians will cover anything not covered by the purview of a PA.

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Actuarial Mathematician

2021 Median Salary: $111,030

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 24% – must faster than average

An actuarial mathematician applies their knowledge of mathematics and statistics to help organizations determine risks and produce a safety net for the future. They may work in a range of fields, from finance to healthcare assessing risks, priorities, and returns. This career path requires a deep understanding of statistics, mathematics, and probability – the ‘actuarial’ side of things. Actuarial mathematicians assist insurance companies by calculating the risk of loss for the healthcare cost of clients and upkeep for properties such as homes or motor vehicles, relative to the manner of coverage they provide. In finance and investment companies, these experts evaluate the potential investment return on stocks and bonds.

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Chemical Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $108,540

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase by 9% – as fast as average

Chemical engineers use their skills to assess, design, and create chemical processes for various purposes. They calculate and design chemical processes and help to assess the equipment with safety measures in place. Chemical engineers design and create chemical processes to help with manufacturing or produce new products. They also may be employed by consulting firms that help companies operate their production processes more efficiently. They may also work for engineering firms that specialize in designing and building industrial facilities such as gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, and chemical-processing factories. Successful chemical engineers need to be able to assess, design, and create substances that are safe for both humans and the environment.

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2021 Median Salary: $108,350

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase 13% – faster than average

An economist is someone who studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Some economists work as analysts for private companies while others work as consultants for governments or non-profit organizations. Regardless of where they work, all economists possess a similar set of skills such as math proficiency, data handling, research techniques, computer skills, and statistics knowledge/skills. These skills are all used to calculate things like unemployment rates or GDP per capita to monitor these measures of economic health.

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Chief Executive

2021 Median Salary: $107,680

Career Outlook: Forecasted to increase 8% –  as fast as average

The chief executive officer of a company is one of the most important positions in any organization. To be an effective CEO, one must have a strong understanding of many different fields. These skills include business acumen, strategic thinking, leadership skills, personal leadership skills. The CEO needs to be able to calculate the risks and challenges of every decision, assess their employees’ performance, design possible solutions for problems, and create a vision for their company that will inspire its employees. It is the responsibility of the CEO to oversee and monitor all aspects of a company’s operations.

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Electrical Engineer

2021 Median Salary: $103,390

Career Outlook: Forecasted to grow 7% – as fast as average

The electrical engineer is the key player in the power industry. They calculate, route, construct, and power the electric systems of buildings, cities, or manufacturing plants. Engineers are the backbone of the largest and most complex systems in today’s world. Electricians perform a variety of tasks including calculating how much power a system needs, drawing up a plan for routing wires, and designing the blueprint for buildings, areas, or devices. An electrical engineer’s role is to calculate how much power a building will need and construct the wiring system needed to make it work. These experts may also be required to perform maintenance or repairs on related systems to prevent or counteract power failures, shortages, or surges.

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