Masters Programs That Don't Require the GRE 2024

For admission to a graduate program of study, the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, is usually required.

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The GRE is a standardized test intended to determine a graduate school applicant’s outlook of success in graduate education, at the Master’s or Doctorate degree level.

GRE requirements vary depending on the university or program of study. If the university requires the GRE as an application requirement, the requirement may be simply that the prospective student has taken the exam before applying. However, a program within the university, may require a specific score in order to be considered.

Universities or specific graduate programs might also recommend, rather than require, a GRE score for admission consideration. This distinction should be clearly displayed in the university’s application requirements listing, but it’s a good idea to check with the admission office or program director for more detailed information on this distinction.

Recommending rather than requiring the GRE often means providing a greater opportunity to students who might not have the strongest application, who might, for example, have an undergraduate GPA on the lower end of the scale. In this case, a high GRE score demonstrates the applicant’s potential to succeed in graduate school, in spite of his or her less-than-desirable performance as an undergraduate student.

If an applicant chooses not to provide a GRE score to a program that recommends rather than requires them, they should make sure their application and supporting materials are highly competitive otherwise.

Some universities and programs, however, do not require the submission of a GRE score for admission consideration whatsoever.

Grad Schools That Don’t Require the GRE

The university or program may have a general policy against exempting applicants from the GRE requirement, or it may decide on an individual basis. Regarding the latter, universities or programs that do require the GRE may waive the requirement for applicants who meet certain criteria.

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The applicant might not be required to submit a GRE score if they have already received a graduate degree, for instance. MFA, or Master of Fine Arts, programs typically require a portfolio of work instead of a GRE score, and programs designed for working professionals tend to value industry experience over a GRE score.

Outside of these individual exemptions, there are universities or programs that do not require the GRE for admission. There’s been a movement toward a more holistic applicant review in recent years, with the GRE score requirement being seen by some university admission departments as an impersonal, black-and-white criterion blocking potentially successful prospective graduate students from having the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and ability.

Studying for and completing the Graduate Record Exam can be a timely and expensive process, a roadblock for many applicants who lack the time and money to prepare for and take the exam. Still, most graduate degree programs that do not require a GRE score for admission consideration are online schools, some with and others without brick-and-mortar campuses.

Potential students may view admission to an online degree program as an easier option, especially if the online university or program does not require a GRE score.

A university or program not requiring the GRE, however, whether online or on-campus, may actually be more difficult to gain admission to. In the absence of a straightforward GRE cut-off score requirement for admission consideration, the program may utilize stricter, more competitive admission requirements. These may include higher undergraduate GPAs, more extracurricular, industry, or research experience, and essays and writing samples held to a greater standard.

18 Grad Schools that Don’t Require the GRE

  1. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
  2. Western Governors University
  3. Purdue University Global
  4. Strayer University
  5. Capella University
  6. Walden University
  7. Northcentral University
  8. Liberty University
  9. University of Southern California
  10. Simmons University
  11. Nova Southeastern University
  12. University of Scranton
  13. Benedictine University
  14. American University
  15. NYU School of Social Work
  16. Boston University
  17. Antioch University
  18. Utica College

Master’s Programs That Do Not Require the GRE

It is far very common to find Master level programs not requiring the GRE than it is to find Doctorate level programs. Most, if not all, Master’s degree programs that can be taken on campus are offered online, too, either through the brick-and-mortar university offering the on-campus option or a university that operates solely online.

Many of the most popular and in-demand degrees can be earned online, including those leading to a profession in health care or the social service field.

When searching for and deciding upon a Master’s program to pursue, the single most important consideration is to make sure the program is accredited by whichever governing body oversees the education and licensing of professionals in its field. This is true of programs offered through both online universities and those that are part of a university with a physical campus.

Accrediting agencies ensure that programs of study offer coursework needed to be considered a qualified professional in the field. If student enrolls in and completes a graduate degree program that is not accredited appropriately, he/she may not realize the mistake until the program is finished and licensing or other qualifications are impossible to obtain. The only option at that point would be, enroll in the same program of study with an accredited university.

Too many for-profit online universities can take advantage of eager applicants seeking in-demand careers. Before submitting your application it is important that you conduct research.

13 Masters Programs – No GRE Grad Schools

  1. Masters in Healthcare Administration – SNHU
  2. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Purdue University Global
  3. Masters of Human Resource Management – Ashford University
  4. MS In Education – Walden
  5. Masters in Taxation – Villanova University
  6. Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Capella University
  7. Executive MBA – Loyola University
  8. Masters of Cybersecurity – Roger Williams University
  9. Master of Science in Social Work (MSW) – Capella University
  10. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) – Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  11. Masters of Public Health (MPH) – California Baptist
  12. Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Capella University
  13. Masters of Public Administration (MPA) – Seton Hall

Traditional Master’s Programs That Don’t Require the GRE

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist supports individuals with disease, injury, or developmental delays that may affect the individual’s independence and overall quality of life. Occupational Therapy is a quickly growing field of study, and you can earn your Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy online. It is imperative to make sure the online program you are interested in pursuing is accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association. The AOTA accredits several online programs offering Master’s level degrees in Occupational Therapy that don’t require the GRE for admission.

Occupational Therapy Programs that Don’t Require the GRE

  1. A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
  2. University of Minnesota
  3. Nebraska Methodist College

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants are Master’s level medical professionals, and these professionals are in high demand. Physician Assistants examine, diagnose, and treat patients in clinical settings without having to spend as much time and work as medical school students do. This degree can be earned from several programs accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, and though it’s less common to find a program of study in a science field that doesn’t require the GRE, such programs are out there.

93 PA Schools That Don’t Require the GRE

  1. Augsburg College Physician Assistant Program
  2. Bay Path University Physician Assistant Program
  3. Bethel University (Minnesota) Physician Assistant Program
  4. California Baptist University
  5. Charles R. Drew University Physician Assistant Program
  6. College of Saint Mary
  7. Concordia University Physician Assistant Program
  8. Cuyahoga Community College Cleveland State University Physician Assistant Program
  9. D’youville College Physician Assistant Program
  10. Daemen College Physician Assistant Program
  11. Dominican University of California
  12. Drexel University Physician Assistant Program
  13. Duquesne University Physician Assistant Program
  14. Eastern Virginia Medical School Physician Assistant Program
  15. Franklin College Physician Assistant Program
  16. Franklin Pierce University Physician Assistant Program
  17. Frostburg State University
  18. Gannon University Physician Assistant Program
  19. Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program
  20. Heritage University Physician Assistant Program
  21. Hofstra University Physician Assistant Program
  22. Howard University
  23. Interservice Physician Assistant Program
  24. Kean University
  25. King’s College Physician Assistant Program
  26. Le Moyne College Physician Assistant Program
  27. Loma Linda University Physician Assistant Program
  28. Marshall B. Ketchum University Physician Assistant Program
  29. MCPHS University Physician Assistant Program (Boston)
  30. MCPHS University Physician Assistant Program (Manchester) New Hampshire
  31. MCPHS University Physician Assistant Program (Worcester) Massachusetts
  32. Mercy College Physician Assistant Program
  33. Miami-Dade College
  34. New York Institute of Technology Physician Assistant Program
  35. Northeastern University Physician Assistant Program
  36. Oklahoma City University
  37. Our Lady of the Holy Cross College
  38. Pace University Physician Assistant Program
  39. Pacific University Physician Assistant Program
  40. Pace University, Pleasantville
  41. Pennsylvania College of Technology Physician Assistant Program
  42. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Physician Assistant Program
  43. Philadelphia University Physician Assistant Program
  44. Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant Program
  45. Red Rocks Community College Physician Assistant Program
  46. Rochester Institute of Technology Physician Assistant Program
  47. Rocky Vista University
  48. Rutgers University Physician Assistant Program
  49. Sacred Heart University Physician Assistant Program
  50. Saint Francis University Physician Assistant Program
  51. Saint Louis University Physician Assistant Program
  52. Samuel Merritt University Physician Assistant Program
  53. Seton Hill University Physician Assistant Program
  54. Slippery Rock University Physician Assistant Program
  55. Southern California University of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Program
  56. Springfield College Physician Assistant Program
  57. St. John’s University Physician Assistant Program
  58. Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program
  59. Sullivan University Physician Assistant Program
  60. SUNY Downstate Medical Center Physician Assistant Program
  61. The CUNY School of Medicine
  62. Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant Program
  63. Touro College (Bay Shore) Physician Assistant Program
  64. Touro College (Manhattan) Physician Assistant Program
  65. Touro University Physician Assistant Program (California)
  66. Towson University CCBC – Essex Physician Assistant Program
  67. Union College Physician Assistant Program
  68. University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Program
  69. University of California-Davis Physician Assistant Program
  70. University of Dayton Physician Assistant Program
  71. University of Findlay Physician Assistant Program
  72. University of Incarnate Word Physician Assistant Program
  73. University of La Verne
  74. University of Manitoba
  75. University of Nevada, Reno
  76. University of North Dakota Physician Assistant Program
  77. University of Saint Joseph Physician Assistant Program
  78. University of South Dakota Physician Assistant Program
  79. University of Tampa
  80. University of the Pacific
  81. University of the Sciences of Philadelphia Physician Assistant Program
  82. University of Toledo Physician Assistant Program
  83. University of Toronto
  84. University of Utah
  85. University of Wisconsin – Madison Physician Assistant Program
  86. Valparaiso University
  87. Wagner College Physician Assistant Program
  88. West Coast University
  89. West Liberty University Physician Assistant Program
  90. Western Michigan University
  91. Western University of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Program
  92. Westfield State University
  93. Wichita State University Physician Assistant Program


A Master’s degree in Psychology will award you to work a profession in mental health counseling or research or take you one step closer to a PhD or PsyD in the field. Several reputable universities give applicants the opportunity to study psychology at the graduate level without requiring a GRE score as part of the admission criteria.

10 Psychology Graduate Programs That Don’t Require the GRE

  1. Sacred Heart University
  2. Vanguard University
  3. California Southern University
  4. Saybrook University
  5. Lynn University
  6. Northcentral University
  7. Grand Canyon University
  8. Walden University
  9. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  10. Argosy University

Online Master’s Programs that Don’t Require the GRE


Earning a MS in Psychology online could be a great choice if you have already received your undergraduate degree in psychology or a related social science field. You can further your education and knowledge from your undergraduate studies in addition to working, whether in a related field or somewhere else. This is just one of the many benefits of applying to graduate psychology programs online without taking the GRE.

10 Online Master’s in Psychology No GRE

  1. Ball State University
  2. Medaille College
  3. University of North Dakota
  4. Capella University
  5. Northcentral University
  6. George Mason University
  7. Penn State University-World Campus
  8. Pepperdine University
  9. Southern New Hampshire University
  10. Touro University-Worldwide

Master of Public Health

A Master’s degree in Public Health qualifies you to work in the community on initiatives in the prevention of injury, disease, and violence as well as in the overall promotion of citizen health and safety. The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health identifies programs offering the coursework necessary to lead to an accredited Master of Public Health, or MPH degree in several areas of focus, including epidemiology, minority health, maternal health, environmental health, and health policy. The MPH can be earned online, and the ASPPH accredits several highly reputed universities with programs in public health, including programs not requiring the GRE for admission.

9 No GRE Online MPH Programs

  1. New Mexico State University
  2. American Public University
  3. University of Colorado
  4. Southern Connecticut University
  5. Liberty University
  6. The University of Alabama
  7. Jackson State University
  8. West Chester University
  9. CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy University of Alaska Anchorage

Speech Pathology

Speech pathology is the specialization of speech and communication abnormalities. A Speech Language pathologist is a professional who does research, evaluates, counsels, and treats people with speech and communication disorders. SLPs work with patients of all ages, from newborns with eating difficulties to senior citizens facing hearing loss. Speech-Language Pathologists are in high demand, so the number of both online and on-campus degree programs is growing. Pursuing your degree online with a program that does not require a GRE score allows you to study accredited coursework at your own pace, though most programs do require students’ physical presence when it comes time for clinical and practicum.

  1. Monmouth University
  2. Nova Southeastern University
  3. West Texas A&M University
  4. St. Ambrose University
  5. San Francisco State University
  6. Governors State University
  7. Loma Linda University
  8. New York University
  9. Sacred Heart University

Master of Social Work

Earning your Master of Social Work online is possible, whether or not you have earned your Bachelor of Social Work. Most online Master of Social Work, or MSW, programs offer both the traditional and advanced-standing track, the former geared toward those with undergraduate degrees outside of social work and the latter toward those with a BSW who are presently active in the field. The Council on Social Work Education accredits several online MSW programs. Though both tracks may be pursued online through programs that do not require the GRE for admission, those with a BSW who currently work in the field may benefit the most through flexible coursework relevant to the people, policies, and practices encountered every day on the job.

10 Online MSW Programs No GRE Required

  1. Northcentral University – Online MSW- No GRE
  2. Edinboro University of Philadelphia – Online MSW – No GRE
  3. Widener University – Online MSW – No GRE
  4. Aurora University – Online MSW – No GRE
  5. Walden University – Online MSW – No GRE
  6. Winthrop University – Online MSW – No GRE
  7. Regis College – Online MSW – No GRE
  8. Seton Hall University – Online MSW – No GRE
  9. Quinnipiac University – Online MSW – No GRE
  10. Stockton University – Online MSW – No GRE

Family Nurse Practitioner

Those interested in pursuing nursing at an advanced degree may choose to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Master’s level registered nurse, or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). Family Nurse Practitioners or FNPs perform many of the same tasks as registered nurses or RNs, but with more responsibility and independence. FNPs are qualified to perform physical exams and to diagnose and treat patients under the supervision of a medical doctor. The paths toward becoming an FNP are quite varied, from RN to MSN-FNP to BSN to MSN-FNP to BS/BA to MSN-FNP. Most of these pathways are offered online through programs not requiring the GRE and qualify students to obtain their nursing license at the end of the course of study. Though mostly entirely online, such programs do, however, require in-person clinical and practicum.

Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs No GRE Required

  1.  Duke University - Durham, NC
  2. Duquesne University - Pittsburgh, PA
  3. University of South Alabama - Mobile, AL
  4. Baylor University - Waco, TX
  5. University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA
  6. Maryville University-Saint Louis - St. Louis, MO
  7. Simmons University - Boston, MA
  8. Sacred Heart University - Fairfield, CT
  9. Regis University - Denver, CO
  10. Rider University - Lawrenceville, NJ

Further Reading: 12-Month FNP Programs Online

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners or PNPs are master’s level registered nurses, or advanced practice registered nurses who specialize in the treatment of individuals with psychiatric disorders or mental illness. PNPs are licensed to evaluate, treat, and prescribe medication to patients experiencing psychological distress typically in unison with mental health counseling. Most online programs in the field require applicants to have earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing and to be currently licensed registered nurses, or RNs. The flexibility of the online program allows you to earn your advanced degree while continuing to practice in the field.

Online Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs with No GRE

1. University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ

Types of Programs:

 DNP (BSN to DNP and MSN to DNP)

2. Georgia College & State University - Milledgeville, GA

Types of Programs:


3. Maryville the University of Saint Louis - Saint Louis, MO

Types of Programs:

 MSNBSN to DNP, and MSN to DNP

4. University of North Dakota - Grand Forks, ND

Types of Programs:


5. Northern Kentucky University - Highland Heights, KY

Types of Programs:


6. Medical University of South Carolina - Charleston, SC

Types of Programs:


7. Briar Cliff University - Sioux City, IA

Types of Programs:


8. Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion - Marion, IN

Types of Programs:


9. University of South Carolina-Columbia - Columbia, SC

Types of Programs:

 MSN and BSN to DNP

10. Regis College - Weston, MA

Types of Programs:

 MSNBSN to DNP, and MSN to DNP

PhD Programs That Don’t Require the GRE

It’s rare to find a PhD program that does not require the GRE of its applicants, but such programs do exist. You will find most of these programs offered through online universities. Most brick-and-mortar universities will consider applicants in the absence of GRE scores only if the applicant has earned a previous graduate degree, or has met some standard set by the university. Whether or not an online PhD program requires a GRE score from all its applicants depends on the individual institution, and the degree you intend to pursue. A PhD-level degree program intended for applicants coming directly from the undergraduate study will be more likely to require a GRE score as an admission requirement than a program dedicated to working professionals who have spent time in the industry.

  1. Nursing Practice (DNP) – Simmons University
  2. Information Technology (DIT) – Capella University
  3. Business Administration (DBA) – Walden University
  4. PhD in Developmental Psychology – Capella University
  5. PsyD Clinical Psychology – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  6. PhD in Information Systems– Nova Southeastern University
  7. PhD in Organizational Leadership– Northcentral University
  8. Health Admin (DHA) – Capella University

Online EdD Programs with no GRE requirements

If your licensed and working in the profession of education submitting an application to pursue a doctorate in education is required. If you hold a bachelors degree in education and are presently working as a teacher an online EdD program may be an ideal option for you. Choosing an online school that does not require the GRE gives you the flexibility to complete your degree while maintaining your employment. Another benefit is getting to advance your knowledge and skills in education while you work in the field.

  1. New York University. Online Ed.D. ...
  2. University of Southern California. Online Ed.D. ...
  3. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. Online Ed.D. ...
  4. Johns Hopkins University. Online Ed.D. ...
  5. Arizona State University. ...
  6. Boston College. ...
  7. Boise State University. ...
  8. Columbia University.


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