For many people in the current U.S. workforce, one thing is certain: if a bachelor’s degree is what it takes to start a career, then a master’s degree is the key to advancing that career. Unfortunately, within many fields, capable employees find themselves prevented from progressing professionally because they lack a master’s degree. This isn’t to say that such individuals lack experience or necessary technical skills; however, many employers believe that employees with master’s degrees give their company something of an edge in the field. A master’s degree holder is more likely to possess a certain level of discipline, added expertise, and invaluable skills.

If you’re already neck-deep in a full-time job or have other personal responsibilities, it may be difficult to hit the pause button to earn your master’s degree. Fortunately, masters’ are more accessible now than ever before. Through easy-to-use online formats, they’re offered by more universities nationwide than ever before. These programs afford unprecedented flexibility and convenience, ultimately redefining the true college experience for millions of students across the country.

Before enrolling, make sure to see if the degree program you’re interested in functions fully online or operates in a hybrid format.

Online Master’s Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Online master’s programs rank according to each school’s average graduate student tuition for in-state students as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. According to Learning House, more than 78% of virtual students enroll at a school within 100 miles of their place of residence; therefore, our list displays in-state rather than out-of-state tuition.

The Most Affordable Online Colleges Offering Master’s Degrees


1. Fort Hays State University


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $4,282

Located in the heart of Kansas, Fort Hays State University comes in as the cheapest online master’s degree program. Fort Hays master’s program enables students to attend classes and earn their master’s degree in a convenient online format. FHSU believes that high-quality education should be accessible to people from all walks of life. To that end, the virtual college affords flexibility and convenience to all of its students. Classes operate on a rolling semester so students can complete courses in accordance with their schedules. While many schools offer online degrees, what truly sets FHSU apart is its consistent presence among the U.S. News and World Report’s best online master’s programs. The school offers over 200 online degrees, with 60 different master’s degrees–a few of which include the master’s in psychology, business administration, nursing, education, and much more.

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2. Midwestern State University


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $4,500

Midwestern State University comes in at number two on our list, and as the only public liberal arts college in the state of Texas, its online ma programs are firmly rooted in the MSU liberal arts tradition; however, they still maintain a strong professional focus. MSU offers non-Texas residents a special tuition rate as well, ensuring that students from all walks of life can receive a world-class education remotely. The university offers a variety of online master’s programs, including the MBA Masters of Business Administration, the MA in Criminal Justice, the MS in Nursing, and much more. All in all, awards the institution a grade rating of ‘B’ for academics, value, and diversity, meaning this school is a prime option overall.

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3. Wayne State College


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $4,580

Located in the rural town of Wayne, Nebraska, our number three listing is a school that has strengthened its online programs in remarkable ways. The school is most well-known for its online Master’s degree program in Business Administration (MBA), Education (MSE), Organizational Management (MSOM), and over 25 other online master’s programs. The online master’s program is taught by the same faculty that teach on-campus, meaning the quality of education is consistent and held to the same high standard across the board. WSC’s online systems use Blackboard to help facilitate classroom interaction.

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4. The Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $4,582

The Holy Apostles College & Seminary is a Roman Catholic institution that has operated with accreditation from the Commission of Higher Education since its founding in 1956. The school is a small, private organization of faithful, devoted students and committed faculty. As far as online master’s programs go, Holy Apostles is definitely a leading contender. The online graduate program offers an MA in Theology, an MA in Philosophy, and an MA in Pastoral Studies. These curricula center largely around spiritual and theological concepts, and because the school itself is such a small institution, the student-to-faculty ratio is just 5:1. This essentially means that the whole establishment is a singular, tight-knit community of faith.

View the Holy Apostles College & Seminary Online

5. The University of West Georgia

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $5,085

“Amazing things happen when you Go West.” That’s certainly true for our #5 school, the University of West Georgia. As one of the most forward-thinking schools in the state, UWG embraces diversity, values community, and ultimately drives student success. UWG offers 20 different master’s study programs through their online system, a few of which include the Online MBA, the MSN in Nursing, and the MEd in Instructional Technology, Media & Design. By taking the virtual route, West Georgia students are able to save huge amounts of time and money that they would otherwise spend on housing, scheduling, and everyday on-campus expenses. Additionally, non-resident learners aren’t charged extra fees for studying remotely.

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6. Valdosta State University


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $5,351

Valdosta State University holds the fifth position on our list of top ten schools in Georgia. Valdosta prides itself on being a place where students will never feel invisible or unheard. Valdosta faculty’s collective commitment to innovative learning, the school’s dedication to hands-on research, and its minimal class sizes all merge to create an environment where individual students can thrive. Valdosta online is a feature that helps students reduce costs significantly and is an especially enticing option for non-traditional students. And with a selection of 19 online master’s programs to choose from, students have the choice of specializing in practically any field they want.

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7. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $5,412

At #7 on our list is the only university named after a geological formation. Home to more than 7,000 students and a faculty of 250 teachers, and professors. UTPB ranks as one of the top 5 public universities in Texas for students employed one year after graduation. UTPB offers students competitive tuition rates making higher education more accessible and affordable. With over 45 online graduate programs, UTPB provides students with options to advance their careers and further their education. Classes are typically delivered in an eight-week term, allowing students to go through their classes at a faster pace if need be.

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8. Georgia Southern University


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,210

Georgia Southern University is the state’s largest and most comprehensive university south of Atlanta. Home to more than 27,000 students from all 50 states and 102 nations, Georgia Southern encourages learning, discovery, and personal growth. The hallmark of a Georgia Southern education has always been about bringing theory into practice beyond the classroom. It’s this mindset that has brought students success since the school’s foundation in 1906. This is certainly true in their online master’s degree programs.

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9. Arkansas State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,422

Coming in at #9 on our list is Arkansas State University–the true flagship school of the ASU system. It consistently ranks #2 in Top Public Universities in America according to Niche and is known to be the economic and cultural engine of northeastern Arkansas. The virtual system boasts 40 different online master’s programs in fields like education, teaching, strategic communications, school counseling, early childhood services, and media management.

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10. The University of Central Arkansas


Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,611

UCA offers a number of hybrid options and five fully online programs that require no presence on the UCA campus. These programs include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Family and Consumer Sciences (MS), Instructional Technology (MS), Geographic Information Systems (MGIS), and Health Promotion (MS). The University of Central Arkansas’s focus is to promote affordable and accessible education for everyone, as the demand for online programs continues to rise.

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11. Henderson State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,727

Henderson State University comes in at eleven, the third school from the state of Arkansas within our ranks. Henderson State believes that access to affordable education provides opportunities for everyone. Because of its small class sizes, HSU is able to ensure that the quality of education never dips and that students receive exactly what they’re paying for. HSU’s online programs are no different than their on-campus equivalents. The school’s online graduate degree offerings include Advanced Instructional Studies (MSE), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Special Education Online, Sports Administration (ME), and much more. These programs are flexible so that students can attend online courses live from anywhere with an internet connection.

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12. Missouri State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,747

Coming in at #12 from the heart of the “show-me state,” Missouri State University operates one of the most affordable online master’s degree programs in the country.MSU graduates are known for their ethical leadership, cultural competence, and community engagement, all of which are fostered by the university’s comprehensive system and longstanding dedication to developing future leaders. MSU features more than 24 100% online master’s degree programs and two doctorate programs. A few of these programs include Cybersecurity (MS), Social Work (MS), Business Administration (MBA), Criminology and Criminal Justice (MS), History (MA), and Nursing (MSN). Virtual students pay the same tuition as Missouri residents and in-person students.

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13. Southeast Missouri State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,773

As a comprehensive university, Southeast Missouri State University offers more than 75 graduate programs. Southeast is located in Cape Girardeau, the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis. Nearly 12,000 students call this university home, making it the ideal size for students to take advantage of a vibrant student community and critical learning opportunities. 100% of all majors have internships and experiential learning options.  Southeast Online recognizes that non-traditional students can’t always attend classes in the same way other students can. To that end, Southeast has optimized its online programs with flexibility in mind. With more than 15 online programs, students are able to take advantage of this convenience and get ahead in their careers.

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14. Georgia College & State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,775

GCSU is dedicated to cultivating a lifelong passion for learning in its students. The university emphasizes highly intentional engagement, encouraging students to participate in research, study abroad programs, and community service. whether they attend in person or remotely. These fully accredited programs are taught by distinguished faculty members, ensuring that students receive an exceptional education. At Georgia College, students from all financial backgrounds are given the opportunity to pursue higher education.

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15. Kennesaw State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,858

Kennesaw State University was founded in 1963. Today, students from all walks of life thrive on the school’s innovative instruction and entrepreneurial learning environment. KSU is a Carnegie-designated doctoral institution with a moderate level of research activity, an invaluable aspect for individuals seeking marketing opportunities. KSU’s online programs are designed to accommodate working students. The school aims to expand its online platform in the near future, but for now, is limited to offering specialization certificates.

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16. Oklahoma State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,875

Oklahoma State University prides itself on being “America’s brightest orange.” While many schools support diversity, few schools are as active in promoting it as OSU. OSU has shown its support for DACA students and has taken a stand politically to push Congress toward an equitable resolution on this highly contested issue. OSU’s willingness to risk its reputation by prioritizing students’ needs and opinions is commendable. OSU’s online programs are designed for students that need flexible, convenient degree options. OSU offers more than 36 different online master’s degrees, such as the Master of Business Administration, Reading and Literacy MS, Dietetics MS, Forensic Sciences MS, Health Care Administration MS, and more. Ultimately, OSU enables students to get the jump on their professional careers without falling behind financially and obtain a high-quality education while they’re at it.

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17. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,886

At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, students acquire knowledge, develop themselves, and flourish. The school provides ample internship and marketing opportunities for its students, a facet that should definitely be considered by any career-focused, master’s seeking student. Its curriculums present a range of online programs encompassing diverse fields of online study. These programs include:
Information technology
Social sciences
Natural Sciences
All in all, these aspects make the University of Arkansas at Little Rock a highly desirable option for aspiring students anywhere.

View the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Online

18. Sam Houston State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $6,930

For more than 137 years Sam Houston State University has been dedicated to enabling students to create lives of meaningful achievement. The school upholds a proud tradition keeping with the motto of the school: “The measure of a life is its service.” This motto has been the guiding principle in SHSU’s research practices, creative endeavors, and volunteer efforts. SHSU understands the need for virtual education and offers $1,000 scholarships to online students. Institutionally, the university is already reaping the benefits of its virtual focus. However, beyond criminal justice, the school offers 29 different virtual master’s degree programs.

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19. Montana State University – Billings

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,020

Montana State University in Billings is located in a region where outdoor recreation is a popular pastime and its 4,400 students make it a small, tight-knit community in addition to the economic hub of the area. MSUB offers online master’s degrees in:
health administration
public relations
mental health counseling
and special education
Ambitious and determined students can now pursue their educational and career aspirations without being constrained by a fixed timetable, thanks to online learning programs.

View Montana State University – Billings Online

20. Texas Tech University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,118

Texas Tech boasts a “highest research” activity rating on the Carnegie Classification. Students often benefit from such faculty-based research, an advantage that extends to TTU’s online students as well. The university offers 5 online master’s degree programs in fields like data science, business administration, communications, family and consumer sciences, marketing, and so much more. Texas Tech even hosts a dedicated staff specifically working within its online platform.

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21. The University of Texas – Tyler

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,224

The University of Texas in Tyler Texas is a school that takes its online degree programs seriously. By prominently displaying the online options on its homepage, it is evident that this school places great importance on catering to the requirements of its virtual and remote learners. UT Tyler offers more than 15 online master’s degrees with a number of online certifications with additional specializations in fields such as:
educational leadership
health sciences
and criminal justice
The indication of a high-caliber education can be discovered through the feedback of students, the rankings of the university, and the dedication demonstrated by notable faculty members. Overall, Tyler students possess the ability to achieve their objectives both within the confines of their homes and beyond.

View the University of Texas – Tyler Online

22. The University of South Dakota

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,308

The University of South Dakota has been dedicated to furthering education and promoting student’s futures since its founding in 1862. The school boasts accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States and operates a comprehensive online system with graduate studies within six schools of course. The university upholds its dedication to delivering exceptional education by extending it to its online programs. The university’s dedication to delivering exceptional education is reflected in its online programs, which are structured to furnish students with the same caliber of top-notch teaching and academic challenge as its on-campus courses.

View the University of South Dakota Online

23. Columbus State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,415

Today Columbus State operates as part of the Georgia University system, with just under 8,500 students in total. CSU offers a wide variety of degrees in different forms–from online degree programs to doctorates designed specifically for remote students. Columbus State values its people, boasting a stellar faculty and minimal class sizes that create a highly individualized learning experience for all students. CSU stands out for reasons other than its campus, however: its ability to provide quality online education. CSU offers over 30 different online master’s degrees in fields like nursing, physics, cybersecurity management, biology, special education, public administration, and much more.

View Columbus State University Online

24. Lamar University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,594

Lamar University, situated in Beaumont, Texas is renowned for its vast student body which exceeds 15,000 individuals. Lamar has established itself as a prominent figure in the realm of online education by providing access to over 30 graduate programs across a wide array of subjects. These include nursing, criminal justice, business administration, marketing, criminal justice management, information systems, healthcare administration, and numerous others. The university places great importance on academic success by promoting experiential learning across all degree levels. This objective is facilitated by limiting class sizes, enabling students to foster crucial mentorships with faculty members.

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25. Amberton University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $7,790

Amberton University is a fully accredited institution that has been committed to furthering education and encouraging student aspirations since its founding in 1971. The school operates a wide variety of online degree programs that push the boundaries of virtual learning. A few of these include:
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
Master of Business Administration in Accounting
International Business, and more.
Amberton University holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges to award both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

View Amberton University Online

26. Emporia State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,110

Emporia State University operates from the very heart of Kansas and has been providing education to its surrounding community–as well as remote learners nationwide–for upwards of 150 years. The school affords every advantage of a small classroom setting while meeting the high standards of your typical grad student lifestyle. Emporia State boasts more than 72 virtual master’s degree programs distributed across 4 different schools of study, a few of which include:
Master of Accountancy
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts in English
Master of Science in Educational Administration, and more.
Additionally, ESU students from the midwestern region of the United States qualify for reduced tuition costs.

View Emporia State University Online

27. The University of Louisiana Monroe

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,170

The University of Louisiana Monroe is a state-funded school and is home to over 8,800 students in total. Since its founding in 1931, the school has awarded thousands of degrees to countless graduates. ULM professors are true enthusiasts in their respective fields. They love to share their passions with students and teach in the ways best suited to each individual student. At ULM, classrooms are considered not just places of organized collaboration, but of far-reaching and impactful discovery. The virtual format affords over 25 online master’s degrees to choose from, a few of which include Psychology (MS), Criminal Justice (MA), Business Administration (MBA), Nursing (MSN), and much more. At ULM, the possibilities are truly endless.

View the University of Louisiana Monroe Online

28. American Public University

Average Graduate State Tuition (In-State): $8,360

American Public University was founded in 1991 at the dawn of the digital revolution with the intent of establishing a straightforward virtual learning environment for students across the nation. They are dedicated to providing highly comprehensive graduate-level education to students seeking advancement in their respective fields. APU provides 45 different online master’s degrees to choose from, a few of which include:
Nursing MSN
Healthcare Administration Master of Science
Entrepreneurship Master of Sciences
Criminal Justice Master of Arts, and much more.
With an APU master’s degree earned through hard work, commitment, and determination, you’re sure to succeed.

View American Public University Online

29. Texas A&M University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,381

Out of the majority of Texas public schools, and as a flagship university of the state, this school provides some of the best returns on investment. With a student body population exceeding 65,000 students, they rank among the largest schools nationwide and take pride in it. Texas A&M offers 33 master’s degrees through its convenient online format, branching over twelve different schools of study. A few of the master’s degrees available include:
MS in Education for Healthcare Professionals
MENGR in Aerospace Engineering
MS in Statistics
MJUR in Jurisprudence, and so much more.
Earning a master’s degree doesn’t have to be something that consumes your whole life; in fact, with Texas A&M’s virtual setup, a graduate program can fit into even the busiest of schedules.

View Texas A&M University Online

30. North Dakota State University-Main Campus

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,411

The university boasts top-ranked science programs and sits among the National Science Foundation’s top 100 schools for:
agricultural sciences
social sciences
physical sciences
and computer sciences programs.
Many students opt to take the hybrid courses offered, even while attending other classes on campus, because of their outstanding quality. As far as master’s degrees go, 19 are offered in an entirely online format. These include:
Master of Science in Merchandising
MS and MA in Community Development
MS in Bioengineering, and much more.

View North Dakota State University Online

31. Eastern New Mexico University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,494

Eastern New Mexico University has dedicated itself to enhancing liberal education, promoting intellectual exploration, celebrating cultural diversity, and improving the overall quality of student life for more than 80 years. To that end, it maintains its online programs and keeps them completely up-to-date, recognizing that student needs have evolved significantly in the last decade. With flexible scheduling options and online delivery, ENMU’s master’s programs are designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking to further their education. ENMU reports a 97% student satisfaction rate, which is a stunning achievement in the realm of postsecondary education.
Some of ENMU’s master programs include:
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts in Communication
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics and more

View Eastern New Mexico University Online

32. California State University-Dominguez Hills

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,532

CSUDH is well known for its academic achievement and its service to both its local and global communities. It’s a school with a growing reputation and has impressively been moving up the ranks among top-value college rankings and affordability classifications. The school offers a variety of fully online master’s degree programs to choose from, a few of which include:
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science Systems Engineering, and more.
CSUDH students can rest assured they’ll be getting the best quality of education for the best value.

View California State University Dominguez Hills Online

33. Charleston Southern University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,550

The school boasts accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and supports a student population of over 3,700 students in total. As far as its virtual programs go, Charleston holds esteemable positions among the U.S. News and World Report’s 2019 rankings for best online programs in the nation.

View Charleston Southern University Online

34. Western Governor’s University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,666

Western Governors University is a fully comprehensive virtual college campus that pushes its students to meet high academic and professional standards. WGU now sits at #2 in’s rankings of Best Value Colleges in Utah. WGU offers 33 different online master’s degrees to choose from, a few of which include Data Analytics (MS), Nursing Informatics (MSN), Learning and Technology (MEd), and much more. Through these programs, students can advance toward the career they want from the convenience of their own homes and on their own individualized schedules.

View Western Governor’s University Online

35. Delta State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,672

Since its founding in 1924, Delta State University has been committed to serving its surrounding community of Cleveland, Mississippi. The school promotes a strong liberal arts tradition while simultaneously maintaining research-based curricula and upholding a reputable standard of excellence for all its students, both remote and in-person. DSU guarantees the same high quality of education online as it does in person, and with all the convenience afforded by its online degree programs, the choice between online education or in-person education at DSU is easy.
DSU, or Delaware State University, offers several affordable master’s degree programs to students seeking to further their education. These include:
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Applied Optics
Master of Science in Biological Sciences and more

View Delta State University Online

36. Marshall University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,882

Marshall University believes that quality education can change lives. Because it maintains minimal class sizes, supportive faculty members who believe in student potential, and sports cutting-edge educational facilities, that belief is made all the more real. With over 13,300 students in attendance, it’s apparent why this university is considered a home to many. Marshall has been widely recognized for upholding high academic standards since its founding in 1837. Today, the school’s distance learning programs uphold that same standard. Online students can pursue master’s degrees in fields such as:
nursing, and much more.

View Marshall University Online

37. The University of Central Missouri

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,910

Thanks to its dedication to providing comprehensive support services, students feel empowered to achieve their academic goals and succeed both in and beyond the classroom. In fact, UCM holds something they call the “learning to a greater degree” contract, which awards financial scholarships to qualifying individuals and stands as a commitment to help students graduate in a timely manner. UCM’s commitment to students extends to its online subsidiaries as well.
Some of the available programs include:
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and more

View the University of Central Missouri Online

38. Troy University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $8,936

Troy University has upheld its commitment to promoting academic excellence and advancing student achievement since its establishment in 1887. As far as online degree programs go, Troy’s master’s options are seemingly endless. A few such degrees include:
MS in Computer Science
MPA in Nonprofit Management
MS in Nursing
MBA in Global Business, and so much more.
If you’re convinced that an online format is the best mode through which to pursue your educational and professional goals and are concerned with both quality and convenience, Troy is definitely an option to consider.

View Troy University Online

39. The University of Arkansas

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,018

The University of Arkansas sits at #176 among National Universities, according to the U.S. News and World Report, and awarded it an overall grade rating of ‘A-‘ for academics, value, and diversity, placing it at the #1 spot among Top Public Universities in Arkansas. The school also sits high among the Best Online Master’s Programs among the U.S. News and World Report’s rankings. Thanks to the convenience and accessibility of online learning, busy working adults, aspiring students, and career-focused individuals can pursue advanced degrees like the following:
Master of Arts in Secondary Mathematics
Executive Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Science in Operations Analytics

View the University of Arkansas Online

40. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,018

As the only South Dakota school on our list, the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is certainly a mouthful, but a top contender in the field of online programs nonetheless. The school was founded in 1885 as a mining institution–the region’s primary industry. Located in Rapid City, at the heart of the beautiful South Dakota Black Hills, the school functions as a STEM-focused institution. For example, SD Mines offers multiple online master’s degrees in engineering, including Mining Engineering & Management (MEM), Construction Engineering and Mgmt (CEM), and Engineering Management (EM). These degrees are available both online and in a hybrid format (with locations at their Rushmore campus), making SD Mines a strong competitor among schools with online master’s degrees in engineering.

View the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Online

41. Minot State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,060

Minot State University has been committed to furthering individualized education and promoting strong student values since its founding in 1913. Today, nearly 3,000 individuals call this university home. A diverse range of online course options and degree programs are available, enabling students to pursue their academic goals conveniently from their own homes. As far as online graduate programs go, MSU grants master’s degrees in everything from education to information systems, as well as sports management, special education, and more. All in all, Minot State is an excellent option for your virtual graduate school experience. A few examples of Minot States master’s program include:
Master of Education in Special Education
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Information Systems
Master of Education in Reading
Master of Science in Counseling
Master of Science in Nursing and more
Minot State University offers a variety of Master’s programs across different fields.

View Minot State University Online

42. Clarks Summit University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,120

Clarks Summit University is an institution of post-secondary education that has been educating students since its founding in 1932. The CSU mission is centered on Christ and the faculty and student body work together to promote religious values within the surrounding community. Clarks Summit’s influence reaches further than the school’s immediate vicinity, however. Through its virtual platforms, students from across the country can pursue the professional and spiritual credentials they require from the ease and comfort of their own homes.

View Clarks Summit University Online

43. University of the Cumberlands

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,156

The University of the Cumberlands is a private institution located at the southern heart of Kentucky, bordering the northern Tennessee line. The school is home to nearly 13,500 students in total and has been serving aspiring learners from across the nation for over 130 years. As far as online programs go, Cumberlands has some of the most convenient and comprehensive. Its online master’s degrees range across eight different fields of study and include specialties such as:

Master’s in Business Administration

and Master of Science in Nursing

View the University of the Cumberlands Online

44. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,518

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has been dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of America since its inception in 1926. The school’s worldwide campus supports students from all across the globe, and as a military-backed institution, it makes degrees accessible to active service members and veterans regardless of where they’re stationed. Embry-Riddle has 21 online master’s degree programs.

View Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Online

45. Nova Southeastern University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,766

Nova Southeastern University is a top-tier post-secondary institution dedicated to providing students with convenient and comprehensive professional career training and education. Since 1972, this university has maintained its prestige as the first in the country to provide an online doctorate program. NSU is known for its strong programs in:
health sciences,
and marine sciences.
Nova Southeastern University has a diverse student body with representation from all 50 states of the United States and over 116 countries, which showcases the university’s inclusive and global outlook. NSU has established several research centers and institutes, such as the National Coral Reef Institute and the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, which reflects its dedication to innovation and advancing knowledge.

View Nova Southeastern University Online

46. The University of Illinois at Springfield

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $9,777

This school offers twelve different online graduate programs in total, ranging from fields in legal studies, public health, data analytics, environmental studies, and more. Through these programs, students can obtain professional credentials and real-time experience, working with professors and alumni that understand how to market successfully in their respective fields. With a UIS graduate degree, professional and academic opportunities are truly endless.

View the University of Illinois at Springfield Online

47. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $10,263

Today, the school operates under the land-grant University of Tennessee system, collaborating with various state universities to expand the realm of higher education within the region and throughout the world. As far as virtual graduate programs go, UTC offers eight different master’s degrees, a few of which include:
Masters of Business Administration,
Master of Science in Criminal Justice,
Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and much more.
Though some specific courses within these platforms require a percentage of in-person attendance, the vast majority of programs can be completed entirely online.

View the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Online

48. University of Texas – Arlington

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $10,384

As an institution, UT Arlington affords critical thinking skills to students and instills the love of lifelong learning within individuals. With a global enrollment of more than 58,000 students in total, UTA is truly a university of great renown. The school’s online programs are also widely praised, offering a variety of master’s degrees a few of which include:
Master of Science in Nursing in Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner,
Master of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies,
Master of Business Administration, and many more.
These virtual programs can be completed in as little as 9-22 months.

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49. East Tennessee State University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $10,474

Since 1911, East Tennessee State University has been forwarding the practice of education as a public institution backed by the Community College System of Tennessee. Today, it’s home to over 15,200 students and continues to stand true to its motto, “Graduation Begins Today,” by providing a plethora of academic resources and learning platforms to its students across the country. For example, the ETSU virtual campus offers fifteen different master’s degrees, as well as five additional hybrid format options. These include Human Services (MS), Business Administration (MBA), Early Childhood Education (MA), and more.

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50. Wilmington University

Average Graduate Student Tuition (In-State): $10,600

Wilmington University, a non-sectarian private institution, motivates students to reach their full potential and strive for excellence. The university provides exceptional and comprehensive education through its online platforms, making it accessible and convenient to students all over the United States. Ambitious individuals can achieve their Masters in such fields as:
Business Administration MBA,
Master of Science in Cybersecurity,
Master of Science in Applied Family Science, or any one of the more than 60 different virtual graduate programs Wilmington has to offer.

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Full List of 73 Most Affordable Online Master’s Programs

Fort Hays State University $2,384
Holy Apostles $4,185
University of West Georgia $4,282
Valdosta State University $4,320
Georgia Southern University $4,572
Arkansas State University $4,986
Missouri State University $5,292
Southeast Missouri State University $5,328
Georgia College & State University $5,351
University of Arkansas at Little Rock $5,531
Sam Houston State University $5,580
Texas Tech University $5,760
University of Texas—Tyler $5,765
Columbus State University $6,300
Lamar University $6,397
Amberton University $6,490
Emporia State University $6,547
North Dakota State University – Main Campus $6,840
California State University-Dominguez Hills $7,176
Charleston Southern University $7,500
Delta State University $7,608
Marshall University $7,650
University of Central Missouri $7,752
University of Arkansas $7,951
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology $8,247
Clarks Summit University $8,320
University of Tennessee — Chattanooga $8,739
University of Texas — Arlington $10,853
Mississippi State University $8,910
Saint Joseph’s College of Maine $9,758
University of Southern Indiana $9,761
Iowa State University $10,246
University of Missouri—Kansas City $10,520
Clemson University $10,530
Jacksonville State University $10,600
University of Kansas $10,780
University of Alabama $10,780
University of Cincinnati $13,224
Georgia Institute of Technology $13,737
Graceland University $15,016


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