Jobs That Pay 100K

Selecting a career that is both purpose-driven and financially stable is a crucial choice we all face. While passion and interest should be key factors, it's also pragmatic to consider potential earnings when selecting a career path. After all our work enables us to support ourselves and our families.

The good news is that many of the most meaningful and impactful careers also offer strong compensation. Fields like healthcare, technology, finance, and engineering are projected to see robust job growth and competitive salaries over the next decade. Within these sectors lie countless opportunities to do work you love while earning a comfortable living.

Even beyond the highest paying fields, pursuing an education and developing in-demand skills can unlock earning potential. Whether it be through vocational training, college degrees, or certifications, building your capabilities allows you to command better compensation. And by carefully researching careers, you can find hidden gem professions that perfectly align personal fulfillment and financial incentives.

When it comes down to it, your career will probably influence much of your life's direction and financial stability.While passion should be the top priority, there's no shame in also wanting to earn a good living. With forethought and planning, you can find an optimal balance between purpose and prosperity.

For more insight on jobs that pay over $100,000, we explore the following:

  1. How can degree type impact your expected income?
  2. Career types with the most financial growth
  3. Highest-paying career for college graduates
  4. How to qualify and apply for a job that pays $100K or more

How Degree Type Can Impact Your Expected Income

It's understandable to have concerns about the costs of higher education, especially for degrees leading to technical careers. However, data shows these investments pay off in the long run through increased earning potential.

While tuition can seem high upfront, loans and financial aid are available to make an advanced degree achievable. And earnings statistics reveal that graduates of engineering, computer science, and healthcare programs, for example, earn significantly higher salaries over their lifetimes compared to social sciences and humanities. This wage premium is driven by high demand and a short supply of workers with technical and scientific skills.

Rather than be discouraged by the price tag of a top program, focus on the incredible return on investment it will bring over your career. Advanced technical skills lead to jobs that provide financial security and the means to pay off student loans. With proper planning and budgeting, the costs of a premier STEM or business degree can absolutely be managed. And you’ll gain knowledge, capabilities, and connections that unlock your professional success for decades to come.

So don't let the initial expenses deter you from a degree that aligns with your talents and interests. With hard work and smart choices, an investment in career-focused education is proven to deliver immense rewards down the road.

These include:

  • Marketability of the degree you pursue

Pursuing an education that equips you for a thriving and opportunity rich profession is one of the wisest investments you can make early in your career. Fields like healthcare, technology, and engineering desperately need qualified workers to fill open roles and are projected to grow steadily in the coming years. Getting the right education and skills in one of these areas virtually guarantees you'll have employers competing to hire you once you graduate. And that leverage allows you to command higher pay and job stability even as a new graduate. While certain majors may seem daunting at first, the investment is well worth it for the career prospects you'll enjoy down the road. Do thorough research to find where your interests align with real world needs so you can set yourself up for long term success.

  • The quality of training you receive

The main marketing point for graduates is the skill set acquired from degree programs. The quality of training you receive determines how fast you get employed after school. Early employment guarantees more financial income as you work for a longer period. Additionally, the training you receive in a degree program determines your success as an independent professional. The best way to make more money in any career is by venturing into private practice. Running a business requires skills that you should acquire in school. However, you need to practice under an employer to perfect your skills for the future as an employer.

  • Nature of the training program

Furthering your education can be a worthwhile investment if approached strategically. Many institutions provide degree programs with hands-on training, which employers highly value. Programs that facilitate internships allow students to gain practical experience and build connections, potentially leading to employment offers. Some institutions even provide paid internships, enabling students to earn income while studying.

However, the costs of higher education demand careful consideration. While education is key to unlocking greater earning potential long-term, programs can impact family finances in the short term. Evaluate program costs and research scholarships to find an affordable option aligned with your career goals. For advanced degrees, weigh tuition and living expenses against expected salary bumps in your field after graduation.

Earning a degree, especially an advanced one, can boost your expertise, credibility and future earnings. But not all programs are created equal. Ensure the curriculum, specialty, and hands-on opportunities match your professional aims. An expensive general master's degree may not justify the cost if your field values niche technical skills. Target programs delivering career-advancing skills at a reasonable price.

Student loans allow access to programs you couldn't otherwise afford. But high interest accumulation can lead to financial struggle later. Minimize borrowing by working during school, living frugally, and exhausting every grant and scholarship avenue. With strategic planning and school selection, higher education can propel your career forward without sinking your finances. The investment pays dividends when programs provide true career preparation and networking value beyond just a degree credential.

Career Types With The Most Financial Growth

There are many career paths you can pursue high financial gain. Consulting a financial advisor will help you gauge which one will earn you more money within a short period. Financial advisors help professionals with huge income flow manage their financial resources. Every field has specific career paths that guarantee huge financial income. Some of the highest-paying careers in the field of finance include:

Compliance officers

A career as a compliance officer is a wise choice for those seeking an intellectually engaging and financially rewarding profession. Compliance roles typically offer salaries up to $118,000 annually, providing notable earning potential. But more importantly, compliance officers serve the critical function of ensuring corporate ethics and legal compliance. They analyze complex regulations, assess business policies, and recommend changes to align with the law. Compliance officers have a seat at the table, actively shaping corporate policy and safeguarding stakeholders. Although mastering compliance takes dedication, the education requirements are very reasonable - often just a bachelor's degree and relevant certifications. Compliance skills are also transferable across industries, offering career stability. When you weigh all the factors, a career as a compliance officer stands out as uniquely fulfilling both financially and in making a valuable impact. For driven professionals willing to master complex regulations, compliance offers the rare chance to prosper and do good. The income and job satisfaction make it a very appealing and recommended path.

Financial officers

Financial officers play a critical role guiding major corporations to prosperity. Tasked with pivotal money decisions your expertise steers companies safely toward success, thus allowing you to position yourself to earn an impressive six figure salary of $131,000 or more each year. Though specific duties vary, financial officers commonly serve as trusted advisors to executive boards and CEOs. Your financial mastery and risk analysis will empower executives with the keen insights they need to lead their companies to prosperity. And your impact extends beyond the boardroom - financial officers enable high net worth individuals like athletes and entertainers to build wealth. With your prudent guidance, sports stars and artists can concentrate on perfecting their craft, resting easy knowing you are strategically maximizing their earnings. Your financial acumen will help construct customized plans to efficiently grow their fortunes while protecting against risk. Clients can feel confident entrusting their financial future to your expertise. For any high earner, a financial officer provides the tailored strategy and vigilance to turn income into lasting returns. With your expertise illuminating the wisest investments and money moves, you can help build lasting prosperity. Your discerning eye for financial strategy creates security and peace of mind. For those eager to leverage their money skills to guide others to success, a career as a financial officer promises opportunities to prosper while doing meaningful work. The lucrative pay and chance to help individuals and companies achieve their dreams make it an immensely rewarding choice.

Investment managers

Companies and individuals with a lot of money look for ways to sustain their income flows. Sustainability in finances comes from the diversification of investments. For successful investments, most companies and individuals need the services of an investment manager. You can earn up to $131,000 yearly working as an investment manager. However, some investment managers participate in the profits generated from the investments under them. Such agreements guarantee more income as there is no cap on how much you can make from one client. Investment managers can work in various areas within the finance field. The most common positions held by investment managers include investment bankers and hedge fund managers. The main feature of hedge fund managers is that they deal with more than individuals or companies. They are usually in charge of funds pooled together by different people for investment purposes.

Several other career paths guarantee high financial income. Majoring in broad and perpetual fields such as technology is one way to earn a lot of money as a professional. For instance, businesses have shifted to information in the past few years, which implies that pursuing careers in information technology will earn you good money. Some of the highest-paying careers in the information technology field include:

  • Information securityInformation is an essential element of business in the world. The increased value of information makes it essential to secure it from getting into the wrong hands. There are many forms of valuable information that need to be protected. These include patents for innovations and inventions. As a result, there is an increase in the need for information security. There are several job opportunities in the information security sector, like an information security analyst, that assess the possibility of a loss of information and suggest measures to be taken.
  • Computer programing and software engineering-Computer science and programming are one of the most technical career paths in information technology. It forms the basis of most careers and encompasses many roles, including software developer and software engineer. Due to the digitization of information, many companies need experts to develop programs to analyze, store and retrieve information fast. This task can only be done by people with computer programming skills. You can earn as an employee or develop software for sale to people that need them.

Although the above-mentioned are profitable career paths, you cannot earn to the maximum since what you get depends on your employer. However, with these skills, you can venture into private practice as a consultant. Consultants earn a lot of money as they deal with more than one client. In some cases, consultants negotiate for a percentage of the profits generated by implementing the policies they create.

Highest-Paying Careers for College Graduates

The average salary of college graduates is always lower than that of experienced professionals. As you gain experience and advance your education, you will likely earn more. At the entry level, the amount of money you receive depends on your field of practice. Securing employment in a well-paying institution guarantees maximum returns on investment. If you want to earn more as a graduate, here are some of the qualities you should look for in a college before enrolling.

Available facilities

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions you will make to set yourself up for career success. Look for institutions that make substantial investments in state-of-the-art facilities and resources specifically for your intended program. Robust labs, cutting-edge technology, ample tutoring, and excellent libraries indicate a serious commitment to students' learning and outcomes. Technical fields like engineering and medicine demand hands-on training - you need access to the latest equipment and attentive faculty to master critical real-world skills. While well-resourced colleges often charge higher tuition, the long-term payoff is well worth it. Graduating from an institution with superior facilities demonstrates you gained practical expertise that sets you apart. Employers recognize these colleges produce exceptionally prepared graduates ready to excel. The career opportunities and earning power you gain make the investment in a top-tier education pay dividends for years to come. Choose wisely and the facilities and instruction will empower you to achieve your full potential.

Location of the institution

One of the factors that determine the employability of college graduates is where the college is situated. Enrolling in institutions located in major cities increases your chances of getting employed as they are the main location of employment for college graduates. Most graduates of reputable colleges are absorbed into the urban workforce. Some colleges organize internship opportunities for their students. A paid internship is one way of earning extra money at the beginning of your career. Studying in a university or college located in a city exposes you to business opportunities. Taking advantage of such opportunities will earn you additional money as a student.

As stated earlier, the course you study determines how much you earn as a professional. However, you can make more money than a person in a technical profession, depending on how you manage your resources and your ability to exploit opportunities. Some careers guarantee great financial gains within a short time. Having a degree in one of these courses will earn you more money at the beginning of your career.


A career in finance offers virtually limitless opportunities to prosper doing meaningful work. Finance encompasses a wide range of roles engaged with leveraging money, each requiring expertise to strategically invest, multiply, and safeguard funds. An education in finance empowers you with versatile skills valued across industries. Whether helping individuals plan for retirement, enabling businesses to expand through prudent lending, or guiding investments to drive markets, finance careers allow you to create tangible value. The field promises competitive salaries with rapid advancement for top performers. Finance degrees unlock a world of possibilities to thrive while making a difference through smart money management. If you have an analytical and strategic mindset, a career in finance is sure to provide engaging work with financial rewards to match.

Medical degrees

Medicine is one of the most lucrative careers. It is broad with many technical jobs that require intense training, including an occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, and radiation therapist. Despite the significant time and financial commitment required, a medical degree provides access to exceptionally high-paying and meaningful careers in healthcare. Physicians, nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses are consistently among the top-earning roles, with average salaries well into the six figures. Medicine and surgery are medical specializations for doctors and surgeons. Nursing focuses on instilling skills necessary for patient care. There are many places where you can work as a registered nurse. These include government and private medical institutions. In some cases, nurses are employed to work in schools and assisted living homes.

Degrees in technology

A career in technology promises immense opportunities for prosperity. The digital transformation sweeping every industry has created surging demand for tech expertise across all sectors. Your specialized skills will be indispensable and highly coveted. The versatility of technology careers allows you to thrive in your ideal environment, whether crafting code, managing complex deployments, or advising executives.

Achieving lasting wealth involves leveraging earnings through savvy investments and protecting your assets through prudent savings. With technology skills empowering high salaries and mobility between industries, the foundations for financial freedom are firmly within reach. Seize opportunities to boost your knowledge, invest wisely, and manage spending, and a technology career can be your springboard to prosperity. The combination of high earnings potential and occupational flexibility make technology fields ideal for ambitious professionals seeking rewarding work and financial security.

How To Qualify and Apply for A Job That Pays $100K Or More

As stated earlier, education is one of the sure ways to financial freedom. However, this does not mean people with little or no formal education can’t become successful. You don’t need to be a registered nurse to earn more than $100,000 annually. Here is how you can earn without having a degree or any form of a college education.

  • Explore your talents and passion--Everyone has different gifts and passions, which implies that you probably have unique abilities to convert into a career. You can explore your talent in sports or music and make a lot of money from entertaining people. Most renowned sportspersons in the world do not have formal education yet receive a lot of money from their craft. For instance, basketball players playing at international levels earn more than a million dollars every year. The money comes from salaries and bonuses collected from the teams they represent. Your ability to write lyrics, sing, or act can earn you a lot of money. You do not need a degree when auditioning for roles in movies or plays.
  • Start a small business--Most big business corporations started as small businesses. If you have capital, you can start a small shop to sell whatever items you find suitable. Financial discipline and hard work in the business could earn you a lot of money as the business grows. You can get business ideas from your hobbies or observe problems experienced by people in your local area. If you enjoy cooking, you can start a small restaurant and convert your cooking skills to cash.

Although there is a possibility of making a large amount of money without a degree, a lot of discipline is required. Most sportspersons and entertainers are brand ambassadors for different products. Such brands risk dropping in value if the ambassador displays any inappropriate behavior. Additionally, brand ambassadors only keep sponsorship deals for as long as they are relevant. As a brand ambassador, you will likely lose the deal once you retire or drop in form. You need the help of financial managers and advisors to reinvest the money received during the prime period of your sporting career.

Jobs attract as many salaries and allowances as the responsibilities and risks involved. If your career involves high risk, you will likely be paid more. However, expenses such as insurance policies also tend to be high for such professionals. Careers in the engineering sector attract a lot of money due to the risk of physical harm involved. For instance, a chemical engineer can earn up to $187,000 annually but risks exposure to harmful chemicals.

Securing a high-paying job over $100,000 requires standing out from the competition. Employers offering generous salaries invest substantially in top talent and expect commensurate results. As a consultant or executive, your expertise must drive growth, innovation and profits that exceed your compensation. The rewards for success are ample, but so are the expectations. By honing the right skills, articulating clear value, and demonstrating leadership, you can convince recruiters you merit an elite salary. Come prepared to illustrate how your abilities can propel an organization forward. With the right qualifications, strategic positioning, and interview skills, six-figure incomes become readily attainable for professionals who can maximize their impact. For those eager to land highly rewarding roles, focus on becoming the candidate that companies cannot afford to pass up.

  • Perfect your skillsthe main selling point for employees is their skill set. If you have perfected your craft, you will attract employers. Some technical skills, such as computer programming, are rare in the job market. Employers tend to pay a lot of money to prevent their employees from shifting to competitors.
  • Network with other professionals-Networking is one of the essential skills needed in the professional world. Interacting with different people exposes you to job opportunities and business ideas in your field of interest. You can network at corporate events and fairs organized by professional firms in your industry of interest. Thanks to technology, networking can be done through online platforms, especially social media.

When being paid over $100,000 per year, your employer will require you to be productive throughout the employment period. Updating your skills through short courses and workshops is one of the best ways of perfecting your skills and remaining relevant.

In Summary

Financial gains are not the only reason why people enter into careers. Sometimes, people are fueled by a passion for pursuing a career. However, you need money to compensate for your investments to complete a training program. The amount of money you earn per year depends on the career path you pursue. Technical careers such as medicine and technology usually attract high financial returns. Careers such as finance and information technology cut across all sectors, implying that they not only attract fast employment but are also a sure way of earning a lot of money as a professional. Specializing in jobs such as investment management and financial operations attracts a lot of money. Individuals and companies hire financial advisors to help them make sound financial decisions. This role is most common with sportspersons and those in the entertainment industry.

The amount of money you earn as a professional depends on the nature of the risks involved in your job. Engineering jobs such as chemical engineering attract huge pay, but the risks involved are dire. Employment is not the only way to make more than $100,000 a year. Other options could bring you money, such as taking advantage of your talents. However, there is no guaranteed job security if you don’t have adequate formal employment. To secure high-paying jobs, you should perfect your skills and network with people in different industries. Networking sets you up for employment opportunities, and perfecting your skills makes you irreplaceable. Financial discipline is essential for financial stability even when earning a median salary of more than $100,000 per year.

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