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Social work has been a continually growing field for several years now. According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities will increase by 9 percent in the next ten years. Professionals in this sector specialize in helping people to elevate their living situations and improve their health and finances.

Social workers can have a broad skill set to enable them to advocate for a needy family in seeking assistance from government departments. They sometimes act as hospital advisors looking out for a patient’s needs, help officials conducting humanitarian operations, and offer substance abuse counseling to addicts looking to turn their lives around.

In performing their duties, social workers often need to have a basic understanding of several industries, including medicine, nutrition, education, public services, and government. An understanding of these industries allows them to ensure the quality of care, housing, and employment. As a prospective social worker, you have the opportunity to fast-track a social work degree online. Accelerated, online degree options will enable you to enter the field much faster and through much more accessible means than with a traditional degree in Social Work.

Popular Online Bachelor's in Social Work Programs

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Accelerated Bachelor's Degree in Social Work Online

For working adults and students who would like to enter the social work field, getting an online accelerated bachelor's degree in social work can allow entry into the labor force sooner and from wherever you are, so long as you have a computer and the internet. Therefore, you can earn a degree in close to half the normal time.

Below, we've compiled a list of schools offering this type of program:


Duration: 18 months

Briar Cliff University offers an accelerated online program for learners looking to obtain a degree and want to save time by entering the labor force sooner. While avoiding diluting the quality of education offered at BCU, this accelerated option allows for completing a bachelor's degree in about half the usual time. Upon graduation and beginning efforts as a social worker, you will have the tools to enact change by working with families, individuals, and communities to improve their well-being and ensure their safety. As a social worker, you will make progress possible by working with various groups to remove barriers and create opportunities for well-being.


Duration: 24 months

Eastern New Mexico University is ranked as #87 Top Performers on Social Mobility by US News and World Report as well as #40 in Best Online Colleges in America and #65 in Best Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America according to Niche. The university boasts some of the region's best instructors, faculty, and degree programs. Learners are provided a great learning experience designed to provide them with skills to make them great social workers. This accelerated curriculum also manages to provide them with the same skills as those pursuing in-person learning.


Duration: Unkown

Malone University has seasoned instructors who have contributed significantly to its reputation for academic excellence. Since the founding of MU, it has prided itself in instilling the highest standards of education and career practice in all its students. Social work students of MU are taught case management, conflict resolution, and procedure for public service, hospital practice, and bureaucracy. For those already practicing to any degree in the field, a BA from Malone University can give them the resume and knowledge needed to advance professionally.


Duration: 3.5 years

Liberty University provides aspiring social workers to advance their skills with a prestigious degree and the skills necessary to substantially help those they will go on to work with. Its faculty is comprised of qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring that you can become a skilled social worker. Additionally, their curriculum allows students to develop skills for competent and ethical social work.


Duration: 24 months

The accelerated program at Campbellsville University is excellent for students wishing to get into social work faster than a four-year degree would allow. It seeks to provide them with the skills necessary for success in the field of social work and relevant experience in helping people. Students taking the fast-track online degree program will receive the same opportunities and knowledge as those taking the traditional course but in a much shorter time frame.


Duration: 18 months

Many of the students who choose to enroll in the accelerated online program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have many responsibilities and priorities outside of school, and so the fast-tracked online Social Work program makes it possible to juggle family and work, and school life. UAF offers high-quality degree programs with supportive and understanding instructors to support and guide you to know how to effectively serve in the social work field.


Duration: 12-18 months

University of Utah's fast-tracked Social Work program is made available through the College of Social Work. Students taking the online program can take part in interactive learning in numerous ways including real-world experiences, discussion forums, and collaborative projects. Students can maintain continuous communication with their professors and receive help and guidance whenever needed. The College of Social Work also provides these students with academic advising, remote tutoring, student advocates, and more.


Duration: 24-48 months

The University of North Dakota is a public school offering an excellent accelerated online program for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. The university offers a flexible online learning environment that allows students to pursue their degrees from anywhere in the world. UND's focus in this degree offering is to prepare students for a profession that is dedicated to helping people and communities through tough times.


Duration: 24 months

Spring Arbor University is located in Illinois and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and Council on Social Work Education. The coursework of their online accelerated Social Work Bachelor's Degree includes practice with individuals, families, communities, and organizations as well as general social welfare policies to better serve these people. This program is ideal for students wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of social work coupled with real-world training. Students are taught how to interact with families while taking comprehensive practice-based courses.


Duration: 24 months

The Northwestern State University of Louisiana is accredited for its offering of a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the Council on Social Work Education and the Higher Learning Commission. NSUL's degree program is ideal for students aspiring to work as social workers sooner than they would with a typical four-year degree and from the comfort of their own home. The University uses this program to prepare Social Workers as well as to prepare students for the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Topics covered by this program include Differential Diagnosis, Economics, Social Work, and Interviewing Techniques to ensure that graduates from NSUL are capable and informed upon entry into the field.

Accelerated Master's Degree in Social Work Online

Students looking to advance in the social service sector can gain greater qualifications, experience, and understanding of the field by furthering their education via a Master's Degree program. With these advantages, more opportunities are opened to them, and their quality of service is improved.

Popular Online Master's in Social Work Programs

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While Bachelor’s level degrees enable access to basic entry-level social work positions, a Master’s degree is mandatory in the adoption and counseling fields and many management positions, therefore, it grants greater versatility.

Below, we've compiled a list of such programs for you.


Duration: 12 months

The University of Texas Arlington's online accelerated Master's degree in social work is comprehensive and can be completed in even less time for students with Advanced Standing credits from their Bachelor's Degree. UT Arlington currently has an acceptance rate of 88% and is renowned for its relevant and effective teaching methods.  Students there can also specialize in areas such as mental illness, advanced age, and substance abuse to ensure that they hold the skills necessary for their chosen focus. Advanced Standing learners have to complete 480 hours of fieldwork, as opposed to the 960 hours required for traditional students, to ensure that they have a foundation of hands-on experience in the industry.


Duration: 12 months

Columbia University's advanced standing Masters of Science in Social Work program allows students with bachelor's degrees in Social Work to jumpstart their careers by completing a Master's Degree in just one yaq1aear. Columbia University is a globally renowned school and is at the forefront of education in law, social sciences, and several other sectors of the arts and sciences. This online approach grants those who meet its requirements to begin their Social Work careers at a higher skill level and faster than their peers while remaining accessible from wherever the student may be.


Duration: 12 months

Louisiana State University is a very reputable Southern university with a popular football team. LSU’s Master of Social Work (MSW) degree is a highly-regarded, comprehensive program that prepares students to tackle social problems and help those in need to improve their lives. It covers a wide array of skills, such as promoting self-awareness and self-management, coaching others to create and sustain healthy lifestyles, advocating for justice and equity, and facilitating social change.


Duration: 12 months

The University of Alabama is a very popular Southern university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The mission of the MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program they offer is to train social workers for interdisciplinary practice in public health programs, both international and domestic, who are concerned with the promotion and improvement of the health of diverse populations, including women, children, and families. This will be accomplished by combining social work theory and skills with an understanding of public health theories and their application.


Duration: 12 months

The University of South Florida is a popular school located in Tampa, Florida that ranks in the top 100 universities in the nation in six categories, according to US News and World Report. The USF Online Masters of Social Work program utilizes a cohort model that allows students to connect, work, and build relationships with their classmates as well as their instructors in completing course work. This creates a collaborative class environment where students receive feedback and support from one another while completing assignments. The school is built upon a strong foundation of social work ethics, values, and professional standards, followed by advanced scholarly study in preparation for clinical social work with individuals, families, groups, and communities.


Duration: 12 months

Indiana University’s Master of Social Work degree allows students access to a dynamic profession that is focused on addressing the changing needs of people, groups, organizations, and society. For people interested in entering this profession, social work offers a broad range of practice settings which include community mental health agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, employee assistance programs, family service agencies, and community service agencies. Additionally, social workers with Masters’ Degrees are eligible to serve in positions as administrators of various social service agencies and to work in adoption. The education and training available in IU’s Master of Social Work (MSW) degree are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).


Duration: 8 months

Fordham University’s dedicated Graduate School of Social Service grants you access to an online accelerated master's degree in social work, expanding your skills and knowledge of the field in a shorter time than a standard MSW program. Fordham ranks very well in a variety of categories, coming in 68th in National Universities according to US News and World Report and ranking in the top 15% of Best Colleges in America according to and, in closer relation to social work, they rank 21st in Service Learning according to US News and World Report. Fordham’s student-centered approach and 13:1 student-faculty ratio ensure that every student gets quality, personalized training from their passionate staff.


Duration: 12 months advanced standing

Louisville University is a public, urban school that has educated students in skilled fields for over 220 years. Their online MSW program does not require GREs and provides students with bachelor’s degrees in Social Work the opportunity to gain advanced standing in their master's program. With this status, students can complete the master’s program within 2-5 semesters rather than the standard 4-8. Louisville ranks 96th in Top Public Schools according to US News and World Report and gains a B+ rank from, which also ranks them as the 2nd best college in the state as well as 2nd in academics and student life in Kentucky.


Duration: 12 months

The University of Arkansas’ online Master of Social Work degree allows those with bachelor’s degrees in social work to advance their education through a higher degree level. This program allows current employment in the social work field to be considered an internship, which helps students to further advance their status and capabilities. the University of Arkansas boasts over 150 years of skills-based education with a focus on student advancement. Their efforts in student wellbeing and capability have earned their status as #78 in Top Public Schools from US News and World Report and an A- grade from


Duration: 12 months

The University of Alaska- Anchorage’s Master of Social Work program is to prepare capable generalist social workers prepared to address the societal problems and disadvantages facing Americans. As of the 2016-2017 academic year, UAA’s Master’s of Social Work is only available remotely, rather than in-person. The advanced generalist curriculum is ideal for preparing students to meet the various needs of complex communities, while also promoting versatility as social workers. This program trains and educates students to advance the abilities of generalist social workers so they are able to perform myriad roles in helping individuals, communities, and organizations.


Online Degree Programs in Social Work offer students the opportunity to learn from experts and professionals in the field while gaining real-world experience. The above degrees in social work have been designed to provide students with all the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their careers and in helping others to advance their station. Online learning allows students to gain access to qualified experts and advanced materials from a distance and on a schedule that works for them. These programs have been designed to meet the needs of working professionals in a fast-paced modern environment who want to advance their careers while still being able to spend time with their families.

Popular Online Bachelor's in Social Work Programs

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