ASU Online MBA Program Overview

Arizona State University, offers an excellent online MBA program. It is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is a gold standard in accreditation.

ASU has an application deadline of June 1 for U.S. students. The deadline for international students in February 1. The ASU MBA online program has an acceptance rate of 64%. The average GMAT score of students admitted to this program is 592.

US News and World Report ranks the ASU online MBA program at #5 in the Best Online MBA programs.

Other US News Rankings

  1. #3 in Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBA)
  2. #4 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs
  3. #5 (tie) in Best Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs
  4. #13 (tie) in Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs
  5. #40 (tie) in Best Online Graduate Education Programs

Tuition at ASU

The ASU online MBA cost is $1216 per credit hour. A total of 49 credit hours is required to receive your MBA, bringing the tuition cost to $59,584. Additionally, there is a technology fee of $100 per academic year, as well as a fee of $96 per academic year for the Financial Aid Trust. There may also be additional fees, based on the elective classes that are chosen.

Financial Aid

ASU is committed to helping students find a way to pay for their online MBA. This school offers several resources to help students find the most economical options for financing their education.


ASU offers a variety of information and tools to help students find scholarships that are available. Take a look at this partial list.

Annual Community Volunteer Scholarship – $1500

  • Students must show exceptional volunteer involvement in the community.
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student at college or university in USA or Canada.
  • Be in good standing with the school.
  • Have parent or legal guardian’s permission to apply. Scholarship – $1500

  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Completed 1 year of studies in product design or graphic design, marketing or branding.
  • Students must demonstrate promise in logo design.

Student Loans

Government loans are available to help students finance their education. Students are allowed to borrow up to $20,500 per year with these loans.

Private Loans

Many students also choose to utilize private loans as a means to pay for their college education. Private loans are generally through banks and credit unions.

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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of ASU’s online MBA program provides students a chance to focus on one class at a time, which lasts 5 weeks. Students need to attend 17 classes; 11 of them being core classes and the remaining 6 are elective classes, creating a total of 49 credits.

Core Courses

  • Operations and Supply Management – Management issues, quality control, new product development, etc.
  • Strategic Management – Bringing together strategy and policy.
  • Statistics for Managers – Learning statistical accounting for decision making.
  • Financial Accounting – Learning accounting systems and reporting for business.
  • Managerial Accounting – Concepts and procedures for decision making.
  • Marketing Management – Market planning, strategy and control.
  • Managerial Finance – Theories and techniques for corporate finance
  • Organization Theory – Developing skills to deal with the human side of business
  • Managerial Economics – Learning the impact of the economy on business.Elective Courses

Another way students can enhance their skills is by choosing elective courses that are in line with their career goals. At ASU students can choose the following areas of focus:


  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • International Financial Management
  • Investment Funds/Portfolio Management


  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing
  • Development and Pricing of New Products
  • Global Marketing
  • Services Marketing

Supply Chain Management

  • Strategic Procurement
  • Supplier Management and Negotiation
  • Logistics in the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Design and Cost Management

ASU’s online MBA program offers students the ability to choose an area of focus that will provide them the skills needed to advance in a career of their choice.

MBA Concentrations

Adding flexibility, students also have the option of beginning courses in either January or August. Students can also earn concurrent degrees in the ASU MBA online program in the following areas:

Post Graduation Experience


  • Income of students entering ASU’s online MBA program: $70,593
  • Income of students with 3 months work experience: $95,700
  • Average signing bonus with companies: $19,672


Very large and well known companies hire graduates of ASU. The majority of jobs are in the technology field at 36.2% and the largest professional function is in supply chain at 53.4%.

Some of the hiring companies include:

  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Tesoro Corp.
  • PetSmart Inc.
  • Western Digital
  • Dell
  • Apple, Inc
  • Chevron Corp.