Penn State Online MBA Overview

As a student enrolled in the Penn State Online MBA program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Benefit from the program's AACSB Accreditation, ensuring a high standard of quality education.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of business operations, delving deep into the intricacies of how businesses function.
  • Learn valuable skills to effectively influence and collaborate within high-performing teams, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Develop the necessary abilities to lead and manage strategically, equipping yourself for future leadership roles.
  • Acquire marketable skills in business analytics, critical thinking, and problem-solving, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market.
  • Take advantage of Penn States' rolling application deadline for US residents and international students. It also allows students living abroad to attend the MBA program.
  • Penn State has an acceptance rate of 89%, and no GMAT is required.

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Penn State Online MBA Rankings

Penn State is ranked #19 in US News Best Online MBA Program.

Other rankings include:

  • #15 in Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans
  • #22 in Best Online Business Analytics MBA Programs
  • #9 in Best Online General Management MBA Programs
  • #9 in Best Online MBA Programs in Marketing 
  • #25 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs 
  • #15 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans

Tuition at Penn State

Tuition for graduate programs is determined by the number of credits you register for each semester. Payment for tuition is typically required shortly after the start of each semester, and rates are evaluated and determined for every semester of your enrollment.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the following rates apply based on the number of credits you plan to take per semester:

  • If you plan to take 11 or fewer credits, the cost is $1,236 per credit.
  • If you plan to take 12 or more credits, the cost is a flat rate of $14,832 per semester.

The entire program is 48 credits which makes the total cost approximately $59,328.

Paying for Your Degree

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate students, including those enrolled in Penn State World Campus, have the opportunity to receive various scholarships provided by the Graduate School. They have two scholarships available for Penn State alumni in the Graduate School:

Penn State Alumni Association Scholarship: This exceptional scholarship is exclusively crafted to extend support to accomplished postgraduate students who have previously earned their undergraduate degrees from Penn State and have successfully gained admission to the illustrious Graduate School. For more in-depth details regarding this scholarship, we invite you to explore the dedicated webpage curated for the prestigious Penn State Alumni Association scholarship.

Professional Master's Excellence Award: This distinguished award sets its sights on master's degree students who have reached the final leg of their academic journey within the renowned Graduate School. These exceptional scholars have demonstrated remarkable dedication by making substantial strides in finishing their mandated coursework. It recognizes outstanding academic achievement and dedication to their field of study. It is awarded based on the student's academic record and their culminating experiences in a professional setting. For further details about this scholarship, visit the Professional Master's Excellence Award scholarship webpage.

Additionally, graduate students can explore other scholarships by visiting the Graduate School website and contacting their program office. It's recommended to seek out additional financial resources, as currently, there are no graduate-level scholarships available through World Campus.

Payment Plans

Penn State offers a payment plan for students to pay their tuition. Students can take up to 4 months to pay for classes using this system and there is a $45 fee to use this option.

Employer Reimbursement and Deferment

Students that have an employer reimbursement plan are allowed to use this program. It allows for payments to be made after the end of the semester with no finance or interest charges.

Federal Student Loans

Based on the Stafford Loan, the government allows students to borrow up to $20,500 annually.

Private Loans

Students can look for private loans to finance their education, food, and housing.

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Penn State uses ICE, a 3-part plan to help students succeed. I is for integration, C is for collaboration and E is for engagement. This framework is designed to help students have the best possible experience in learning and problem-solving. Classes also have group projects that students must complete. These projects are designed to help students work well on a team and collaborate with others.

To graduate with your Penn State online MBA, you will need to complete 48 credits of education. However, 39 of these credits will be received by taking core courses, which include the following classes.

  • Team Performance - 3 Credits - Teaches team processes.
  • Financial Accounting - 3 Credits - Teaches accounting practices.
  • Leadership Communications - 3 Credits - Highlights communications for managers.
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making - 3 Credits - Informs students how to use statistics for business.
  • Marketing in a Global Environment - 3 Credits - Teaches students marketing strategies.
  • Financial Management - 3 Credits - Informs students how to make financial decisions.
  • Managing Supply Chains - 3 Credits - Teaches students to analyze strategies in the management of supply chains.
  • Economics for Business Strategy - 3 Credits - Basis of pricing, marketing structures and creating a formula for competition.
  • Managing and Leading People in Organization - 3 Credits - Teaches how to deal with people in various situations.
  • Ethical and Responsible Business Leadership - 3 Credits - Shows students how to manage ethical conduct.
  • Global Strategic Management - 3 Credits - Teaches students how to tackle business issues and improve performance.
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship - 3 Credits - Teaches an understanding of concepts and principles involved in new ventures.
  • Managing the Digital Economy - 3 Credits - Shows students how the digital age is transforming business.

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MBA Concentration Courses

The following is a list of concentrations students at Penn State can choose when earning their MBA online.

Post Graduate Experience


  • The average income of new graduates - $120,500
  • Average signing bonus - $27,907

Employment Offers 3 Months After Graduation

Featured Online MBA Programs

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

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