Best Online Business Schools for 2024

Earning a bachelor's degree in business online is a great career start.

An online business administration degree can lead to management and finance careers. Graduates can also pursue MBA degrees.

Graduates get a salary boost from new skills and knowledge.

Business is the third most popular college major.

Online undergraduate business degrees offer flexibility for working professionals.

Online business programs offer concentrations in HR, sports, healthcare management, and more. Graduates can pursue corporate jobs or entrepreneurship.

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Many top schools offer online business degrees. Online programs allow for juggling work, family, and education.

Online students enhance their business skills on a flexible schedule.

Over 9.6 million business and finance professionals work in the U.S., mostly in executive and financial management roles. In 2021, they earned a median salary above the national average. Top executives like CEOs earned median annual wages of over $179,000 per year.

Business degrees prepare for senior leadership roles, and offer fast promotion potential, especially in finance.

Ranking Methodology

EDsmart provides a simple, reliable, and honest ranking of the best online business schools for 2024.

To be considered for this ranking, schools must offer 100% online courses and offer a per-credit tuition of $287 or less, according to U.S. News data.

In our analysis of the best schools that offer online undergraduate business degrees, we looked at several factors and ranked our list of schools accordingly.

  • Affordability (average net price)
  • Student Satisfaction (retention rate)
  • Academic Quality (4-year graduation rate)
  • Median Earnings (the median earnings of former students who received federal financial aid at ten years after entering the school)

Each data point is ranked with equal weight. Schools received a weighted overall ranking score for each individual point mentioned above–100 being the highest score possible.

In the case of tie scoring, the average net price was the determining factor for which school received the higher rank–the lower the net price, the higher the ranking.

All data was gathered from CollegeScorecard and school websites.

Best Online Business Schools Offering Undergraduate Business Degrees

1. Florida International University

  • Average Net Price: $6,232
  • Graduation Rate: 66.50%
  • Retention Rate: 90.67%
  • Median Earnings: $57,946

If you want an easy, flexible way to get your business degree, check out Florida International University's online Bachelor of Business Administration program. You can complete your undergraduate studies from the comfort of home, the office, or really anywhere with internet access - no need to be stuck in a classroom!

FIU Online offers five of the seven BBA majors fully online, including popular options like Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Logistics and Management. Out-of-state students can also earn an online BBA in subjects like Finance, HR Management, International Business, Management, and Marketing. The fully online degree is 120 credits total.

So if you're hoping to earn your business degree with maximum flexibility, FIU's online BBA program allows you to study when and where it's most convenient. You'll get the same great education without ever stepping foot on campus.

2. Western Carolina University

  • Average Net Price: $13,640
  • Graduation Rate: 65.35%
  • Retention Rate: 78.30%
  • Median Earnings: $44,755

Offering a high-quality education, Western Carolina University's innovative Business Administration and Law Program equips students with expertise in business administration, law, policy, and strategy through engaged teaching, immersive research, and dedicated service. As the only undergraduate program of its kind in the UNC system and east of the Mississippi River, the degree provides a robust foundation in business and pre-law, perfectly preparing graduates for advanced study or dynamic careers in advertising, banking, healthcare administration, risk management, and more.

Through a rigorous curriculum taught by passionate faculty, the program allows students to develop comprehensive business acumen, theory, and real-world application. The business core comprises courses across accounting, finance, marketing, and other disciplines. Major requirements include essentials like Business Organization, Contracts and Sales, Legal and Professional Skills, International Business Law, and Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. In addition to a rich curriculum, students may join the Business and Law Society and Campus Mediation Society to access unparalleled experiential learning.

3. Missouri State University-Springfield

  • Average Net Price: $16,625
  • Graduation Rate: 57.01%
  • Retention Rate: 77.27%
  • Median Earnings: $47,850

Power through petabytes of data to pinpoint key insights with Missouri State University-Springfield's online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics. The flexible 120-credit online program equips students to master statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, and more to thrive in the booming world of data science.

Through dynamic hands-on curriculum, students learn to harness cutting-edge analytics tools like Python, R, and Tableau to mine mountains of data for game-changing business insights. Core courses like Data Warehousing and Data Visualization help analysts-in-training fine-tune technical acumen while honing soft skills like communication and critical thinking. Capstone projects challenge students to integrate learned skills to tackle real-world analytics challenges.

Graduates excel as data analysts, consultants, business intelligence developers, and more with in-demand skills to: Interrogate immense datasets to derive actionable insights, develop models predicting customer behaviors and market trends, translate complex data findings using visualizations and dashboards, and automate business processes and improve efficiencies via analytics. Lead the way in today's data-driven world with an online BS in Data Analytics from Missouri State University-Springfield.

4. Arkansas State University

  • Average Net Price: $13,430
  • Graduation Rate: 53.22%
  • Retention Rate: 77.01%
  • Median Earnings: $39,824

Level up your career from anywhere with Arkansas State University’s flexible online business degrees. Designed for driven working professionals, ASU’s digital programs allow you to earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Master of Business Administration without disrupting your life.

With accelerated 7.5-week courses, you’ll dive into core concepts like marketing analytics, managerial economics, operations management, and more. Expert faculty challenge you to think critically and apply immersive business case studies to deepen your real-world skills.

Leveraging interactive technologies, you’ll collaborate with peers across the country to sharpen your perspective. Capstone projects provide the chance to tackle real business challenges using the strategic acumen you’ve developed.

5. Southeast Missouri State University

  • Average Net Price: $13,321
  • Graduation Rate: 48.74%
  • Retention Rate: 76.96%
  • Median Earnings: $42,700

Advance your career with Southeast Missouri State University’s flexible online business programs. Designed for working professionals, SEMO’s virtual degrees allow you to earn your BS in Business Administration or MBA without disrupting work and life.

Accelerate through focused 7-week courses covering today’s essential business concepts from financial accounting to operations management. Engaging instructors challenge you to think critically, apply interactive case studies, and develop analytical skills that transfer to the real world.

Connecting virtually with peers nationwide, you’ll gain fresh perspectives through collaboration and networking. Bring your new expertise full circle through capstone projects tackling real-world business issues. Graduates excel as Financial Analysts – Interpret complex data to guide strategic investments. Project Managers – Expertly lead cross-functional teams to success. Marketing Directors – Develop campaigns that deliver measurable ROI.

6. Valley City State University

  • Average Net Price: $13,060
  • Graduation Rate: 48.00%
  • Retention Rate: 66.67%
  • Median Earnings: $48,672

Your career can be accelerated on your terms with the flexible online business programs offered by Valley City State University. Working professionals are enabled to earn a BS in Business Administration, Business Education, or Management by VCSU's virtual degrees without needing to pause work and life.

High-demand concepts from marketing analytics to operations leadership will be mastered through dynamic 7-week courses. Critical thinking is encouraged by dedicated faculty, who integrate interactive case studies to build real-world skills.

Wider perspectives can be gained through collaborating online with peers across the country. Real business challenges are allowed to be solved by capstone projects, which enable students to apply their new expertise.

7. University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • Average Net Price: $9,684
  • Graduation Rate: 34.22%
  • Retention Rate: 72.90%
  • Median Earnings: $46,150

Master business skills for careers from startups to Fortune 500s with UAF's Bachelor of Business Administration. This versatile degree builds a robust foundation in core business concepts while enabling students to customize their education through specialized electives.

The AACSB-accredited program empowers students to actively engage with the local community, forge professional connections, and learn through immersive, hands-on experiences. Dynamic in-person and online course offerings cater to busy schedules.

Designed for any student eager to gain business expertise, the flexible BBA prepares graduates to tackle complex challenges. Students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making capabilities highly sought across industries. By studying key disciplines like accounting, economics, finance, and information technologies, students gain broadly applicable knowledge. Experiential learning opportunities, small classes, and student organizations provide networking and skill-building.

8. University of Central Arkansas

  • Average Net Price: $14,735
  • Graduation Rate: 44.68%
  • Retention Rate: 74.92%
  • Median Earnings: $43,712

Advance your business expertise on your schedule with the University of Central Arkansas online Bachelor of Business Administration. Designed for working professionals, UCA's flexible virtual program enables students to master essential business concepts without disrupting work and life.

Through dynamic asynchronous courses, students actively engage with topics from marketing analytics to operations management. Supportive faculty encourage analytical thinking, integrating interactive case studies to build critical real-world skills.

Connecting online with peers across the country provides valuable perspectives. Learners synthesize their knowledge to address real business challenges through capstone projects. Graduates confidently step into roles as Financial Analysts – Interpreting complex data to inform strategic investments. Project Managers – Leading cross-functional teams to success. Marketing Directors – Developing ROI-driven campaigns.

9. University of West Georgia

  • Average Net Price: $16,239
  • Graduation Rate: 49.36%
  • Retention Rate: 70.81%
  • Median Earnings: $47,080

Advance your expertise on your timeline with the University of West Georgia’s online business degrees. UWG’s flexible virtual programs empower working professionals to master accounting, economics, finance, management, and more without pausing their careers.

Through dynamic asynchronous courses, immerse yourself in today’s essential business concepts. Supportive faculty encourages analytical thinking and integrates interactive case studies to build critical real-world skills.

Connecting online with peers nationwide provides valuable new perspectives. Synthesize your knowledge to tackle real business challenges through capstone projects. Graduates step confidently into roles such as Financial Analysts interpreting complex data to inform strategic investments. Project Managers leading cross-functional teams to success. Marketing Directors developing ROI-driven campaigns.

10. Columbus State University

  • Average Net Price: $13,697
  • Graduation Rate: 43.08%
  • Retention Rate: 67.27%
  • Median Earnings: $43,204

Channel your inner innovator to conquer business challenges with a BBA in General Business from Columbus State. This degree cultivates versatile problem-solvers ready to thrive in ventures from startups to global corporations.

Immerse yourself in fundamental disciplines like accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing - the building blocks of creative workforces. Take learning beyond the classroom by engaging with Fortune 500 companies based in the vibrant Columbus community.

Learn directly from successful global business leaders who began their careers locally. Foster collaboration constructing business plans and pitching presentations. Gain hands-on experience through internships, co-ops, and study abroad programs that open doors to lifelong achievement. The Turner College of Business & Technology provides an educational advantage, accredited by the elite AACSB - earned by less than 5% of business programs. Offered in-class or 100% online, flexible scheduling empowers students to balance education with other commitments.

Best Online Business Schools Ranking Analysis & Insights

  • Florida International University is the top ranked school, with the lowest average net price and highest graduation rate. This suggests it provides good value and student outcomes.
  • There is a wide range in average net price, from $6,232 at Florida International to $16,625 at Missouri State. Lower net price generally indicates greater affordability.
  • Graduation rates range from 34.22% at University of Alaska Fairbanks to 66.50% at Florida International. Higher graduation rates imply greater student success and completion.
  • Retention rates are fairly high across most schools, in the 70-90% range. This indicates most students continue from year to year.
  • Median earnings post-graduation vary widely, from $39,824 at Arkansas State to $57,946 at Florida International. Higher earnings signal grads are getting better salaries.
  • Overall quality seems to decline through the rankings, with lower net price, graduation and retention rates, and median earnings at the bottom schools compared to the top.
  • Geographic diversity is evident, with schools from different regions like Florida, Missouri, Alaska represented.

Why Choose an Online Business School?

  • Asynchronous online education fits busy schedules.
  • Public schools may offer in-state tuition online.
  • Attend top schools without relocating.
  • Network with professionals worldwide.
  • Customize your education through concentrations.
  • Develop latest technology skills for business.

Types of Online Business School Concentrations

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

Business School Graduate Salaries

  • Management grads earn $131,200 on average.
  • Salaries vary by job, experience, location.
  • Top paying jobs include executive and marketing roles.

Choosing an Online Business Degree Program

  • Define your career goals.
  • Choose a relevant concentration.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Compare programs on offerings, format, and outcomes.

Frequently asked questions about online business degrees:

What are some online business degrees?

Common online business degrees include business administration, management, marketing, accounting, healthcare administration, and more. Both graduate and undergraduate programs are available.

Why get a business degree?

A business degree provides skills to complement work experience. Graduates gain knowledge to adapt to the market, analyze costs and benefits, assess risks, and utilize best practices.

Are online classes synchronous or asynchronous?

Synchronous classes meet online at set times for lectures and discussions. Asynchronous courses allow students to complete work on their own schedule. Some asynchronous courses have weekly participation requirements.

Do Employers Value Online Degrees?

Employers value online business degrees from accredited schools, whether online or in-person. Online business programs cover the same content as in-person programs.

Graduates receive the same degree, with no distinction for completing online. Check a college's website to confirm proper accreditation.

With an accredited online degree, you'll graduate equally qualified for jobs.


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